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Thursday, July 26, 2018

It is bed time

It is 8.30 pm I sit here on the plastic ikea chair in the attic of this old house. This house is a semi we just rented it in the fabulous suburb of Queens Park named after the large park that is 5 min away. Queens Park is like a large grassy oval where kids play soccer and dogs run around of a leash. On the sides of the park there are Clift faces where aboriginal people once lived. They probably walked the half
An hour walk down to the beach to catch their dinner fish and shell fish. They drank fresh sweet water from the creeks around the park and rested in the shades of the native fig trees.

We are ready for bed but Zalia who is 8 wants me
To sit her and use my phone while she plays. She plays with her plastic my
Little pony castle she plays with her lol
Dolls she plays with her plastic barbie doll house I bought for a few dollars from the opportunity shop in Randwick 2 years ago when she was in Kindy and she was 6 years old and we had just arrived from Patagonia.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Life January 2018

I have decided to write again after so long. So much time has elapsed so many things. So many memories created.
1. We lived in Esquel Patagonia from September 2012 to December 2015
2. I loves Patagonia but missed the culture and life of Sydney.
3. We live in Randwick, Sydney moved her December 2015
4. I am 43 years old i  think?
5. My son is 10 years old.
6. My daughter is 7 years old.
7. I am happy healthy and fit.
8. I need to drive this year with P plate.
9. I want a part time paid work.
10. I want to continue doing research.
11. I want to publish more.
12. I want to be confident with who I am with who I have become.
13. I want to live and love.
14. I want to be happy and learnt to embrace sadness and other emotions.
15. I want to be kind and good patient mother.
16. I want to be here in the moment.
17. I want to speak to my kids in Spanish.
18. I want to read more and read to my kids more.
19. I want to stay active and run.
20. I am currently fasting 2 days a week 5:2 diet and feel good.
21. I need to lose weight and considered overweight due to BMI
22. I want to look after my health in 2018.
23. I want to write more, so I remember and keep my memories.
24. I want to be creative and draw something every day.
25. Everyday I want to write something, read something , doodle draw something.
26. Everyday I want to walk somewhere or run.
27. Everyday I want to laugh.
28. Everyday I want to kiss and hug my kids and tell them how proud I am how beautiful they are and how much I love them.
29. Everyday I want to kiss my partner Jason tell him Inlove Jina en how proud I am of him how good a father he is.
30. Everyday I want to love myself and let myself know how special it is to be alive now in the pres t to have so much.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Spring 2015 is very close

Today Saturday it was a perfect spring day in Patagonia. The mornings are still cold and the ground icy. But the birds are very chirpy and the sun begins to warm the earth.
I made a grapefruit, beetroot and ginger juice to start my day. I also made my kids fresh fruit juice. Joaquin will only have orange juice and dislikes fruits but Zalia is the princess of fruit and always loves to munch on fruit during the day. I make Z always some fresh apple juice and in autumn when our trees are full of apples I love using the apples straight from the trees.
But kids are they really that complicated? Yes and they are so friggen different.

I also made some vegemite muffins for Joaquin that I had in the freezer. I had one and topped it with avocado, cherry tomato, australian pink salt from Lake Eyre and some balsamic vinegar. So much colour. Of course I instagram everything. We are very strange we humans.
We can't buy muffins here in Esquel but Jason made a big batch before he left to go back to OZ and i have had them in the freezer. They are so yummy.

I miss Jason it is so hard without him. Thats why i decided to write again so I can remember these days, as days where I was looking after my kids solo, working and writing papers and trying to get by in a somewhat isolated place. Thankfully I have my parents but they are so busy too now and my mother has been sick with the flu.

Thankfully, the days are busy and go quickly. They are starting to get longer and warmer so It will be easier somewhat without Jason but the kids need their dad and I need him too.
I have a lady that comes once a week to clean and help me with the floors and bathroom. She did not come today so I cleaned the house and changed sheets and did the washing. While the kids played (J on the computer looking at stampy videos, and Z on the phone looking at My little pony videos or playing games), I watched a movie practically from start to finish "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon. It made me cry and really makes you realise life is about love, family and trying to make this a better place for everyone and every living thing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fresh spring snow

As everyone keeps reminding me, Spring is nearly here. we celebrate spring on the 21st of September. But guess what we woke up to a large dusting of snow. We had a lot of snow in the garden and all over the mountains.
The kids still went to school and the snow seems to melt faster in town compared to where we live on the base of the foot hills out of town.
The kids still are in awe of snow even though they see a lot of it compared to city kids. Snow is magical, it is white, it is pure and it does somehow mean rebirth or something new. It reminds us the power of nature and magical life really is.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spring Skiing with the kids

Today we went up to La Hoya to go for a ski.
I arranged it with a friend who has a little boy Franco who is Joaquin's best friend.
She agreed to pick us up at 12.30 and brought some sandwiches de miga. We waited outside for her all ready to go. In the background the mighty Andes are covered in Snow. That is chile to the west.
We saw a guanaco in the car park. Joaquin mentioned how good it climbs.
We hired our skis and then went up the chair lift. I am always a little nervous going up with the kids, and this time it was just me and the kids.
We hung out in the beginners section and Zalia went up the rope lift and finally was able to navigate it herself. I am very proud. She is a good skier.
We then were very hot and tired and went to the cafe to get some drinks and hot chips and chocolate.
By the time we finished it was nearly 5 and wind had started. Joaquin wanted to ski down but i could not ski down with Zalia so I asked a lady I thought i recognised to take Joaquin down. She agreed in the end, she told Joaquin she knew who I was. As she is the lady that makes Zalias cakes Hello Kitty (for her 3rd birthday) and Frozen (for her 5th birthday). 
Esquel is a small town and we kinda all know each other.
We had a perfect day on the snow.
I over heard some people from Buenos Aires talk about Jewish new year and I spoke to them. They were here with their three kids and they really liked the ski resort. It is great for kids and family.
We really are very lucky to live only 12 km from this amazing place. Where there is a lot of snow, it is not expensive as some places and  it is very kid friendly.

