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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Organic hair care and skin products (part 1)

Apart from trying to eat healthy and eating organic fruit and veges, I have also started to eliminate chemicals from our life and home and started using products with organic ingredients and less chemicals. I am trying to buy things also made in Australian without being tested on animals, without sodium laurel sulphate or petrochemicals
These are the things we use:

1) Ecostore Body lotion This is quite lovely and Jas bought it home for me from Woolies (they were giving it away as a promotion) and I do like it. It is not greasy and smells fresh with a touch of lemon. I just love lathering it on and it is not greasy, leaves my hands and legs feeling soft and smelling nice. 
These are the ingredients:
   Aqua (Water)
   Simmondsia Chinensis Oil (Jojoba Oil)
   Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil)
   Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate (Olive Oil Surfactants)
   Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
   Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
   Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (Preservative)
   Cetearyl Alcohol (Plant-based Surfactant)
   Xanthan Gum
   Parfum (Essential Oil Fragrance)
   *Components of natural essential oils

Ecostore are a “are a leading New Zealand manufacturer wholesale distributor and
retailer of sustainable household and body care products. We promote the use of safer 
healthier plant and mineral based products with no unnecessary chemicals.” They sell 
many other products such as laundry liquids and body products.

2) I have also been using Sukin organic products for many years. At the moment I am using a shampoo and body wash. 
Sukin are Australian, they do not test on animals or use sodium laurel sulphate or petrochemicals. They are  "an environmentally conscious, natural personal care company from Australia. We offer over 50 products carefully crafted using ingredients that are the best nature has to offer.
Our aim is to offer luxurious, natural products that are not only effective but are affordable allowing even the budget conscious consumer the opportunity to purchase high quality, natural skin, hair and body care.
Sukin is dedicated to offering the ultimate in natural personal care, free from the myriad of harsh chemicals used in many products on the market today. Sukin products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate,  synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, petro-chemicals, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA, PABA or parabens.
Instead the growing Sukin range offers formulas containing active botanicals and essential oils carefully selected to restore the natural vitality and radiance of the skin."
I use Sukin purifying shampoo and it smells very fresh and full of citrus tones. I do not use the conditioner as I still have a large bottle of non-organic conditioner so I am trying to finish that and then find a conditioner. 
I also use Sukin Botanical body wash. It also smells very fresh, like mandarin and has a very easy to use pump to make it more efficient in the shower.
 It is a "sulphate free cleanser, enriched with aromatic botanicals to revive your senses in the morning or stimulate and refresh a tired body. And also has won "Winner Best Selling Cleanser Award at Watson’s Health and Beauty Awards, Singapore 2008 & 2010".
Sukin also have a new kids range but I have not found them yet in the stores.

3) For my hair I use Mop Shampoo. I just bought the Lemongrass volume shampoo. It has not much of a smell and I bought it from a shop in Randwick that stocked all hair products. It was cheaper by a few dollars than buying it online. But I really wanted to smell it before I bought. I have read about MOP products elsewhere. They are not 100% organic so I will have to see after using it more often what my hair feels like.
Mop is a “modern organic products was created to provide hair stylists and their entire range of clientele with the best possible line of natural hair and skin products made with organic ingredients where possible. MOP was designed to provide a simple solution for maintaining healthy hair and skin for every member of the family.”

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A new hair cut

Today I had my hair done at the hairdressers. They have a creche so there is a lovely lady that looks after the children while their mothers get pampered and get their hair cut. I think I like how it looks. The colour is nice and it feels healthier.
Anyway it has been a long week.
This weekend (well tomorrow) I have to pack and we are going to the Upper Hunter to spend time with Jason's family and the cousins. Hope the weather is nice, but nevertheless I have to pack and take into account rain, or sun or cold. You never know.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Messy play and fun

Joaquin and his friend with playdoh

Zalia painting

making play doh with the owner of the shop
Today I took the kids to the Messy Spot so they could paint and draw and make a mess to their heart's content. It is a little bit expensive but there are crafts to do and play doh to make and painting to do. Zalia also painted on the wall. She was very good.
It was a grey miserable day so it was nice to get out and stay busy. I caught the bus to Maroubra and I talked to a lovely man on the bus who told me about his two boys who are twins and autistic who will be starting school next year. They are both 5.
Joaquin had fun at the Messy spot playing with his friend and making play doh. He made an echidna out of yellow play doh.  Zalia loves to hold the paintbrush and has a lot of concentration for an 18 month old. I also took some videos and met a lady from Chile  and her 8 year old daughter who I recognised as being someone i bought things from ebay. The world is so small.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

