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16 August 2019

Today is Friday. It is the end of the week and nearly 3pm time to pick up the kids.
I have not done much today again but trying.
I went to have coffee with my friend in Waverley and then went to St Vinnies. I bought two second hand books for $7 total.

I am home now trying to do some work.
I get distracted and have lunch.
Something just distracted me: Zero Waste.
Catch phrase for 2019.
What am I doing or not doing to lower my carbon emissions and to use less plastic.

Things I do to lower carbon emissions and use less plastic.
1. Have espresso coffee pods and then take them to be recycled hopefully.
2. Recycle milk containers and plastic containers that I have milk and butter in.
3. Walk to buy my bread at the local bakery and take home bread in a paper bag.
4. Take my own bags shopping.
5. I walk most places.
6. Buy second hand clothing and shoes in second hand clothes.
7. Buy second hand books ( I did that today).
8. Most of my life I did not have dryer so after washing clothes I hanged them on the l…

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