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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spring is in the air

I had a lovely day Wednesday at the beach with Zalia and Joaquin.
Even though Joaquin and Zalia managed to get another small cold and have snotty runny noses the day was beautiful. I packed some sandwiches and snacks in the morning and cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast and did a load of washing in the morning.

I am a bit silly in that I want things a certain way before leaving the house, I hate leaving the house in a messy state (even though I am no longer obsessed in having the beds made before leaving home). I also hate having dirty clothes piling up in the laundry. I love having no clothes, and clothes hanging on the line drying. So i always manage to do a load or two every day. I am trying not to use harmful chemicals when I wash so I have found a lovely smelling eco detergent from the supermarket but I am also using bicarbonate soda. On the weekend at the compost and worm farming course that I attended the lady who ran the course also runs a course (free) on Living with less chemicals and she mentioned she had not washed her hair with shampoo in 15 years and uses Bicarboate soda to wash and I ended up trying it on Zalias clothes and it is fine. I still use non-disposable nappies on her but when out and about I use disposable.

I feel I am gradually getting a little more control on my life. Zalia is not constantly wanting me or wanting the breast, she is more independent and walking better each day. She loves her brother and they get on well. I am getting more organised working 2 days a week, I do not feel as guilty leaving Z with the nanny on those two days as she enjoys herself with her little friend L who is turning one next month and has started to kiss and hug him every time she sees him.
I am also trying to look after my health, swimming once a week and trying to eat healthier. I do need to get a check up on my thyroid and other things, I will do that for next week I think. No more putting that off.

I am also trying out organic fruit and veges and trying to eat less junk stuff and would love to incorporate the mantra of using less chemicals around the home. This weekend we will get the free compost bin up and running, I am going to a car boot sale at the local school and see if I can find any outside toys.
Also maybe going to paint some chairs and do some spring cleaning around the home. Its Thursday yeah two more days to the weekend.

Have a nice day!

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