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Friday, January 30, 2009

Going camping

Leaving tonight but still have not packed and have some equipment to get. I went to gym this morning did a 8km run, it is very hot and I am a bit exhausted but got to go and get ready!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

around my home

As you can see the influences are:
South American patterns (such as the flowers from a Mexican wall hanging my brother bought back for me from Mexico last year),
Love the art deco glass doors in our apartment!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ikea weekend

We had a consumer and not so consumer weekend.
On Saturday even though Joaquin was feeling not (100%) and had fever the few nights before he was eating well and acting well, so we decided to go to Ikea. It is about 20 km away and I always come home thinking why did i not buy this and this. we also did yum cha after Ikea which was quite yummy at Rhodes.
On Sunday we had the best day, free-range eggs on toast for breaky on the balcony, trip to Clovelly where we all had a dip and the water was beautiful. Then lunch of fish and chips and calamari on the balcony. We also went food shopping and then a run and play in the play ground at Coogee. Very busy weekend!

These are the things I bought:
A RAM mirror for $19 (as there are no full length mirror in the house)

Storage boxes
2 Kassett mini chest of drawers for $6 each (on speacial)FIRA Mini chest with 5 drawers $22.00Tripp tins $12 for storing cakes and biscuits and pens
Komplement set of 6 boxes $14.95
RATIONELL VARIERA Box for vegetables $14.95 but I use it for storing toiletries

Bath towel for Joaquin barnslig bath towel $15.95
Jorun cushion cover $5
Hedda cushion cover $5

Anja cushion very pretty at $2.95 (wish I had bought one more)Table runner Kallt only $2.95
More things I bought later....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Around the home on the weekend

Joaquin is talking a lot. He says words in Spanish and english and knows the name of the parts of the face and can understand me when I ask him to do something in spanish.
He draws.
He places rocks in funny ways.
He loves the beach.
I think the last photo is funny, the beer, mate and I

Friday, January 9, 2009

tangiando saturday morning

My mind is all over the place this morning. We went to sleep last night late after watching Spanglish, I saw it before on the plane coming from Argentina to Australia and cried. I love the last line because I am my mother 's daughter.
Speaking of which...
Feliz cumple Mama (8 de Enero) Te quiero mucho mucho y aun que estoy lejos sos la mejor mama que hay!

So we are thinking of going to Sydney Festival which starts today and there are some great things on for free from 2pm at Hyde Park.
Things on for kids are here and include
Toronga zoo mobile pettingzoo
Large recycled tasmanian devil

Listening to Andres Calamaro Tinta Roja, love the tangos and love Milonga del trovador and these are the lyrics of the first verse and I feel them

Lyrics to Milonga Del Trovador :
Soy de una tierra hermosa
de América del Sur,
en mezcla gaucha de indio con español.
De piel y voz morochas
vi en mi guitarra
que al mundo van las coplas, y me fui yo.

makes me remember my abuela maida and her love for tango!
Especially "Esta Noche me emborracho bien"
Cannot play this video?
LETRA Y MUSICA: Enrique Santos Discépolo

This is for you Abuela Maida

Guitar version ( I can't get enough of it and love this so much)

renovation in Patagonia

My parents are renovating a cabin next to their home in Patagonia. They would love it for J, Joaquin and I to go and live there but I still see it as a long way off. I have not applied yet for a job there or nor have I persuaded J to go and leave Australia to live there in a small town in Patagonia. If it did happen we would have to live some of the time in Buenos Aires which J loves and is so full of culture. There is still a lot to do,lay the floors, paint the walls, do the outside laundry and patio. Add the bathroom and kitchen add the doors and windows. It is a big project. But they are happy doing it in baby steps.
These are some pics of the renovation so far:

The roof

The roof being fixed

The house

My parents house

Snow that fell on the hills behind my parents place on the 21st of December 2007 the official day of Southern Summer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New years resolution

Here are some of my new years resolution

Be happy
Stay fit do exercise (keep running and going to the gym)
Write more (try to write everyday)
Finish papers (3 papers in the pipeline)
Read more
Draw in my moleskine
Spend more time with Joaquin (play with him)
Show Joaquin how to paint
Speak to Joaquin only in Spanish
Not be grumpy
Drink mate when I am anxious and just to enjoy
Go to the Beach in Summer
Have some picnics at Clovelly Jan and Feb