First beach day in Spring

The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we decided to head to the beach. I made a lovely breakfast for everyone first thing in the morning, scrambled eggs for us and dippy eggs for Joaquin. Zalia just grazed on toast and wheet-bix. Then after breakfast I decided to bite the bullet and clean the floors and house. I did some washing and we got ready to walk down to the beach. We walked down to Coogee and arrived after 11am. Zalia fell asleep on the way down. I waited with the pram on the promenade and there were other people doing the same thing, having lunch, drying off. I waited while Zalia slept and Jas and Joaquin went for a splash in the ocean. Jas said the water was gorgeous, it was about 17 degrees, no stingers and very clean.
I took some photos of Zalia after she woke up. Then we went to have lunch, subway sandwiches, and we sat down on the grass by the beach to have our lunch. Then we stopped by the shops to buy some items for dinner. Jas said he was going to make some fresh pasta. We walked home up hill and stopped at the petrol station to fill the pram's tyres. Joaquin fell asleep on the way home. Jas made fresh pasta, he made a lovely tomato sauce with some fresh organic tomatoes and a can of organic tomatoes (whole), he ironed his shirts while I had a little sleep on the bed with Zalia and she opened my bag and got all my cosmetics outs. At 5.00 we all got ready to go to Queens park for a run, I also made some banana smoothies with organic bananas and strawberries before the run.
 I ran 5km in 32 min and Jas ran 5km in 25 min. We ran from queens park to Centennial and once around Centennial. Once home we really enjoyed Jas's home made pasta and sauce and pesto. So delish.

Zalia and Jas at Coogee park

At Queens Park playground

Friday, October 21, 2011

Telar: Traditional Argentinian weaving

This is a bag my mum made for me in 2007 using traditional Argentinian, it is called telar in spanish and is a traditional weaving from the mapuche people of southern Chile and Argentina. It is made from wool spun by hand and dyed by hand.
My mother is doing another course in telar and practically taught herself. I miss her very much.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy busy wednesday

It started in bed, playing and taking photos and Zalia thankfully feeling better. She is on antibiotics as the Dr. (the one I go to when there is no other on Sunday down at Coogee) gave her antibiotics, said her ears were red, she had a croupy cough and high temperature.  She really fights the dr looking in her ears. Then it is a big fight to take in any medicine at all, panadol and antibiotics. Thankfully four days into taking antibiotics her fever has come down to no fever at all and she actually opens her mouth and swallows the antibiotics when I syringe it in. Good girl.

After the photo session, it was breakfast, then cleaning up for me, a play date when Joaquin's friends till 10.15am. Zalia slept a little in her cot from 9.50-10.30.

Then I made lunch, cleaned some more, administered medicine, then got ready and took the pram and the two kids for a walk. Walked down to beach, went to visit another friend of Joaquin's and had a playmate. Joaquin got upset at his friend's place as another friend was visiting and Joaquin's friend was telling him that Joaquin was not his best friend anymore. Joaquin is sensitive and this upsets him. He is also very bright. He told me what streets I needed to take to get to his friend's place as I forgot which street we had taken when we walked a new way last time. He knew. So there was lunch eating, play doe playing, crying, block building, block demolishing, Zalia ate something, some apple, some sandwich, and still breastfed a lot, nappy changing.

Then at 1.30 we left as his friend and the other little girl went to a swim class. Joaquin felt left out. He was sad. We walked down to beach, I had a coffee, take away which was my saviour. Then walked to the shops in the middle of the beach and got some take away banana smoothies ( Joaquin loves it when they write a B for banana on his smoothie cup). Then I bought Joaquin some havianna thongs with sharks on them, Zalia upset in the pram and spilt her smoothie in the shop, I cleaned it up, was a bit frazzled. Then walked back to the park. Joaquin played with a little boy he met, Zalia went on the swing, she loved it, then fell asleep breastfeeding and I put her in her pram, she slept for about an hour and a half. Joaquin's other friend from the morning came to the park to play, Zalia's two little friends from the mums group came to the park to play but Zalia still asleep in the pram. Finally she woke, she was happy. So i stayed in the park till about 4.50pm.

