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Friday, November 28, 2008

Inspiration for success

Inspired by this writer for the New York Times:
His blog

He was born in the United Kingdom, to an English father who is a civil engineering professor at the University of Waterloo and his mother is a black Jamaican-born psychotherapist, and he was raised in Ontario, Canada.
His new book called Outliers and an extract a story about success and how successful people are as such: it is opportunity, but hard work. He writes in his book that most successful people start young at doing what they really like to do and have done over 10 000 hours of work on their "passion".
What some people have to say about the book and how there are a lot of gladwell0-esk books that use anecdotes to explain science.
person number 1
person number 2
Here is another article about him
A video of Gladwell speaking. Thanks to Big Picture

Another inspirational writer close to my heart and bones is the paleontologist and evolutionary theorist Stephen Jay Gould.

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from here and there are a lot of excellent black and white photos of him there.
Here i found a webpage the unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive with a lot of articles written by Gould.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

old fabric swatches

There are free samples or swatches of fabric from as far back as the 1800s
in the Powerhouse museum in Sydney.
The swatches or small samples of fabric have been collected and compiled in the form of swatchbooks for at least 300 years. The Powerhouse Museum has several volumes containing thousands of bright, unfaded samples of fashionable fabric designs, braids and laces ranging from the 1830s to the 1920s.
The patterns here are in the public domain in Australia.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

x-ray photography

I just found these amazing x-ray art photos at Blue tea blog.

The first photos are from x-ray photographer Albert Koetsier and his studio Beyond Light. His photos consist of x-ray images of plants, animals, seashells, and other natural objects.
This art is more like paleontology, my cup of tea.

The next photos are from Nick Veasey

These xray photos are from Bert Myers

These are from Commercial artist Hugh Turvey who creates brightly colorized x-ray photographs of household objects as well as plants, animals, and other items.

Leslie Wright uses x-rays to look inside plants, animals, high-tech devices, and everyday objects.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good food in Sydney

This weekend (Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd) there is a food fair called the Good Food Affare on in Sydney in Castle Hill. I would like to go, seems interesting. There are celebrated chefs, and live cooking demonstrations using fresh, seasonal and organic products. Great!!!
i really am starting to think I need to learn to cook healthier and eco-friendlier. The only thing we grow on our balcony is Basil but if I could we would grow more. I would follow in my mother's footsteps who grows lettuce, peas, beans, tomatoes, beetroot, ruccula, spinach and other tasty treats in her garden in Patagonia (which by the way is very very cold and frosty about 3 months of the year).

We are also still enjoying free-range organic home grown eggs from J's parents place. Loved the article on having your own chickens or chooks in Sydney apartments from the free book that came with the SMH last Saturday real(food)handbook part of the(sydney)magazine that comes free once a month with SMH.

Also watching Jamie's Great Italian Escape and I love it. Jamie Oliver heads to Italy in his camper van to regain his passion for cooking. I love the way he tries to learn Italian and the Italian people in this doco. When he traveled through Palermo in Sicily it really made me think of Buenos Aires. The food is great and really makes me miss my Italian Grandmother and her cooking. I wish I had learned a bit more about how she used to cook.

Found this great blog about food and nutrition
and this one called The Elengant Sufficiency

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vintage childrens books

Russian children s vintage books from here
Vintage children s book group at flickr here

A lot of Russian vintage books with illustrations here
Many Russian vintage book covers (all on one page) here

Friday, November 14, 2008

Animals of the future Dougal Dixon

The other day at the uni, a student was cleaning the books in the bookshelf and stumbled upon this book After Man a zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon a paleontologist written in 1981.

In the book Dougal presents his hypothesis on how the fauna and geography could change 50 million years from now.
The drawings of the creatures are really beautiful and wild. These futuristic animals include:
Rabbucks - Rabbucks are the future equivalent of deer and antelope. They live in almost any environment, and they mostly feed on grass. Their anatomy resembles that of a hooved mammals, though there are a few primitive hopping forms lurking around.

Gigantelope - The gigantelope take the niche in the future that was formerly held by elephants, giraffes, moose, and other large herbivores. Resembling the ancient sauropods, they are descended from antelopes, and range in a wide variety of forms. One subbranch have evolved into the large, moose-like herbivores of the north, the hornheads.

Predator Rats - The major group of predators in the future. Like our modern carnivorans, they exist on almost every continent and fill almost every carnivorous niche. They are descended from rats, and range in forms resembling polar bears, wolves, wolverines, cats, and even aquatic walrus-like forms.

Carnivorans - For the most part, Dixon assumes that carnivorans have either gone extinct, or have been forced into peripheral niches like the creodonts were in the Oligocene. A few still exist, such as the shurrack, and all but one, the striger, is descended from the weasels.

More on the creatures here

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Argentinian artists

I found this book thanks to Karina from El Beso.

The book is a little illustrated book by an artist called Yamila Kury from Argentina and she was born in the same year as me and is my age. How cool, I have not met another Yamila the same age as me and an artist to boot.

I went to the online store Tienda Dos Fuerzas to buy the book. The store is pretty cool and you can buy lots of little artistic nick knacks.
But the book only costs 15 pesos (arg) about 5 Australian dollars but costs a further 114 pesos (about 70 Australian dollars) to send it to me in Sydney with the Argentinian postal system. Que Fatal! How ridiculous! I think I will buy it next time i go to Buenos Aires.

This book is also very cute "Malos Pensamientos".

It is a book on contemporary Argentinian artists and has images that depict ideas demonstrating fantasies and surreal situations. So wonderful!

Love the fox/deer with a squid and his boot!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mexican style a la Americano

From The Selby taken at Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato's place in Mexico. They are both hoteliers and perfumers and have a beach hotel and perfumery in tulum and Valladolid Mexico.

Love the leather sandalias, these would be perfect for Australian summer by the beach and love the old spanish style tiles.

Reminds me of the beautiful antique tiles I saw in the window of the tile museum in Colonia, Uruguay. The Museo de Azulejo (Tile Museum) is housed in a pink-colored mansion where Lussich lived with his wife and his seven daughters. The tile museum contains one of the most important colonial floor tile collection, that belong to the architect Alejandro Artucio. The 500 tiles exhibited are of French origin and date from the mid 1800s. They are decorated with simple and schematic drawings in blue (cobalt oxide) or violet (manganese oxide). From Joanpaz at flickr

Tile outside the Azulejo Museo with map of Colonia photo from patte2210 at flickr

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Australia Country Style

We are here in the country, 3 hours north of Sydney in the Upper Hunter visiting my partner's family. It is very peaceful and quite hot. Jas's family have water tanks and a chicken pen with chickens that lay 7 eggs a day. Yesterday we spent the day outdoors, and collected the chook eggs with Joaquin and played outside on the grass under the willow tree. He loves being outside and poking around.
Here are some Australian country style inspirations at the magazine Australian Country Style (thanks to Follow Studio):

Maggie Beer in the October 2008 Australia Country Style
I love Maggie Beer and always watch her in The Cook and the chef on ABC.