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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ikea weekend

We had a consumer and not so consumer weekend.
On Saturday even though Joaquin was feeling not (100%) and had fever the few nights before he was eating well and acting well, so we decided to go to Ikea. It is about 20 km away and I always come home thinking why did i not buy this and this. we also did yum cha after Ikea which was quite yummy at Rhodes.
On Sunday we had the best day, free-range eggs on toast for breaky on the balcony, trip to Clovelly where we all had a dip and the water was beautiful. Then lunch of fish and chips and calamari on the balcony. We also went food shopping and then a run and play in the play ground at Coogee. Very busy weekend!

These are the things I bought:
A RAM mirror for $19 (as there are no full length mirror in the house)

Storage boxes
2 Kassett mini chest of drawers for $6 each (on speacial)FIRA Mini chest with 5 drawers $22.00Tripp tins $12 for storing cakes and biscuits and pens
Komplement set of 6 boxes $14.95
RATIONELL VARIERA Box for vegetables $14.95 but I use it for storing toiletries

Bath towel for Joaquin barnslig bath towel $15.95
Jorun cushion cover $5
Hedda cushion cover $5

Anja cushion very pretty at $2.95 (wish I had bought one more)Table runner Kallt only $2.95
More things I bought later....

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