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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a day in the life Thursday 1st September 2011

Zalia is asleep now. It is 11.10am. Joaquin has been playing making pictures on the iPad with virtual stickers. I can not believe it is September already. Where o where has this year gone. Is that the same for everyone? The feeling life is flying past, no contact with today, no remembrance of yesterday?

 I think Zalia was tired this morning as kids are, especially kids that are not yet one and a half and are teething. She has swollen gums where her premolars should be and no incisors present. She is very cute but becomes so clingy and cries and wants to be held when she is tired or hungry. She went to bed late last night 9.30pm and I had gotten her to sleep late in the afternoon at 5pm after we came back from the park yesterday. Well I finally got her to sleep at 10am and I am sure she will wake up soon. I am still in my pjs as usual so is Joaquin and I have just put a load of washing on. It is sunny outside, I know as i just ventured out to take the clothes horse out with the clothes I washed from last night and to check the compost bin. The compost bin is doing ok, I need to add a layer of wet paper and dry leaves and twigs for at the moment it is just a monumental organic mess with egg shells and green leafy vegetables bits. I get very frustrated with my kids, and find it hard just to do a little bit for myself, like look at blogs, and do bobs and bits online. But thankfully Zalia has now slept an hour and I could do some catch up. Not educational catch up but online browsing, and stuff. Paying for things.

 I have to make lunch soon and probably will feed them -the little ones- left over Bolognese sauce with pasta. I will blend the sauce so Joaquin does not see the large onion bits and find the mushroom and not know what it is. He hates to find onion in his food but he eats it if he does not see it. So tricky mummy blends it up and hey presto a hungry child eats his nutritious dinner/lunch. I made it with organic carrots, organic garlic, not organic small tomatoes (from fruit and vege shop), not-organic onion (woolies bought), a can of tomatoes, water and stock, red wine (cab merlot) that is very cheap from the local bottle shop (clear skin) and some mince meat I bought in Bondi Junction at the fair from a lady who has her own farm so it is kind of organic I think. Anyway it was a successful dinner and Jas enjoyed it immensely even after his run to the beach and back.

Maybe after lunch I will venture down to the local park and hang out and I should venture over to the fish shop in Randwick and buy some salmon for dinner tonight. So many choices and decisions, life sometimes seems so hard and so complicated. It would be easier if I drove I know. She is up now, better go and get her up and make some lunch. chau chicos xxx

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zalia and the organic apples

This is Zalia and the box of fruit and veges we pick up every Monday afternoon. She loves grabbing apples and taking a bite and then putting them back. All my apples have a bite mark and even a tomato she mistook for an apple. Lucky the mandarines, carrots, broccoli, bok choy, garlic, survived her jaws!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the large yellowfin tuna and sydney fish market

We had a busy Sunday. The morning we went to a school boot sale at the local school.
I bought some little people toys and a castle for $10, a Thomas train set for $10, another Fisher Price train for $10, some baby clothes for Zalia for $20 including some Bonds dress and some other dresses and a Marimekko onsie. After this we walked home and then drove to the Sydney Fish Market. The place was packed and it was such a warm afternoon, even Joaquin said "Everyone has the same idea" in relation to everyone wanting fish for Lunch on a warm late winter afternoon.

What we ate:
sushimi (salmon and tuna) $20 worth
Oysters (Sydney rock oysters) $10
Large king prawns $10
Joaquin and Zalia shared a plate of grilled salmon and chips $15
We also had a beer, and a soft drink.
It was really really good and so yummy.
Then afterwards we walked to the wharf, Joaquin and Zalia shared a chocolate ice-cream and Jas and I had a Pat and Stick's home made ice-cream sandwich (Double choc for Jas, and Caramel Pecan for me). DELISH!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday morning and I think my back is sore again

Later in the morning I took the kids outside to play and the sun was out and the kids played in the yard with water in a bucket and some toys while I sat down and watched them. It was lovely, the only problem is when I sit on the outside Ikea chairs my back really hurts afterwards. May have to go and see if I can get the sports masseuse lady can see me on Saturday in the morning. Bl##dy sciatica!!!!

Later at midday a friend of Joaquin's came over and his mum, we had some lunch, then they played a bit of soccer and we walked to the new park. I saw other mums from Zalia's mums group and finally left at around 4pm and put Zalia down for a sleep while I made part of dinner. Red cabbage (organic) salad with garlic and anchovies (adapted from Stephanie Alexander) and carrot salad with feta and chicken schnitzel. Yummy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spring is in the air

I had a lovely day Wednesday at the beach with Zalia and Joaquin.
Even though Joaquin and Zalia managed to get another small cold and have snotty runny noses the day was beautiful. I packed some sandwiches and snacks in the morning and cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast and did a load of washing in the morning.

