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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of January

The last day of January and really it has flown past.
We have done a lot of camping, hanging out, growing.

This is Zalia, she loves to wear her brother's blue googles and run around in the nudie.

Joaquin is going to start school this year, his bottom left tooth is very woobly and there is another adult incisor that has poped up behind it. He loves to play lego and he is loving his Holiday Colonia. He went camping to Parque Nacional Los Alerces and stayed at the Villa Futalaufquen on Monday and Tuesday.

This is me working from the cabin come office. I really need a hair cut and  eyebrow wax thingy.

This is Zalia and Joaquin trying to clean the floors. Tiled floors are quite easy to clean but with children are a no no, so many things break on the floors when dropped from a substantial height.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday in January

Today we were all at home.
It was  a very hot day for Esquel in January. I guess it is always hot in January but the nights are slightly cooler.
I worked on trying to get papers for my research. Writing emails and getting organised. 

The fun part of the day was having afternoon tea with Jas and the kids. Jas made a lovely banana bread. He placed it on the table, cut it up in slices and served us all tea.

The kids played in the pool in the afternoon. Zalia got into trouble for throwing Joaquin's small battery operated boat and she had to go into her room and she cried and cried.
Just before 5pm I took Joaquin and Za to Joaquin's circus/music and painting class. It runs from 5 to 8 and costs $45 pesos. It is for 6-9 year olds and Joaquin is 5 but he knows most of the boys that do it. Once is our neighbour from across the road. The others are from his climbing class.

Soon I have to pick him up. It is a bit cooler now.
Jas is making dinner, we will have roast lamb, with some roast potatoes and pumkin. He is boiling corn and I am boiling fresh peas and broad beans from the garden. I am going to make a salad with lettuce, broad beans olive oil and vinegar.

Tomorrow is another day of working and I hope to get a lot done.
I also want to go for a run tomorrow and get into it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Zalia: She never sits at the table. Always standing, always knows what she wants. She is in control and she ends up eating all her meals.

Joaquin: He loves camping and really wanted to learn the circus skills using the Diabola (two parabolas controlled by a string). The circus teacher said he was very patient and determined.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Camping in Patagonia Rio Arrayanes, Chubut (with a sick child)

We went camping again to Los Arrayanes River. We could not help ourselves. The days were beautiful and hot. We left Wednesday morning (Joaquin was exhausted after being to camp and away from us Monday night and all day Tuesday). Joaquin was actually sick all trip, he vomited at home, he vomited throughout the car trip and we had to stop three times. Then once we got there we did not set up camp in case we quickly had to drive back to Esquel. He got red small pinprick dots on his cheeks and chin and this freaked me out a bit. In the end we just lazed around our camp site, we did not unpack but waited. His vomits were every hour just a lot of water, when he drank water he would vomit it up. Then at 5 he had a two hour sleep, no vomits. Then another vomit when he woke up. He was then hungry and I made him some instant soup and he had a cracker and he vomited the cracker and then thankfully we made the tent. He got in the tent and slept all night without a vomit.

On the first day (Wednesday), Joaquin was sick all day. We put up two hammocks and he laid in them and vomited every hour.

Zalia kept herself occupied with drawing.

 On the second day Joaquin was better and they went swimming in the Rio Arrayanes.

On the second day (Thursday) my Parents came to visit the campsite for the day. My dad made torta fritas and they were delicious!

On the third day (Friday), I stayed with the kids while Seb and Jas went for a walk to La Laguna escondida. It is quite a trek up the mountain and there is a hidden lagoon.

Joaquin and Zalia running in the campsite.

Dinner time. On the third night (Friday Night) Jas made a tomato sauce and pasta for the kids. He also made some pizza dough and we had the yummiest pizza in town.

Rio Arrayanes at nightfall (9pm)

 The fourth day (Saturday) we took at walk to the Pasarella. On the way we found so many little endemic strawberries. They were so small but so sweet. Strawberry fields for ever.

Rio Arrayanes with Lago Verde in the background.
 My brother decided to swim across the Arrayanes at the Pasarella. I freaked out a bit as it is quite a current but he was fine.

 The Rio Arrayanes on the left and Rio Menendez on the Right.

On Sunday we packed up and by 12 midday had everything packed away. We spent the day by the river talking to the friends we made. Joaquin made friends with Santi (5 years old) and Omar (7 year old) from La Plata. Zalia made friends with Alma (2 year old) from Esquel. We played in the water, in the silty beach. We met a couple from Buenos Aires who were circus performers and they taught the children some circus exercises. Finally at 7pm we got ready to leave. Seb took Joaquin for a walk to see an Alerce tree which was planted by my dad and some other friends 30 years ago. No one knows the Alerce is there and my dad re-found it when he went for a walk. He recognised it by the distinguishable leaves. 

