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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chau esquel te voy a extraniar mucho

I have been very busy, so stressed too. I have a talk to give tomorrow on fossil marsupials, I have to pack my bags and we are leaving Esquel Saturday. My dad is staying and my mum is coming with us. I will miss my dad so much and I will miss Esquel. The days have been lovely, today it was icy all morning and ice everywhere on the grass on the fences on the roof, but the day turned beautiful and the sky was so blue.
I went to listen to some talks as part of the conference, I had lunch at home and then back to the talks. Joaquin went to preschool, his friends said they will miss him so much. Nico, Jeronimo, Giovanni, Sophia, Maika, Maia, Francisco.
Tomorrow is animal day and the kids have to come dressed as their favourite animals. My mum took Joaquin and Zalia to pick a costume, he chose a green frog and it was 30 pesos. He also played at Dante's in the afternoon while Zalia slept.
My talks finished at 6pm and my parents picked me up with the car with Joaquin and Z in the back. It was so cute to see them sitting there patiently. In the end we went to pick up medical supplies for my mum, we went to see Elena who is in the nursing home, she looks good and I miss her. She was happy to see my mum and said she was pretty which made my mum's day. She loves to play with the cat there and looks very good for her age. It is sad to see so many old people there (not too many about 6) sitting around, but it is warm and safe and better than being at hospital.
Then we went to the bread shop bought some bread then the supermarket Anonima and I bought a cake to take tomorrow so Joaquin can take it for his friends. Also bought a kinder surprise as I give them to Joaquin went he goes to the toilet. It has been hard but today he supprised me and just went easily by himself. He also is sleeping through the night and doing well. He has a pull up nappy but it is dry.
I will miss Esquel and the people and the mountains. i will miss Bondi the dog, my parents home, this little cabin, the trees with the golden leaves, hearing the rain, seeing the snow on the mountain, having lunch with my parents and my kids, sitting around watching the fire. I will miss my dad so much, even though I fight with him as daughters too, I think I have learnt a lot this time in Argentina. That I can do it, that I should not be lazy and take the reins of my life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zalia is one in Australia

Me 40 weeks pregnant (a year ago)

Zalia is officially one years of Age in Australia, What a little munchnut, what a little miracle what a gorgeous little girl. I love her so much. I can not believe this time last year I had already had her, I was probably having a blood transfusion (5 units of blood) as when she came out fast and furious my placenta got stuck and did not want to get out. While this was happening I was bleeding and my heart beat was very very fast and I was weak even though I just craved Greek baklava cake from the Spot Greek Cafe. I did not get to have her in my arms to many many hours later after she was born at 10.25am. She is a little Taurus baby born in the year of the Tiger was going to be a little Aries should have been born on the 9th of April but was very overdue and on the 20th when I went to the hospital for a check up I was 5 cm dilate and she was going to come any day. So they asked me to stay overnight and in the morning I woke up, went for a little walk down the corridor, made a cup of tea. Spoke to a man who was in the tea room with the mornings paper. He talked to me about the pay increase doctors or nursing staff were going to get and wondered where this money came from. I read all the posters on the walls, saw other mums who were ready to pop and also saw a dad with a newborn in the corridor. Then i quietly walked down the corridor to our room, Jas was still asleep and I told him I thought the contractions were coming. I wanted to put the topometer on as I heard the baby heartbeats and felt when I was going to contract. Then they started at around 9am. I was able to walk but not read magazines as I had been doing. The pain made me stop in my tracks and they were intense but not that intense. Then the midwife came in, I told her I thought I was officially in labour and then after 9.30am I went to the toilet and my waters broke. That freaked me out a bit as I knew there was no turning back and about 20 more min of contractions (harder and more painful) and I told the midwife I needed to lay down, that I did not think I could go on that the baby needed to come out soon. Well I laid down on the bed, they told me to start pushing amazingly I did and things began to happen. I pushed a while then they noticed a head, I had to have an epistemology due to the tear from Joaquin's birth and then I pushed 2 more times and the baby was born. We did not know the sex and were very surprised it was a little girl. Then after that she was bathed and cleaned and I was rushed away for an epidural to get the placenta out (it did not come out after an hour).

We stayed in hospital a few days. more than we wanted but it was all worth it. She was breastfed and It was a bit difficult ( not as much as with Joaquin) as well but all worth it. One year later she still likes to be breastfed and wakes up twice a night for a feed. I am very exhausted. I love her to bits. We love our little Zalia Ines. La princessa de nuestro corazon. It is still the 20th here. So my little one is still 11 months old, she will soon be 1. We are having a birthday party for her on Saturday and I have been planning it. Feliz cumple mi amorcito!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zalia is nearly 1

I am very tired and it is 10.21pm and should go to bed. I went swimming today and swam 1.5km which is pretty good since I started swimming last month I had not swam for about 3 years.
Anyway while I swim Joaquin has swimming classes. He is a bit scared and does not jump in the water and plays a lot getting used to the water. I just swim, other mums watch their kids while I swim, am I a bad mum? Also got my eyebrows waxed today which was a good feeling, and half leg, it hurt a lot the wax was hot and she really scrubbed my legs and exfoliated before I had them waxed.