I am a bit silly in that I want things a certain way before leaving the house, I hate leaving the house in a messy state (even though I am no longer obsessed in having the beds made before leaving home). I also hate having dirty clothes piling up in the laundry. I love having no clothes, and clothes hanging on the line drying. So i always manage to do a load or two every day. I am trying not to use harmful chemicals when I wash so I have found a lovely smelling eco detergent from the supermarket but I am also using bicarbonate soda. On the weekend at the compost and worm farming course that I attended the lady who ran the course also runs a course (free) on Living with less chemicals and she mentioned she had not washed her hair with shampoo in 15 years and uses Bicarboate soda to wash and I ended up trying it on Zalias clothes and it is fine. I still use non-disposable nappies on her but when out and about I use disposable.

I feel I am gradually getting a little more control on my life. Zalia is not constantly wanting me or wanting the breast, she is more independent and walking better each day. She loves her brother and they get on well. I am getting more organised working 2 days a week, I do not feel as guilty leaving Z with the nanny on those two days as she enjoys herself with her little friend L who is turning one next month and has started to kiss and hug him every time she sees him.
I am also trying to look after my health, swimming once a week and trying to eat healthier. I do need to get a check up on my thyroid and other things, I will do that for next week I think. No more putting that off.

I am also trying out organic fruit and veges and trying to eat less junk stuff and would love to incorporate the mantra of using less chemicals around the home. This weekend we will get the free compost bin up and running, I am going to a car boot sale at the local school and see if I can find any outside toys.
Also maybe going to paint some chairs and do some spring cleaning around the home. Its Thursday yeah two more days to the weekend.

Have a nice day!

A lovely day at the park by the beach

So today was a gorgeous day and I hit the parks.
We got ready and headed out at 9am to catch a bus down to the beach. I could have walked but I walked to the bus stop and then caught the bus and Joaquin had a lovely time chatting to the bus driver. It was a long double bus and the driver said he felt at times like a train driver as the bus was big like a train.
We met some mums from Zalia's mums group down at the park at the beach. They get there early and leave early. Then after 10am I met up with a dad and his two little ones, T and S, S is 4 like Joaquin and we have known her since she was 6 weeks old. Their dad looks after them and their mum works hard in an office, travels a lot and at times feels she is missing out on family time.
However Joaquin mentioned yesterday he saw a lot of dads in the park, I did see that too. Times are changing and men realise they also need to spend more time with their brood. Joaquin loves going to the park with his dad and spending daddy time. Zalia's face lights up when she sees her daddy when he comes home from work after not seeing him all day. They do not get to see him in the morning as he leaves early but he does spend time with them in the afternoon at 5.30pm when he gets home, he baths them, they have special milo and milk time while watching Blinky Bill and he reads to them and puts them to bed while I clean the kitchen.

I think I wore them out today at the park and beach. Zalia had a sleep after lunch at 12ish in the pram (well I breastfed her while we were having lunch fish and chips with my friend and his two little ones). She slept in the pram for about an hour and Joaquin and I walked back to the park to play while his other friends had to go home as little T had to have his sleep. Sometimes I wonder am I a bad mother staying out and Z sleeping in her pram instead of her cot. she has a short morning sleep and then a longer afternoon sleep in her cot usually and this works for us, she sleeps through the night with this set up so I do not want to change a thing yet.

