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Sunday, October 16, 2011

funkis clogs

I bought these clogs from Funkis online on Thursday for $50 as they are limited stock. Made in Sweden, designed in Australia, Patent and purple with wooden base.
They arrived today and I love them. I think they will be great for summer and quite comfortable too. I love the natural tan ones too and red ones, but they are more expensive so I bought the purple patent ones first to check out the size and comfort before spending the bigger bucks. I have been wanting a pair for years and finally succumbed and bought them in size 38, I am a size 7.5-8 and these fit me well. I know Jas is probably reading this and cringing, but I love shoes. I do not have that many that is foe sure. Just a few boots, one or two going out shoes and sneakers and thongs. I am always getting round in thongs in summer or boots in winter, so i needed something a bit more snazzy to get me going.

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