Then took bus home. On the way home i bought some baked cheese cake and chocolate biscuits and two mini croissants for Joaquin and Zalia at a beautiful new artisan cafe opened around the corner. The cake was for J and I after dinner.
Then at home, I got ready to go running. Jas arrived at 5.30pm, we did not get out the door till after 6pm and then back to the beach.

 I ran 33 min and ran 5.17km in that time. I saw whales out to sea, a lot of them, their spurts and Jas stayed playing on the sand at coogee Beach with Joaquin and Zalia. Then it was Jas turn to run, he also saw whales. I walked back to the shops, bought hot chips for dinner and sliced bread. Then walked back to the playground (Had zalia in one hand and the bags in the other and Joaquin walking by my side). Finally got back to the park, met Jas there after his run it was already 7.30pm. Got home made dinner (organic salad, fetta, and organic tomato), steak and some hot chips- for us, pasta peas, carrots, steak, chips for them.

Bath, then dinner. Then bed time (jas put them to bed). I cleaned up. Then rubbish taken out, scraps emptied in compost. Shower and finally RELAX time- Had some chamomile tea, cake and watched a little tv. Jas played with his new iPhone. Then 10.30pm bed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

funkis clogs

I bought these clogs from Funkis online on Thursday for $50 as they are limited stock. Made in Sweden, designed in Australia, Patent and purple with wooden base.
They arrived today and I love them. I think they will be great for summer and quite comfortable too. I love the natural tan ones too and red ones, but they are more expensive so I bought the purple patent ones first to check out the size and comfort before spending the bigger bucks. I have been wanting a pair for years and finally succumbed and bought them in size 38, I am a size 7.5-8 and these fit me well. I know Jas is probably reading this and cringing, but I love shoes. I do not have that many that is foe sure. Just a few boots, one or two going out shoes and sneakers and thongs. I am always getting round in thongs in summer or boots in winter, so i needed something a bit more snazzy to get me going.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making mulberry jam (red and pink)

Yesterday we went outside and picked mulberries from the tree on the footpath. There was another lady picking them too, from Lebanon who had 6 children, whose sister lived in Santa Fe Argentina and whose mother was born in Mexico and father had lived in Cuba. All her children have french names. She picks the mulberries and eats them fresh on yoghurt. Our mulberries came courtesy from the tree planted by our next door neighbours who are Greek. The next door neighbour Basil tells me he picks them, cooks them, then eats them with cold vanilla ice-cream.
So i decided to boil them with water and sugar. I did not have raw sugar so I used brown sugar.
I followed Stephanie Alexander who writes about mulberries but does not give a recipe on how to cook them. Just how to cook berries overall.

photo of Zalia and I. She is still sick with fever. It was 39.6 this morning. She has had panadol and is feeling better but not eating much. Just breastfeeding constantly.

Red apple container I got from ebay.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Updating photos from iPhone onto the cloud

Its really easy to upload photos from iPhone to my mac and then put them on the blog. On Thursday I changed all our mac products  iPhones, iPads, my MacBook Air and Jas MacBook with the new operating machine. The mac book air is the coolest machine in the blogasphere as Jason puts it. He also ordered the coolest new phone in the blogasphere the new iPhone 4S.
Well it is Saturday morning and Zalia has temperature 38.6 degrees C. She does not let us take her temperature (she cries and goes on as if it is the end of the world), she does not allow us to give her panadol so in the end we use the dog method.
The dog method is as follows: holding the baby down and stuffing the panadol down her throat with her putting up a big fight.
However even with her overall grumpiness she is managing to eat, she has had dried nutrigrain for breakfast, a gazillion breast feeds courtesy of moi, and half an orange. I was lucky to get freshly made pancakes for breakfast made with love from JASON and coffee while Za had a little morning siesta.
Zalia eating nutrigrain for breakfast
Pancakes for breakfast

Setting up all the new operating systems

Zalia sick

Oranges for a sick little bub

Yesterday after Uni and my last teaching lab for the year (Yayyy and sad at the same time) I ventured solo into St Vincents de Paul in Randwick and saw 20 something men buying colourful dress up clothes and I remembered those good old days buying second hand clothes for parties. In the end I bought a few goodies:
- blue children's guitar
-blue and white summer top for Zalia
-plastic pokka-dot bracelet for me
-thomas the tank engine egg cup (not shown)
I think I scored!
Guitar from St Vincents

$2 spotty bracelet from St Vinnies

Top for Zalia from St Vinnies