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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lunes 28 ñoquis

Its a custom to have ñoquis on the 29th of each month. But February only has 28 days so we had it on the 28th. Dad bought a few trays of spinach ñoquis, mum made a chicken tomato sauce and we had it with salad and fresh bread. Yummo.
la mesa
noquis with salad
Lunch on the 28th noquis

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domingo facturas

We woke up late Sunday morning as last night we (my brother Seb, Jas and I) went out to town. We had pizza and birra for dinner at the Bodegon. We arrived at 11pm (yes Argentinians eat dinner very late) and had half a muzza and half a onion pizza and 2 bottles of Stella (made in Argentina by Quilmes). It was relaxing, the kids were asleep at my mum and dads place. We did not stay for the Papo tribute show by Luis Robinson which was starting at 12 midnight. There were lots of families with little kids still running around the pizzeria at midnight when we left. That is the life here in Argentina, kids stay up past midnight enjoying a night out with their parents, then probably fall asleep while their parents stay up late having a night out. Very different culture to Australia.
facturas domingo
joaquin facturasfruit salad for zalia

Friday, February 25, 2011

Breakfast in Patagonia

Photos of breakfast in Patagonia, Both Z and J eat vegemite and I love the home made jam my mum made, it is cherry from her cherry tree but the bottle is reused and says Calafate (a patagonian berry)
Today was a gorgeous day, started the day though with a bit of a headache and very tired. Had a morning sleep, a good talk with J and we sorted some things out which made me feel good.
Then we did some painting, we sandpapered and washed and painted some oregon-pine wooden slabs that my dad is using to make the roof of our patio. It was quite rewarding doing the work. I know I know I should have worked on the paper, but my dad and brother and mum work so hard on this house that we had to help.

Morning time

I love the morning here in Patagonia, the sun is bright and soft and so warm. The sky is blue and I just love having breakfast with my family. After breakfast the kids play, Zalia with her doll and the trains and Joaquin takes out all his trains and builds wonderful tracks. He also loves running around. There is so much grass and space here.
zalia trens
zalia sitting
zalia cara
close up zalia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My parents garden

My mum walking in her garden, she is such a green thumb, and loves to do things in the garden, growing her own veges. When my parents moved here 8 years ago, everything was dusty and no there was no grass, now it is lush, there is a green house with veges, fruit trees, so many more trees, and 2 new cabins built from existing structures. I don't think I will ever have the energy to do so much!

Veges from my mum's garden and a tossed salad. Also fried the spinach gently with some olive oil, it was really good. so fresh, nothing beats fresh vegetables grown by oneself or one's mum (in my case).

Flowers in my mum's garden

Happy Birthday Esquel 105 years old

On Thursday night we went to Esquel's birthday bash. It was great. We took chairs and listened to live music by the old Patagonian express "La Trochita" station.
There were hundreds of people there,sitting, listening to music, singing, children and families of all ages, probably all of Esquel. Z and J loved the music and lights. Zalia was in the ergo all night and Joaquin had a choripan (chorizo and bread roll) and then went to sleep at around 11. Teresa Parodi sang and played the guitar, she was great, wonderful so charismatic so much talent, She sang Mercedes Sosa's songs and we all loved "Todo Cambia".

Un nuevo aniversario de Esquel reunirá a la comunidad en dos noches de espectáculo en el predio del Viejo Expreso Patagónico La Trochita. Teresa Parodi y Jorge Rojas en la Noche de Vigilia el 24 de Febrero brindarán el marco para recibir el día del 105 Aniversario de Esquel.

Los dos artistas del folclore nacional brindarán lo mejor de su repertorio para disfrutar en familia la primera noche de festejo en la espera de los juegos de artificio que en la medianoche anunciarán un nuevo cumpleaños de la ciudad más importante de la cordillera chubutense.

Con la organización de la Municipalidad de Esquel y la Presidencia de la Nación más el apoyo de firmas comerciales de la ciudad, este año se realizarán dos noches de fiesta, con el objetivo de sumar la noche del 25 de Febrero como una noche de rock, con la presencia de los marplatenses de Super Ratones, Los Tipitos y Kapanga.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday it rained

I want to write about our stay here in Patagonia every day. That is my goal.
Today we woke up late, nearly 9am. I did not sleep much last night, still jet lagged thinking about the tragedy in Christchurch NZ, the earthquake, worrying that it may happen here since we are so close to the Andes and border with Chile.
Anyway I was able to sleep in a bit in the morning which was lush, Joaquin came into our bed and slept with us and Zalia stayed in her cot, not making any noise in the room they are sharing.
I love the mornings here, waking up, getting ready for breakfast. This morning it was grey and raining. But very cozy in this little house, so warm, so nice.
After breakfast Zalia played with her doll and Joaquin's trains and then some boys came over from across the street. There is Dante (the blond) who is 5 and Elias who is 7.

