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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My mind is also a wondering..

Got back to Sydney on Sunday night and picked up some thai food at the Spot so yummy. Joaquin and Z had the old Maccers for dinner and Joaquin still calls the joint Old McDonalds. He had 2 junior burgers without cheese and no chips (they are too salty mum) and Z some chips. He dislikes the nuggets and so does Z. There was a rude man at the Musswelbrook Mcdonalds who pushed in while I was standing behind another lady waiting to be served. I went to him and to the girl at the register, sorry we were waiting, it is that lady's turn then mine. We were waiting first" He just ignored me and so did the girl at the register. I hate Mcdonalds offing Maccers. I used to work there in Bondi Junction when I was 12 and I lied to them about my age so I could work, I was younger that I said  I was. What a disorganised place, I even said " I thought people in the country were nicer" The lady who was waiting before me did not even fight it. Jas said to me later "Well what do you expect from a restaurant (yeah right) run by kids".. SO TRUE.
I went into uni and had coffee with my colleagues and dropped off the dead bat (from the other day) for a collegue.

Anyway so far this month I have achieved the following:
* Run 41.6km
*Walked 53.2km
* Ran and walked a total of ....94.7km
* Sent a paper to be published with me being first author
* trying to wean Z of the boob
* trying to get organised

Things I need to do today and the next few days (following the post  today by BabyMac of all the things that are on her mind)
* When Z wakes up I have to walk and pick Joaquin up at preschool
* I need to drop of old MAC battery at the postoffice
* I  need to return library books (by tomorrow)
* I need to organise dinner for tonight and this week
* I need to organise swimming gear for both Joaquin's lesson tonight and I (to go swimming or not)
* I need to email S at uni about visiting fellow form
* I need to see what I will do with my life, will I email John about teaching this semester?
* I need to look into airfares about going to Argentina
* I really need to talk to Jas about what we will do with our lives this year
* I need to review a paper
* I need to organise my calendar, and get organised

Anyway I should stop blogging and get to it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

breakfast and bats

We are visiting J's family in the upper hunter.
I love the mornings and having breakfast, toast and newly open blackberry jam. This morning we are having fresh eggs from the chooks for breakfast yumo.

There are a few bats here and mostly dead ones. I am taking this one back to Sydney to a colleague who studies bats.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Driving north

We got up 7.30am this morning and left home at 10.10am. J wanted us to be out the door by 10, but we were ten minutes late.
It is fun going for a drive north in the new car, at least we have air conditioner and it has the new car smell.
Joaquin loves going under the tunnels and he wanted to go on the harbour bridge. It also is a fun ride since the bridge has just been resurfaced.

We stopped at Tuggerah Westfields for lunch. We had yummy salad and cheese sandwiches on fresh brown bread, they are so big and have two slices of cheese and so much salad. We even had a lovely cup of coffee.
Joaquin and Zalia had ham subway roll.
I bumped into a lady I met a few weeks ago at Randwick children's hospital when I took Joaquin there as he had 40.3 degrees temp. She was there at the hospital with two sons, she was loud, had a pram full of bags and told me she was on her own and seemed to be fighting with an abusive partner and had caught a cab from the central coast to the hospital.
She asked me if she could stay at our place as I had started to speak to her, I had to say no as I was worried about Joaquin and his temperature. In the end Joaquin had a virus and I think that lady's sons were ok, with a bit of fever and vomiting.
So it was a surprise to see her in the Tuggerah shopping centre, she looked much better, not so tired and frazzled At first she did not remember me, then she remembered me and was with her kids and her grandmother and other family members. She said that night she ended up staying with her cousin. I really felt bad that night that I did not let her stay at our place.

Anyway we are here now at J's parents place and will have salmon and salad for dinner. The kids are having oven baked salmon and pasta with parmassen cheese. They get smarties for a treat if they eat all their dinner.
Thankfully it is not raining, but did rain on the drive up here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia day in Coogee

Australia day  (the day Captian James Cook and the first fleet officially arrived in Sydney Cove)  of with me being grumpy and waking up at 6.30. We kind off all wake up between 6.30 and 7.30 in our household. Joaquin is usually in bed with us lying in the middle of the bed. Legs and arms everywhere.
Anyway I decided to go for a run, it was not raining. I have been angry at J a lot lately. I have been angry at myself I don't know why. I should be happy, I have achieved so much.
In the end, we all got up, I played with Z and J and watched some tv. Jas got up at around 7.30 and he got breakfast ready. I had a small breakfast, a small bowl of muesli and yoghurt and J made coffee so I had a cup. I got myself ready, my mind ready and went for a run to Coogee. It started raining 4 min into my run but I still ran, got soaked and finally made it to Coogee. I was in the north end near the children's playground and waited under the gazebo in the park with other people and their wet shaggy dogs. There were a lot of people out and about running, walking, getting wet, and already in Coogee for Australia day celebrations. When it stopped raining I continued running and then it poured again and I went in search of another gazebo to wait under, there was a family there already with a mat and eating and celebrating. I think they were malaysians and they were eating fusion Australian food, a plate of sausages (snags) and white rice and fried onion. The mother from this family, very patriotic in small shorts with the Australian flag. I think they were very enthusiastic, I mean come on.. it is 9.30am, pouring rain and there the whole family is under the gazebo having snags and rice. There was a french man and his two kids waiting under the gazebo with this family, I overheard the little spectacled boy say "J'ai faim" saying he was hungry. All that yummy sausage smell.
In the end I ran 6km and then walked back home 2km. I felt good with my run.
Well i convinced J and the kids to drive back down to Coogee and we went to the playground, Joaquin met up with his preschool friend and the kids played in the park. Then we were all hungry. We took the kids to have fish and chips down by the beach. For once the chips were very fresh and cooked in new oil. By now it was not raining but starting to rain again.