At home we had afternoon tea with Franco and his mum. After they left I then decided to do something for new year and i made potato and spinach fritters Latke (spinach and potato pancakes). I grated 8 large potato and added frozen spinach. It was really yum and my mum helped me fry them in a lot of olive oil.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Today la trochita

Today we decided to have a small family adventure and catch the small narrow gauge train La Trochita which turns 70 on Monday.
The train left at 10 am we bought four tickets at 70 pesos each and sat back and enjoyed the view.
The morning was very cold but sunny.
I bought the kids some hot chocolate and toasted sandwich (tostado) on the food wagon. It was just one lady making things the old fashioned way with a stove and sandwich toaster on the gas and mugs hung up on the wall. Not at all like the food wagon when you catch the xpt from Sydney to Scone.
Food carriage and Joaquin waiting for his hot chocolate
Asado Patagonian lamb to celebrate 70 years at Nahuel Pan.
The "Salamandra" each train wagon has a small fire heater to heat up the carriages. When the train used to travel very long distances people would use these to cook up their lunch or dinner. Another fun fact is that the train would travel slowly to give people enough time to get of the train in the early morning and run beside the carriages and pick up wood to keep the stoves going all day.
Horses and snow capped Nahuel Pan
View showing the town of Esquel

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A few things Autumn 2015

Starting to get cold in Patagonia.
Jason has been making greek style yoghurt using a sieve made of material to remove the liquid and what is left from 1000mls of low fat milk is about 500ml of thick yummy yoghurt.
We eat it with frozen raspberries I froze when Jason was in Australia.

Zalia did not go to school this afternoon, she was tired as she stayed up with me late till 11.30pm.
She is asleep now while Jason watches Breaking Bad again and I am meant to do so much work.
Re send a paper to another Journal. 
Need to reformat it and send it now.

Zalia is now 5. She draws a lot, is going to swimming classes twice a week. Eats well mostly everything we feed her, she loves broccoli, avocado, meat, chicken, chocolate milk, biscuits, pasta, cheese, saldas, peas, noodles, vegemite toast, grapes, apples, sushi, home made pies, soup.

Here is Zalia trying to watch Netflix.
Here is Zalia dressed up as a clown with a red nose for preschool.
Here is a drawing of Adventure time cartoon Zalia drew the other day.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bush walking in Chile Parque Nacional Puyehue

Our last day in Chile we went bush walking up a mountain to see a look out in the Parque Nacional Puyehue where we were staying at Termas Agua calientes.
In the morning we got up early and packed up, we also made some lunch with whatever we had left over. So we walked over the the road to track to the look out. We brought lunch with us and it was great just being out in nature.We all did a lot of climbing and it was good to see my dad walk so much and walk up a large mountain.
There is so much native bamboo, old large trees coihues and i even saw rodent droppings and a chucao bird.
The main trees in the park are coigües and the as well as tepa, mañío.

After lunch we went for one last dip in the pool than got in our car and drove to Bariloche.
After leaving Chile and entering Argentina we stopped in Villa to get things for breakfast and arrived at 6pm to Bariloche. We stayed in a cabin in Dina Huapi as we made friends with the owners while we were in Chile as they stayed in the cabin next to us. Seba made friends with them and he drove in the car back with them to Bariloche.
The kids loved the cabin and got to watch cartoon connection and we all went for a swim the next morning early before Seba left to catch a plane back to Cordoba.

We then drove back to Esquel across the estepa and arrived very tired but it was  great few days to get away.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini break to chile part 2

Saturday 14th March 2014
We also hit the local little park at the thermal bath resort.
It seems (I was told by my parents) that these exercise parks are everywhere in Chile to encourage people to do exercise and be out and about.
The kids had fun and we all did.
Thankfully we had just had breakfast, bread, jam, yoghurt, juice and coffee and the weather was warming up.

After the park we all went back to the Domo to pack up and get our toggs (cossies, bath suits, swimmers on) to hit the thermal baths.
We moved into a cabin and we had our own private spa bath on the deck with thermal hot water.
The cabin included everything, a fully equipped kitchen for cooking, beds, blankets, thermal water in the showers and bath and the outside tub or with a tinea.

Zalia and I in Tinea on our cabin deck

Outside the park in Chile

We stayed in our cabin Saturday night and had a bbq. We all went for a pre-dinner dip in our hot tub and it was sensational. Seba kept in the thermal tub for a while even when we all had gone to bed.
Next morning we had breakfast and decided to go for a walk before leaving.
We went for a walk to a look out and walked up the hill. It was a long walk and we were all getting tired and hungry. We had packed lunches thankfully and sat down by the walk pathway up on the hill to eat our sandwiches and chocolate.