Joaquin gets upset though when his friends leave, he wants to play with his friends, so he cried and was upset but I managed to convince him to get back on his scooter and go back to the park as we saw another mom walk that way with a pram and a little boy in the pram and an older boy on a scooter.
I talked to that mum at the park, her older son is 4 turning 5 in December starting school next year and the younger one nearly 2. She said she did not know what school her son will go to, they are renting an apartment in Rose Bay but want to buy a home in there northern beaches. Anyway Joaquin went up to this boy to see if he could play with him, the little boy was busy chasing another boy and said no I am already playing. There was another group of kids (2 boys and a girl) and Joaquin wanted to play with them as they searched for a lost toy in the bushes, in the end they found a small plastic toy and one boy with curly blond hair thew the toy down a hole and Joaquin got upset. I think that boy was a bully as later he called Joaquin a cry baby. In the end Joaquin played with another boy Lachlan he asked him his name, they played well even though that boy was turning 3 soon and he had a younger sister who was Zalia's age but seemed older.
Later I talked to that first mom, she was surprise Joaquin was 4 because she said when they are ready for school one thing they look for is if the child is socially ready i.e. does he ask people their names and she said she overheard Joaquin ask another boy his name. The thing is Joaquin has been doing this since he was 2. He used to ask stranger "Whats your name?".
After another episode with the bully blond boy and a stick we left the park, Joaquin played on his scooter along the beach and we went to a shop and I bought them banana smoothies and had a look around at the shops. I bought some dried banana chips (Joaquin saw them in the shop and he had tasted one that Lauchlan had given to him in the park). We also spoke to some other people who Joaquin saw they were drinking smoothies as they walked and he screamed out "I also just had a banana smoothie". He is very sociable when he wants to be, I do not know why he is always wanting to make friends, I think he has the knack of it.
Anyway we finally got home before 4pm and I did a bit around the home and found Joaquin asleep by himself on the lounge. I put Zalia down at 4.30 she slept till 6.30 and Jas came home at 5.30 and Joaquin was still sleeping. I really had a lovely day.
I made some snacks for Jas and Joaquin, before dinner, crackers with pate and some brie cheese, nuts and dried apricots. We had a nice time snacking on them before dinner, Jas made dinner left over corned beef, white sauce and yummy vegetables and pasta for them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage sale finds

Garage sale finds

Silver tray made in England
Silver smaller round trays to add condiments at the table or other things
Vase made in Italy blue and white
Jar made in China
Sun umbrella not shown
Lawnmower not shown
Trex skeleton from here Save the children online shop

Why am I so stressed

Its Thursday again, Its seems to be the only day I can post. As Monday I am at Uni teaching doing toad and rat dissections to first year students or looking at organs or fossils. Tuesday I am at home or like this tuesday I hit the parks.
Wednesday I also hit the parks and the library and today Thursday I think I will just stay at home.
I have felt a bit stressed out lately. It is the time of the month so that may have explained the reason why I have been so off, physically and mentally just not feeling myself. I don't know how people write about their periods or things like that, It seems a bit hard for me, maybe because I am scared that someone I may teach may read this. Oh well it is all natural part of this life, part of being a mammal.
Well before that time of the month I have been feeling off, and I have had a sore right side for the last week. I was contemplating to go to see a dr about it but in the end I knew my periods were coming. They are exactly 28 days apart. Anyway I just feel so old lately, 37 is old I think. Maybe it has to do with me teaching young people at university, I feel I have lost my youth and my body is just feeling tired. Swimmming makes me feel better and so does eating healthy. Anyway we will see.
I have made a mental note I want to lose some weight, and I want to do a 9km fun run in October.
I also enjoying buying second hand clothes and vintage items.
I bought some second hand items at a local garage sale on Saturday, a really cool sun umbrella for the outside table (photos to come later) and a hand lawnmower. Jas dad already cut the lawn on Saturday after I purchased it and Jas brought it home.
Bought baby clothes from a garage sale in Double bay and some other bits and pieces.

Another thing that I am stressed about is Zalia has started walking and is getting up to mischief. But i am happy she is walking and seems happier. We are all finally over our sickness but now Z and Joaquin have a bit of a cold but are acting ok and happy.

Anyway talking about stress, I can relate to BabyMac's post from last night " I did not have sex last night". It is hard being a woman, trying to keep competitive, worrying about growing old, trying to look good and do healthy things, raising a family, trying hard to raise a family in a healthy way, keeping a home, keeping a home neat and tidy, laundry, making dinner, being creative, keeping children amused, taking them out to the parks, trying to be successful and do what I my profession has taught me. All so hard. I could go on and on, but I won't bore you or act so childish as the truth of the matter is we are very very lucky to have what we have. I am so lucky and happy. The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday at the park