After their little sourjourn and lunch we decided we grownup wanted sushi for lunch so we headed for the main drag and had sushi. We stuffed our faces and it was really nice. By the time we had finished it was so hot outside and humid, we did not know what to do so decided to go down to Coogee for a swim. Jas raced home to get the swimmers, Z was asleep in the pram and I hanged out with Joaquin in the shade on the promenade waiting for J.
In the end we spent most of the day at the beach, playing in the sand, swimming. The water was gorgeous but there was a lot of seaweed. We bumped into Joaquin's other friends at the beach and we all had so much fun. Zalia was just running around everywhere on the beach and loving the waves and being washed over at the shore.
At about 4pm, a dark cloud and light rain came rolling out from the sea, we packed up, headed for the showers and got dressed. We walked to the car and drove to Randwick where Jas bought items for pizza. We got home, Jas got ready for a run and made a tomato sauce. I bathed the kids and they were still full of energy even after being at the beach all afternoon. We had pizza and they had chicken skewers with pasta sitting outside, no rain and a lovely evening.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Banana Bread and cafe time

I made Banana bread this morning, at the same time as getting Joaquin ready for preschool. I am a sucker, i just had ripe bananas and did not want them to end up in the compost. I used this recipe but added chocolate chips, a cup of coco powder and extra milk. Here is another recipe from Christina Hutson from The Glow and here from Girls gone child

I took Joaquin to preschool, we walked there, it did not rain, we stopped at a cafe and I bought him milk as he wanted milk, It came in a nice red take away coffee cup and Joaquin asked me to keep it for him. After dropping him off I walked back to the cafe with Zalia and ordered coffee and a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. So good, Zalia was having fun smiling and saying hello to everyone in the cafe.
Zalia at the cafe eating banana

When we finished it was raining out, I got wet. I had an appointment at the hairdressers down the road for a half leg wax. They have a creche there and I took Zalia out the back to the creche. She cried but then was fine. The lady there is lovely and thinks Zalia is so sweet and even told me she is intelligent as she has very good fine motor skills. Thats nice to hear.
Then after my wax, the rain had stopped and we walked home. I saw a friend in another cafe on the way home, stopped to chat, I breastfed Zalia and of course she fell asleep and I put her in pram and walked home. Once at home, Zalia still asleep and i had some banana bread and a tea. In the end I did not do much and later at 4pm went back to pick up Joaquin at preschool and we caught the bus home (two stops from where we get on). Joaquin was happy as he knows tomorrow is Australia's birthday and it is a holiday".
Jas came home, i did not go for a run as I was tired. Jas made dinner, crumbed lamb cutlets with baked veggies and I mad a red cabbage salad which was not that nice. We are all in bed now it is 9.30pm. Good night!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January update

Christmas and festivities are now over and we are way into January.
I have not written for a while, have been very busy and Jason had a few weeks off from work which have been great but obviously not enough.
Yesterday we got a new car, a new shiny dark grey car, with power windows and a little switch that turns the light on inside. Thats all he wanted a light switch so he can turn the light on and off.

Here is a recap of things that have happened in last week:


a- made a vege box
b-planted lettuce, beetroot and more lettuce
c-looked for a new car and finally bought one.
d- Cleaned the house quite thoroughly
e- Met up with my cousin and went to see Manu Chao in concert
f- Weaning Zalia so she is not feeding on demand like a new born
G- Painted the outdoor table and chairs
h- finished a paper but have not sent it yet
i- organised to go camping in a few weeks time
j- had a family day ate yum cha and visited powerhouse museum
k- I have started driving on my Ls around the eastern suburbs with the old car
l- Cleaned up the back yard

1) Go to dentist
2) go camping
3) go to doctors for check up
4) organise clothes and get rid of unwanted clothes
5) get hair cut and coloured
6) get a pedicure
7) keep running at least 3 times a week and/or join the gym
8) finish tweaking figures for paper and send it
9) email uni and get visiting fellow renewed
10) get organised with dinner especially mondays and tuesday nights
11) go swimming at least once a week and increase swimming to reach 1.5km in 40 min
12) wean Zalia so she does not feed on demand but only 2 or 3 times a day.
13) drive the new car and get confidence in driving
14) clean the garage/shed
15) remove more weeds from the back yard

Friday, January 6, 2012

Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday Jas and I spent cleaning the house thoroughly. He did the kitchen, scrubbed down everything, even on top of the cupboards and under the microwave. The only thing I have left to do is clean the fridge eventually. I did the rooms and the floors, and washed and made the beds. Jas also did the toilets which was nice. We have the showers left to do.
But the house was looking good.

