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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday at home with a broken arm

We stayed at home most of the day today. No preschool for Joaquin and no work for me.
I washed clothes as it was so sunny outside.
I had a sleep with Zalia in the bed and Joaquin played a train game quietly on the iPad. He is getting better day by day, no fever and no panadol. Just at night he has bad dreams and thinks Zalia is annoying him and calls out her name telling her to stop.
Playing at home quietly with the toys

 At 2.30 we headed to Randwick and Joaquin got his hair cut.
The hairdresser was very nice and friendly. Joaquin got his hair washed and cut all for $15. Very cheap and so worth it I say. We had a banana smoothie, I bought some food to make Lasagne and then walked home. We stopped by a friend's house and Joaquin had a play. When we got home Jas had already arrived and I made lasagne, I used mince meat, and tomato passata mixed with carrot, onion and garlic. I also fried some egg plant and Jas made a white béchamel sauce. I had it cooked and we were eating by 8.00pm. Then it was bath and bed before 9pm. There is never enough time in the day for everything.
After hair cut playing on the Wiggles, BIG RED CAR.

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