Tuesday I am usually at home but today i spent the day out and I hit the parks and met up with two mums I know one who's son is Joaquin's age and at his preschool and the other who is Argentinian and has three kids a little girl that is at school at kindergarden and two boys one who is turning 4 in December and one that turned 2 a few months ago. There were a few other mothers at the park with three kids, how do they do it? Beats me!
Anyway I made sandwiches and managed to get out of the home and walk to the park about 900mt away and be there by 9.30am. Pretty good. That was Tuesday then later in the afternoon the friend of Joaquins came to play and they played and played. I did not watch them for a moment and then Joaquin can running from outside the house (I do not know how they opened the back sliding door and got out and went down the side of the house) and said his friend A had fallen down some steps and was bleeding. I freaked out but it was ok just a graze. Joaquin normally would not go outside without me but when he is with friends he is adventurous. I managed Zalia to have two sleeps that day, one after a breastfeed which by the way I am trying to cut down during the day. Then I put her in her cot and she slept an hour. I do not know what I did in that time, washed and hung out the clothes, watched some reality crappy tv and had a tea and biscuit or three.
She then got up and we played some more, I washed some more, I made everyone afternoon tea, then the falling over the steps incidents occurred and then at around 4pm I finally got Z to have another sleep I was in the room on Joaquins bed waiting for her to sleep, then A's mum rang the doorbell and I left her to cry a little in the room and she slept and I falled the laundry while she slept and I talked to A's mum and the two boys watched Octonauts.
At 5pm Jas came home and we had to get to swimming and I got Z up and we went and I even swam 1km in half an hour.
Then I made some chicken shintzel for dinner with veges and left over ravioli. I think it was a success as we all ate well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday morning

Its Thursday and I am so exhausted already.
The week goes flying past but I have had a big week and yesterday a big day.
Because I do not drive when I go out to the local parks I stay out.
Today I want to clean up the remained pots and pans I did not clean last night after making dinner for the three of us. I made salmon in the oven, some twice cooked chips using one organic potato and some fresh cheese and spinach ravolii. Joaquin asked where his vegetables were and said he loved this food. He had two servings of pasta and fish and most of the chips. I served up Z a bowl of food and she ate most of it too.
Jas went out with a friend last night so I just hang out with the kids, he bathed them before he left and I got dinner ready. Then we ate, I gave everyone some chocolate and I had a chocolate (first time in a long time). Then we plunked ourselves in front of the heater and tv and watched Octonauts, Gaspar and Lisa, and Play school. Then Joaquin played on the iPad and I watched some trashy tv playing with Z and falling asleep. Every time I fell asleep Z would come over to me and climb on me and try to wake me up. I hate sleeping in front of the heater I feel very toasty and warm and even too hot when I wake up. Zalia is walking a lot more, she loves putting a children's key set around her neck and we call her Dr. Za. She also still loves her doll and I catch her kissing it so much.
Joaquin is such a little boy, runs to the toilet when he needs to go, he ate all his dinner and I gave him a treat. He has favourite shows and yesterday he told me when we heard Jetlag the song blaring from someone's truck that that was his favourite song. We also walked past a section of Randwick where they seemed to have cut down some trees and painted the tree stumps bright orange. Joaquin was upset, he said who cut down the trees, that is naughty, without trees we won't be able to breath. If everyone cut down trees on the earth we would not be able to breath as trees give us air. Very cute. He is so sweet, gentle and loves his sister so much. I love them both.

Today i want to achieve this:
1) clean the house a bit
2) clear up the kitchen
3) do some puzzles and draw with Joaquin
4) take them to the park
5) get dinner items ready (we are making stir fry with organic veges-bock choy, spring onions, ginger, coriander).
6) Get the spare room ready as Jas's parents are coming to stay till Sunday.
7) I was invited out by a friend tonight but I feel a bit tired and have so much to do.
8) Prepare for tomorrow's class

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taking photos with Zalia

Joaquin is still Sleeping, I get Z out of her cot and she is making noises. She immediately stands up in her cot with her stripy sleep bag and waits patiently for me. Then i pick her up and hug her and smell her and fall in love with her all over again. She wants the ikea lamp that is green and I hand it to her so she can hold. She grabs on to me tightly and we walk back to my bed, plonk down on the bed and she has her morning breast feed. I will miss these times. she is growing too fast. Joaquin is still asleep in our bed, he comes into the bed in the middle of the night and tells us later that daddy comes and gets him and brings him in. sometimes i find his teddies and toys in our bed too. After her feed Z wants to wake Joaquin up and tries so hard to get him up, to disturb him, to poke him and pull his hair. I try to stop her, but eventually he gets up and has a big smile on his face to see his sister.
These are photos I took with the iPhone this morning after I got Z up.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

organic fruit and veges

I have been inspired thanks to Louise at Table Tonic to try eating organic, especially my fruit and veges. I might even get Organic milk for my children.
I joined the Randwick Organic fruit and vege group and payed my money and picked up my box of goodies on Monday night at 6.15pm from the aRandwick school One of the girls who is in the organisation I know from when I went to high school.
Jas waited outside with Z and Joaquin and I went inside the school, there is a bit of helping to do putting fruit and veges in each box or basket to divvy out for each person. I had bananas and I ended up putting about 5 bananas in each box. So here is what I got for $35
-5 bananas
-2 avacados
-3 pears
- 3 apples
-4 potatos
-1 beetroot round and big
- a florette of broccoli
- some oranges
-some lemons
-a bunch of coriander
- ginder
-a bunch of spring onion
-a head of purple cabbage
2 large cucumbers
a large bunch of bok choy
-a brown paper bags with peas
-one large leek