After cleaning the house, I managed to have a shower and get ready to go out. I went to See Manu Chao at the Domain on Saturday night as part of the Sydney Festival. There was a lot of people. I met up with my cousin who is 6 months older than me and who we have recently reunited after a family fall out. It was a bit weird but nice to hang out without kids and do something cultural. We went to see my other cousin sing in her band at the Art Gallery of NSW as part of the Picasso Exhibition and Sydney festival. That was nice too. I said hello to my auntie and uncle who I had not seen in a long time. Before Manu Chao came on we sat in the domain like the 1000s of others, on a pink mat, and ate soft camembert cheese, biscuits, chips drank some wine and we caught up. I felt old at the concert, I do not know why I have been feeling this way, everyone is so young so much energy. I think the situation of being there with my cousin was like a flashback to old times, going out, feeling on top of the world as you do when you are young and free. Tonight I just felt weird. I knew all the words to Manu's song but we had to go closer to the stage to hear him well as the sound was quite bad at the back. Anyway it was nice, I had fun and it was good to see so many people there supporting Manu and loving his music.
I wanted Joaquin and Zalia to have seen the children's activities at the Domain that were on earlier but Joaquin being sick and all we thought it was best he stayed at home. Jas had them bathed and fed by 7pm and had them asleep by 8.30pm.

Thankfully i got a lift home and was home by 11.30pm. Jas was in bed watching Dexter season 6.

Friday 6 January 2012

Friday 6 Jan

I met up with friends and colleagues at the pub in the Spot and had lunch and talked work. It was nice to catch up and have children-free time. Jas then picked me up at 3.30pm in the car with the kids and went to see a new car. Joaquin was not feeling too good and vomited in the car. But at the car show room he played with the toys in the kids section and played with another kid. We decided to buy the car. When we got home and began to get things ready for dinner (Jas had made chicken schnitzels and veges for lunch while I was out), Joaquin started having a higher temperature. Thats when his temperature reached 40.3 using an ear thermometer.
Before rushing out to the hospital, I decided to ring the health line. The nurse on the phone told me after a lot of explaining and questions, that I probably should get Joaquin to see a doctor in the next four hours. So i ended up taking him to the Children's emergency down the road and after he was seen by a doctor, I was told he just had a virus. A virus and temperature should last 2-5 days and if the temperature was going to continue we could begin with tests to see why he had a high temperature. Thankfully by Saturday it had gone down to 37.7 and then Sunday it was not there. Thankfully as a temperature so high in a child is scary. Joaquin was fine though, he still ate and drank throughout the temperature, and when it got very high would sit quietly and watch tv, if he talked he was say normal things but someone what in a fast high voice. Poor little baby.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 January 2012

Thursday 5 Jan
I spent the whole day at the University finishing a paper on fossil bandicoots with another colleague. We got a lot done and have to finish a few figures and then try to send the paper next week. Jas looked after the kids and ended up having an afternoon siesta with all 3 sleeping 2 hours!!1 WOW WOW BLOODY WOOW!!!1 I walked home and on the way stopped at the shops and bought some supplies, chicken and some veggies. Jason made chicken soup and veggies for dinner while I played with Joaquin and Zalia and then bathed them. It was a cold raining night.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4th January 2012

Wednesday 4 January

We spent the day with the family (our family, the four of us) and went down to Coogee for a lovely swim, later stopped at Randwick and bought prawns and had prawn rolls.
The beach was beautiful, the water quite cool but nice. Zalia ended up having a little sleep in the pram in the little sun shade tent.

Later in the afternoon we started with a few days of high temperatures for Joaquin, 38, 39, 39.9 cumulating with 40.3 on Friday night (6th Jan).

3rd January 2012

Tuesday 3rd January

On Tuesday Jas spent the day looking for cars. He went with Joaquin to Mascot Bunnings to get supplies to build a vegetable box. I went to Bondi Junction to return a shirt I had bought Jas for christmas. We then met and had lunch at Bondi Junction. We drove home and after some deliberation I decided to go for a run.
I went for a run 5km, took me over 40 min, down to the beach and back. Was quite nice but very hot and I was tired. When I got home, I had a quick shower and we went off to see a car to test drive in Granville. On the way back we stopped at the new Ikea, had sweedish meatballs for dinner, bought two kitchen stoops, a step stool and some candles and bits and pieces. We left Ikea by 8.45pm and stopped back at Bunnings and Jason ran in and got another bag of dirt for the veggie box.
We will see how the veggies go.
We were all in bed by 10pm. It was a long long day.