Joaquin was very sad to leave. He wanted to jump of the jetty and stay playing with his friends. He cried in the car and most of the trip out of the Park. We arrived at 9pm back in Esquel and my parents had a made us a lovely dinner of shnitzle, salad, corn and carrot.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Around the home January

 There has been no rain for a few weeks so my boots are waiting in the corner.
 My Mamuschka chocolate tin from Bariloche (sans chocolate) and my Ghosts of Gondwana book.
 Joaquin's Lego passanger train set up.
 We are picking a lot of sweet peas and broad beans from my mum's garden.
Peeled beans and peas ready to cook: boil for a small amount of time, then refresh, add oil, vinegar salt and pepper. DELISH!

Monday, January 21, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Zalia: She is sitting next to her brother on the curb, waiting for the  bus to take her brother to summer camp (Colonia de Verano). She is saying goodbye to her brother who is going to camp. She would love to go but is she is still too young.

Joaquin: After we picked him up from Camp. He is only 5 but he went away from us for two days and one night, camping at the local ski resort lodge at La Hoya and coming back to us a little more adventurous, a little more grown up and a little more sunburnt.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Joaquin: Deep in concentration, he loves painting and being creative.

Zalia: Has her unique style, is quite delicate when it comes to drawing and painting. A circle and dots.

Both of them at play.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Following the blog Che and Fidel 
I would like to do take: 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Joaquin: Smiling but wanting to keep on walking, during our walk at the National Park (Parque Nacional Los Alerces).
Zalia: Curls, tough attitude, loves to keep up with her brother, fearless.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Camping at Rio Arrayanes Chubut

We went camping on the weekend to the Parque Nacional Los Alerces. The park borders the Lago Futalaufquen and was created in 1937 as a National park. We are so lucky in Esquel as it is less than an hours drive away from where we are living. We left Friday morning after having to wait for an hour in a queue to get petrol (it seems everyone wanted to enjoy the weekend and get out). However we arrived to the park before midday.
We packed enough food for a few days, chorizo, bread that Jas made, pasta, tomato sauce, potatos for baking in the open fire, instant oats for breakfast, nutella to have with bread, sugar, tea, spanish chorizo and lentils.

The water in the Rio and the whole Parque is absolutely aqua blue. There is a glacier close by and the water is ice cold. There are snow capped mountains surrounding the park and forests with native trees such as Alerces, Arrayanes, Coihues everywhere. It is an amazing beautiful place.

On Friday we went for a walk along the shore and went to visit the old Lahuan tree. It is an old alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides), -big old trees that grow for more than 3000 years- and are known for their excellent wood. The alerce genus name Fitzroya cupressoides is named after Captain Robert Fitzroy who was the captain of the  HMS Beagel when Charles Darwin went travelling around the world on his famous voyage, and who later lived in New Zealand and killed himself an unhappy man.

Colihue bamboo plants (caña coligüe) is another common plant that grows in the Valdivian forests and flowers every so often, the last time in this area was 60 years ago. It seems the plants had previously flowered when we were there, (they flowered in 2011). The problem is when the colihue flowers,there are thousands of seeds, and this causes a proliferation in the number of the native rat "Raton Colilargo". The seeds are eaten by the Raton Colilargo that are also vectors for the fatal virus that kills humans called hantavirus.

These trees are the Arrayanes, that are named after the river. They are cinnamon in colour and grow by the water. Their bark is so beautiful and soft.

It is actually our neighbour and his wife who have leased the spot and he has turned the place into a very family friendly environment. When we used to camp there 9 years ago there was no toilet or proveduria (where you buy fresh bread and pantry needs like rice or canned tomato or beer) and no toilets, we just went to the toilet in the "Mint forest" as we called it.

Our first campsite was like a wood cutters zone, the Coihue had come down last winter and it was being dried and cut up. The kids enjoyed playing among the wood and debris though and we used bits of large wood chunks as tables. Rio Arrayanes camping spot is great, there are new tables for each site and a stone fireplace.

Now There is plenty of wood around and Jas and Joaquin were always off finding wood to put in the fireplace so we could boil water and cook our food.


For lunch on Friday we had cheese, avocado and mayonaise sandwiches.
For dinner on Friday I made a lentil and vegetable stew which was so delicious. After putting the kids to bed at night (at 11pm). When i got out of the tent to sit by the fire with Jas, I looked up into the sky, there was so many stars, so much brilliance and I happen per chance to see the International Space Station sail by.

Our new campsite, next door to the "wood heap campsite" was better, more green grass, shade in the middle of the day and a bit more cozier. The thing is we only stayed one day at this spot as on Sunday it rained and rained and we packed up and left.