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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At home in Sydney

The weather has been hot here today, finally.
Have not been doing much, just walking and going to parks with Joaquin my son. He had his haircut on Saturday and this is his third haircut in his 2 and nearly 1/2 years of life. Once he had his hair trimmed at 1 and 1/2 in a children's hairdresser sitting in a toy airplane and blowing bubbles, then he had his hair cut by his Nanny at 2 and now at 2 and 1/2 at a proper hairdresser in Bondi Junction.

I went to a wedding on Sunday it was part Greek, part Lebanese and part Indian. It was lovely. The service was at a Greek Orthodox Church in Rose Bay, the sun was shinning and the reception in Leichart with dancing and yummy food, especially the Lebanese bread and hummus as starters. I met another Argentinian girl who is also "just" pregnant. Well i am a bit more than just, I am now 15 weeks and a half and have been feeling better, my appetite is back but I am still tired in the afternoon. I have tried to walk everyday and the good thing about living here in Coogee is that there are a lot of hills to walk up and stay fit.

Before Haircut with lovely blond little curls

After haircut now looks like a little boy

Lovely Coogee Beach (water is too cold to go swimming yet but it was 30 degrees today out)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cool spring Sunday

Even though Spring is in full swing here, it is a bit chilly. We are up in the Hunter visiting Jas's family (4 hours north of Sydney). Tomorrow is a public holiday and today day light savings has started so we are an hour ahead. That is good for the afternoon as there is more light in the day to spend it at the beach for an afternoon swim.

I have been wondering if I ever live at my parent's new cabin in Patagonia what i would want to decorate.

1) Big wooden table in the Kitchen


2) Kitchen shelves


3) A big kitchen with wooden exposed beams, and tiled floors (very french country style)


I can image a table like this one on the side, storing food and other items and as a food preparation bench.

(photo from Mercado Libre @ 1650 pesos Argentinos approx $490 australian dollars)

Goals until the end of the year

October is here, the weather is started to get warmer. I feel better and am 13 weeks now.
I had my hair done on Friday and a pedi, the beautician is also pregnant ( a month ahead) and it is her first one and did not get sick at all.
It did feel so good though being pampered.
After that went next door to the hairdressers and bought some greek treats, backlava and some greek biscuits for my son. I went into uni for a while and then Jas picked me up and we left to go to the Hunter to visit Jas's family.

Time is going fast and slow at the same time. There are so many things I want to achieve.
1) Finish Application and send it (very important)
2)Order all in one non-disposable nappies
3) Get out the sewing machine

4) Make some baby leg warmers and try to make other things

5) Buy some water colour paints and start making little drawings

6) Finish two papers and send them of to the journals before the end of year (very important)
7) Write more about how my pregnancy is going so I do not forget
8) Get out everyday with Joaquin in the morning (very important)
9) Make healthy foods and eat healthy (very important)

At the same time I feel bad for having so much, wanting so much when there are so many out there who have nothing, who have lost all. My sympathies to the people of Sumatra and Somoa for the latest natural disasters that have touched all our hearts.