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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my son the triceratops

We bought this triceratops costume at the Australian museum after a little accident and no suitable clothes were available!

today at home

Breastfeeding 19 month old baby

Yes this is me still breastfeeding Zalia.
She is 19 months.
She breastfeeds as many times as she wants. Even though this can be annoying and gets tiring.
If she sees me sitting on the lounge or chair she wants a breastfeed. She gets so upset when i say no!
It is a bit tiring for me, but does not feed through night, though.
She sleeps from 8.30pm to 6.30-7.00am.
She sometimes falls asleep breastfeeding.
She does not like cows milk bottles but loves brie cheese.
Will try to breastfeed till she is 2 years old.
But am trying to wean.
There are  5 other mums from my mum's group with 19month olds also still breastfeeding.
She has just fallen asleep as i type with one hand!

Monday, November 21, 2011

messy kitchen and mini banana muffins

Today is Tuesday. I can not believe November has gone so quickly.
We have done so much, there have been some nice some days and grey and wet the others.

Joaquin has been sick with temperature all weekend. It got to 40.1 degrees C on Sunday right after I took him to the hospital to see what was wrong.  It is just a virus. He just has had panadol every 4-6 hours and fluids. He has a sore throat but there is no infection, just swollen glands. However the doctors are cautious  at the hospital and have to write a letter so we can go home. The letter states everything they think that is wrong with the patient and what the outcome is. This is new at the children's hospital. I think it is because of all the stuff ups they have had in other hospitals and unnecessary fatal outcomes, sending patients home when they needed more care.

Anyway so we are home today.
This is what my kitchen looks like. I still have to put all our organic fruit and veges away and decide what to do for lunch and dinner.

These are the mini banana muffins that Joaquin and Zalia helped me make. I also managed to make 12 larger muffins they are still in the oven and are ready.

I think I want to make this recipe, It has kale (tick), pumpkin (do not have), almonds (tick), quinoa (tick), cabbage (tick). Something healthy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday at Clovelly Beach

Today it was really hot and such a beautiful day.
We ended up going to the beach before lunch down to Clovelly.
We all had a little swim, the tide was coming up at 12am and so just after lunch the water was clear.
Thankfully we had the little sun-shade tent that my parents had bought for us last year when they came to visit from Bunnings.
For lunch I bought Z and J a toastie with ham and cheese and some fries from the cafe at the south end of Clovelly, Jas and I did not eat lunch just picked at the chips as we had a big breakfast, eggs, mushrooms and bacon.

Then we went and played at the little park by the beach. Zalia just wanted to walk up and down the stairs and was oblivious to the little magpie that was sunning itself on the grass nearby.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cracked screen macbook Air

My computer, my lovely new macbook air is down for the count (has a cracked screen and I do not really know how it got there- woke up last Saturday morning (12th November) after using it in bed and found the crack on the bottom of the right hand of the screen). I took it to the Apple shop in Bondi Junction on Tuesday 15th November and it is still there and worst of all, the apple care warranty does not cover cracks in the screen so it will cost approx $500 clams to fix it. So much money so much money...
Thanks Apple for not covering cracked screens in your apple care warranty. Why did I pay an extra $300 for apple care? WHo knows!

SO really I can not work or blog! rally

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not much has happened

Have not done much blogging or writing lately. ME BAD.
Today, however we had a playmate with Joaquin's friend and mum and little 11 month old brother who came to visit. It was stinking hot. Zalia had a little sleep. She was clumsy yesterday fell twice out of bed (once after coughing and waking up from a sleep on my bed). Joaquin said "Don't put her near the edge of the bed mummy as that is why she fell", a second time she fell while putting Joaquin's tshirt on her head and mucking around on my bed and I was staying very close to her putting laundry away but did not see her do it, just heard her cry for one second, and thirdly while walking down the corridor yesterday she slipped and hurt her leg.
I made a quick dash to the library to get some books and drop of books. Zalia came with me, it was very hot, I was very rushed I left Joaquin at his friends place and ended up buying Zalia a banana smoothie to calm her down. She was so upset in the pram she banged her head on the side. She also has been scratching on her legs due to the heat but I got a very good anti-chafting cream that seems to work.
So it is Thursday, another week has flown past. I do not seem to do much but hang out with the kids, cook do some cleaning, finish a few papers here and there. Tomorrow I will go to the uni and do some work and make phone calls etc.
Last night after dinner (pasta with smoked salmon, baby spinach wilted in oil, zucchini fried with oil and garlic, and cauliflower fritters (from Stephanie Alexander) we we went to sit outside waiting for the storm.
Here are some photos:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday 1st of November 2011

Today stayed at home. We were away in the Upper Hunter for the weekend to visit Jas's family.
The weather was lovely, Joaquin and Zalia hung out with their cousins, Joaquin went on the motorbike and even wants to ride it himself. We had some yummy dinners full of veges (many different types) and meat.
Today I stayed at home with the kiddies, we walked to the post office and picked up a parcel from ebay. I got a country road blouse and also a top/dress size 2 for Zalia in the mail.

Zalia's new top

new apple container

my new country road blouse (vintage)

We also stopped by the new cafe close by and I had a coffee and Joaquin and Zalia some home made small croissants. Joaquin also went for the horse with the yellow jockey in the Melbourne Cup and it came first. Zalia picked a horse that came third!
In the afternoon Joaquin went to the uni pool for his swim lesson and I had a swim. I swam 30 laps not the usual 40 laps (1km) as I am not feeling 100%.