I did some work with my paper, Jas played with the kids. Zalia had a sleep at 12 before lunch. Seb worked on his paper, dad went to buy milanezas de pollo premade, mum made lunch, Seb and I picked fresh ruccula, lettuce and onions from mums green house and I made a salad from the yummy greens (should have taken photo.
we had a lovely lunch, Zalia ate it all (with pasta, and some peas, and carrot salad).
Then after lunch Zalia had a sleep at 3. Jas played with Joaquin trains, and I had a little sleep and also did some work. Then dad made some yummy healthy bread sticks and we had it with dulce de leche. We drank this with mate that mum made us. It was lovely, raining out and so cozy in. After this the kids had baths, we made their dinner and they were in bed a bit late, at 9.30. Then J and I had dinner and some cammomile tea and I am finishing the day writing a bit on my paper and writing the blog.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It is Tuesday. The day started semi clouded and turned out to be nice. The days are hot and summery with blue skies, the nights cool and with stars galore. Joaquin and Zalia are doing well, not jet lagged now. They wake up between 8am and 8.30am and we have breakfast (cornflakes and milk) and then play a bit and talk to my parents who bring the coffee for us (they make it in their house). I think my parents and brother are so happy we are here.
Zalia usually has a sleep at 10.30am for about and hour and Joaquin plays with Jason or my parents. There were two little boys from across the road who came to play trains with Joaquin but then the older boys big sister who looks after them came to pick them up before Joaquin could play. He was disappointed. I worked a bit today on a paper and sent some email. Jason spends the whole day looking after Z and J, he is such a good dad and I will miss him when he goes back, so much.
My parents made lunch, beef vindaloo and Joaquin loves it so much, but we made his less spicy, he had nearly two bowls and Z loves her food too. She eats everything I give her.
Then Z has another sleep around 2.30pm till 4.30 and then we went for a little walk and my mum took Joaquin to the park across the little stream. The garden is beautiful and lush here, my mum really looks after it and this house my dad built out of an old shed is so great and cozy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Patagonia

Zalia is 10 months old today and she started crawling across the tiles in my parents home here in Esquel. Yipee, a relief as I though she may never crawl and just scoot around on her backside (like I did) until she is 17 months old, (Like I did). She is growing so much and just loves her doll. She actually crawled after her doll, thats what made her crawl. I lover her to bits, and my son too. I am so happy to be here with my parents. They always go out of their way for me and make me feel so much at home and sometimes like a little girl again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Going to Patagonia

We are going to Argentina, to visit my parents in Patagonia in less than 2 weeks.
This is the town we will be staying at.

I am really not organised, just buying last minute things.
Such as non-disposable all in one nappies, a warm sleeping bag for Zalia (as it will be cold there and we are planning to go camping in the National Park where there are Glaciars and cold lakes), warm jacket for Zalia, and some cardigans for her bought for 50% from the Nest Child store in Clovelly.

Just read the blog spot by Jordon from Oh Happy Day on Traveling with small children on big airplanes. She just moved her whole family (two small boys) across the pond from San Francisco to Paris. How exciting how romantic. They will live there for a year, what an adventure. There are some very good travel tips. I love the tip on bringing small new toys and books for the trip, wrapped in colorful crepe paper so it takes time to unwrap each toy in addition to how long their attention lasts playing with each toy. I have to get organised for the trip and do something like this.

Also Joaquin loves the ipad and we already have movies and shows on there for him and he can use youtube to find videos (from Thomas train to Dinosaur train) better than I can use it.

I would love to buy some lovely clogs before I go from Funkis in Sydney.
Still need to buy some bags for us to travel. This bag looks cute for Joaquin.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

lovely Sydney Blog

I have just come across the Lovely Blog Table Tonic, so inspiring, so much information and design and set in Sydney written by lovely Louise. She has just moved to a gorgeous house in the Northern Beaches and is renovating and updating it so it has a gorgeous beach feel. She has two little children a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. They have beautiful bedrooms and she just added photos for her son's new room. Lovely!
Here are shots of his room in the different houses.

His room even appeared in the Shop till you drop for kids magazine.

Also she updates her blog regularly and has dozens of new blog inspirations. She has her own online shop that sells fabulous cushions, Moroccan pouffes and Mexican handmade bedspreads. I would love a Moroccan pouffes and Mexican bedspread!