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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday very tired...

I have been busy all week looking at fossil mammal skulls. I am also very very tired lately and just come home, have dinner that Jas makes for us and then lie on the couch and want to go to sleep straight away.
This weekend we are in the Hunter Valley visiting Jas's family and the weather is very strange, hot winds and cloudy. I am actually hot as I write this but I have thin jumper on.
Spent the day outside playing with Joaquin on the swings, playing with Jed the puppy and lying around and eating home made quiches.
I do not even have the energy to put up more photos from my trip or organise my photos.
Cooktown lookout on Cooktown Mountain

Cooktown Museum, Cooktown

Joaquin at Elliot Falls
The town of 1770 Campsite

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time Out in Sunny Sydney

Like to get back to good old Sunny Buenos Aires...
Check out the Buenos Aires guide at Design*Sponge.

Also check out the 4th Sydney South American Film Festival in Sydney. Some Argentinian, Chilean, Mexican, Uruguayan and Brazilian movies.
Beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney, but i am just hanging at home, might be heading to the park later with my two boys!
besos xx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

children and baby furniture and rooms

Images by Emma's blog, wooden furntiure by Hungarian artisan Famunka and Apartment Therapy

Some inspiration

Still have so much to catch up with. Day has been gorgeous in Sydney, water was aqua blue in Coogee and nice to have fish and chips at the beach with my two beloved boys J and J.
Not inspired by much, feeling a bit not 100% lately.

How to store Sunglasses (Wish I had different sunglasses for my different moods of the day and week):
Wish I had such a fine collection such as George Ksubi from Sydney Via The Selby

More cool shades via Skona hem

By the way here is a good site to buy cheap sunnies
Bedspread and beautiful light filled room via :

This is cool
, How to make paper cut out homes and houses, helps me make some paper cut outs for J and his train set!