Also went to the doctors this morning for Zalia, she has a bit of a cold so I have been worried and since my dad had bronchitis on the weekend we were worried. Poor dad. But he is getting better. Zalia also has just a small cold. She cries bloody murder though when she is being checked out by the doctor, when she has to get her clothes taken off or when she is weighed. She weighed 8.65kg and 73cm so she is 50% but I still think she is a bit longer and was not stretched as much. Anyway she used to eat well but now is fussy and wants to feed herself and put the spoon or fork in her mouth. Anyway my little girl is turning 1 in a few days. I will miss her being a little baby and welcome her with all my heart to toddlehood. She is a little munchkin and knows what she wants. She is sweet and loves her dolls and loves her brother to bit and laughs a lot. She hates getting any clothes on or off, hates going to the doctors, hates going to sleep by herself, hates being left alone on the floor for too long. A bit of a mummy's girl but quite friendly and sociable too. Very quick to look at things, very quick to do things. I can not believe it is almost a year since I went into hospital for a midwives appointment, ended up being 5cm dilated and told to stay the night and had her the next morning very easily but lost a lot of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. I had a great pregnancy with her, just went for too long, and got very emotional and erratic at the end, and could not sleep and always had bad thoughts. Anyway I am so glad that she came to us and is here with us. I love her to bit. Te quiero mi amorcito Zalia Ines.
I also love my little boy, he is better this week, not so mischievous, listens a bit more, learned to write his name, learned his aeiou, speaking Spanish quite well. Even at his preschool his teacher Lily told me that (as he is in a class with all children that are 5 year olds when he is only 3 going on 4) that he is very bright and intelligent and is very good at doing the tasks set out for the 5 year old kids. Just that his attention span is not as long as the other kids. He is also still emotionally young and gets upset and cries a bit. He is a good little boy, loves animals and nature and very sweet.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joaquin can write his name

Went for a walk today near the arroyo, the sky was so blue but it was very cold.

Joaquin is 3 and 8 months and has started writing his name. He holds the pen really well, concentrates and copies very well. I am very proud. This is a small note he wrote to his daddy!

Thursday morning walk

Went for a little walk (40min) with Zalia in the Ergo after dropping off Joaquin at preschool. Today is a special sports day and we had to bring a plate of something to eat. I brought some sandwiches de miga (jamon y queso) little sandwiches without crust with ham and cheese. Joaquin was quite happy to join in the fun and is friends with a little boy called Nico.
I also bought 3 sandwiches de miga (pan negro-brown bread) for us for breakfast. We toasted them (mum, dad and I) and had them with a lovely cup of coffee and milk. Zalia ate nearly half a sandwich and she has been very active today wanting to stand and walk. She is very cute. She fell asleep during the walk, there was a lot of wind and there is snow on the mountains from the previous nights rain but we were both very rugged up.

The mountains(with snow)The Arroyo Esquel (Esquel Creek)
Nueva Pasarella
Zalia and I
Where I walked
The statue to commemorate a missing 24 year old Soilder
Eduardo Alberto Colella disappeared 12-12-1976 (was tortured and killed by the military while he was based in Esquel, aged 24)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Around the house Esquel Saturday

zalia face april 2011 3zalia 9th april 2011 3zalia 9th april 2011 2zalia in the kitchen 9th april 2011
window april 2011 mums kettle april 2011 3
veges from garden 9th april 2011 sinkveges  april 2011 4POTATOpotatos from garden april 2011 3TURNIP WITH SPINACH veges from garden april 2011 3
DAD CUTTING BRANCH OF THE WEEPING WILLOWdad-gardendad-garden-april-9-2011
joaquin-by-windowJOAQUIN RUNNING april 2011 4WHEELBARROW JOAQUIN 9 april 2011 ABUELO AND JOAQUIN WHEELBARROW 9 april 2011 WHEELBARROW LOS DOS C 9 april 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A touch of pink

Inspiration bedrooms.
I think when we get back to Sydney the two kiddies will be sleeping in the same room.
I would love Z to have her own room and I love the pink touches in these rooms.

Photos by Peppermintbliss

Diego and Laura Garcia by Vouge

I also love the way these rooms have been designed with twin beds for two kids.

Twin room by Lisa Maher
This is Eli and Mile's room they are twins.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Asado en Abril

We decided to have a small asado today. We had some 100% beef chorizos home made from the butcher in town and some asado. The chorizos were very good, not so fatty at all. We had my mum's home made bread rolls and some tomatos. It was all very yummy. Joaquin loves his chori pan and Zalia loves her meat.
abuelo asado
abuelo asado 2 abril 2011
bondi the dog
Joaquin jardin 2 april 2011
Joaquin smiling april 2011
ZALIA ON BENCH 2 april 2011 c
playing on the deck c
las dos april 2011 b