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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chau esquel te voy a extraniar mucho

I have been very busy, so stressed too. I have a talk to give tomorrow on fossil marsupials, I have to pack my bags and we are leaving Esquel Saturday. My dad is staying and my mum is coming with us. I will miss my dad so much and I will miss Esquel. The days have been lovely, today it was icy all morning and ice everywhere on the grass on the fences on the roof, but the day turned beautiful and the sky was so blue.
I went to listen to some talks as part of the conference, I had lunch at home and then back to the talks. Joaquin went to preschool, his friends said they will miss him so much. Nico, Jeronimo, Giovanni, Sophia, Maika, Maia, Francisco.
Tomorrow is animal day and the kids have to come dressed as their favourite animals. My mum took Joaquin and Zalia to pick a costume, he chose a green frog and it was 30 pesos. He also played at Dante's in the afternoon while Zalia slept.
My talks finished at 6pm and my parents picked me up with the car with Joaquin and Z in the back. It was so cute to see them sitting there patiently. In the end we went to pick up medical supplies for my mum, we went to see Elena who is in the nursing home, she looks good and I miss her. She was happy to see my mum and said she was pretty which made my mum's day. She loves to play with the cat there and looks very good for her age. It is sad to see so many old people there (not too many about 6) sitting around, but it is warm and safe and better than being at hospital.
Then we went to the bread shop bought some bread then the supermarket Anonima and I bought a cake to take tomorrow so Joaquin can take it for his friends. Also bought a kinder surprise as I give them to Joaquin went he goes to the toilet. It has been hard but today he supprised me and just went easily by himself. He also is sleeping through the night and doing well. He has a pull up nappy but it is dry.
I will miss Esquel and the people and the mountains. i will miss Bondi the dog, my parents home, this little cabin, the trees with the golden leaves, hearing the rain, seeing the snow on the mountain, having lunch with my parents and my kids, sitting around watching the fire. I will miss my dad so much, even though I fight with him as daughters too, I think I have learnt a lot this time in Argentina. That I can do it, that I should not be lazy and take the reins of my life.

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