The only things missing we use a lot of in our cooking is:
lettuce, tomatos, carrots, zuchhini, pumpkin, onion, garlic

Update Thursday 11th of August: So far I have only made some orange juice, made chips with the potato, had the cucumber. We will make stir fry with ginger, chicken free range, box choy, spring onion, peas, broccoli tonight for dinner

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A taste of summer in Sydney in August

Its Thursday Morning, 7am, and I am sure its going to be a beautiful day.
Since I got up at 6.30am I have
a) hung a load of washing on the line
b) put another load on
c) emptied the dishwasher
d) about to have some breakfast before the little ones get up.

Well I can hear Zalia in her room making some noises but I will keep her there until I finish break. Joaquin just came to our bed for a little cuddle at 6am and he is asleep there and J has left for work. The garbage trucks have been and gone.
Today I have a hair appointment at the local hairdresser and they have a creche so I am taking both and hoping all goes well.

Yesterday started off grey, the sky and my mood.
But at 10am i left the house, pram, scooter, snacks, jumpers in case of cold and J and Z. We went to the park and met up with Z's mums group. We also met up with a dad from J's mums group and his two children.
After some play, by 12 everyone had left I went across the road bought some sandwiches and then had lunch with them in the park, my friend who is Argentinian was there with her 14 month old boy and she is also currently 20 weeks pregnant.

Then i loaded up the pram, convinced J to get in the pram and walked down to the beach so meet some other mums and J's friends at the park at the beach. They both fell asleep on the walk down there can you believe it? Joaquin was still asleep when I got there, Z was awake. When i got her out of the pram she had a play and a little wander and is walking so much more. Even the other mothers noticed how much she is walking from last week. She is in such a better mood, after all the colds and temps from the last two weeks. So is Joaquin. He slept 30 m in more and his friends were coming over to see if he was awake. They ended up playing well all together (the four of them) with J's trains, and in the sandpit at the park. I also bumped into another mum I know and her 15 month old son and they spotted a whale at Coogee Beach. I did not get to see it though.
At 4pm we left, bought some chocolate milk for J and ice-cream for his friend and walked half a block to his friends house for an afternoon play date. They played well, Zalia just stayed with me, admiring the cat they have in a cage with a special collar to stop it licking its wound on it s leg. Zalia was quite happy just to hang out, she is such a girl. So different with Joaquin playing with his friend in the other room, with trains, and dinosaurs and blocks.
At 5pm the tv came on and we watched Tom and Jerry. It was Joaquin's first time watching it, I think he liked it, his friend really likes it and laughs a lot.
15 min later Jas came to pick us up and we went home. I made dinner, left over burritos, pasta and veges for them, and a zucchini tart from Stephanie Alexander and from Fat Mum slim.
Very yummy. Jas got them bathed and in bed by 8.30. I stayed up cleaning up the kitchen and the floors and watched a bit of tv, then got to bed at 10pm. A long day.

Monday, August 1, 2011


We have been sick and it really is horrible.
For the past two weeks, snotty noses, coughs, fevers, grumpiness and a 15 month old that is so clingy and just wants to be held all the time. Since Sunday she has been happier. She is now in my arms sleeping as i type. Still breastfeeds, and she breastfed so much while she was sick. Anyway the sun is out and its beautiful morning in sydney. I have to get lunch ready and have a large to do list to do for today.
1) Wash and hang clothes in the sun
2) make lunch
3) answer emails'
4) make beds
5) write ideas and memories down (things that Joaquin says as a 4 year old)
6) write about Zalia

In other news
I got a new computer MacBook Air. I love it. So lucky, so cool, so small compact and light.
I started teaching at uni and love it. Zalia stays with the shared nanny and Joaquin goes to preschool.

Things I want to do this month
I want to really start buying organic produce and cooking lovely foods like Louise.
Enroll in composting/worm farming course at local council (DONE)
I want get organised
I need and want to get a drivers licence.
Do exercise and eat less
organise my health
Take more photos.
Need to get a tv cabinet