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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Russia and Love

I have been busy this week, going into uni , finishing a paper that I want to get done before baby is due. My parents are coming from Argentina soon, yoohoo. My Mother in law is here looking after Joaquin while he still is on holidays from daycare.
Tummy feels big and sore as i sit all day in front of computer or microscope and i think bub gets all squashed up.

Finally found out who this lady and her beautiful family is.
It is Olya Thompson, née Yakovleva who is married to Charles and has four children three girls, and a little boy. Her daughters are Natalia (age three), Anastasia (six), and Marusya (two) and a little new born son. I would love to look so refined and beautiful and clam like Olya does, She comes from pedigree russian blood though.
Here she is with Anastasia

Another beautiful family shot

The family have just appeared in the US January 2010 Vogue and so has their beautiful home in NY.
I love the russian influence and gradeur.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bleak grey day in Sydney

Today is bleak and grey and it has been raining which bring a bit of relief from the heat we have had over the past few days.

I cleaned the bathroom today and i get tired when I finished as i have only 3 months to go till the new baby comes. I hope I am not using too many bad chemicals to clean.
I did buy a spray from methodhome which supposedly is non-toxic to clean showers and tiles. Methodhome has also shampoo for kids, baby products and flushable wipes, which I seem to need now since I am toilet training Joaquin.

Here is a list of common non-toxic materials to use for cleaning.

We went to Ikea on the weekend to get some furniture for our spare room, as my parents are coming from Argentina. Yeahhh! Since we had a sofa bed (handed down from my grandmother) we decided we needed a new more comfortable and economic bed as my parents will only be staying a few months and then we do not know what will happen when the baby is born and if i get the job in Argentina.

The bed is: Aneboda
The wardrobe is: Aneboda
The quilt and pillowcases are: Alvine orter quilt cover
Also bought a matress.
It is practical IKEA with a great design but so tedious putting everything together. We also got a wooden table for outside and four chairs (on sale) which is great as the table is big and sits more than 2 people. So we all sit outside on the balcony and have a beer while enjoying an ocean view.

Anyway sometimes I feel a bit empty writing about consumer things, when there is so many people with nothing, like in Haiti and how horrible it is to have such a poor poor country where drugs are king, and an earthquake occurs. House are built without strong walls or roofs, with whatever is available and innocent people die. It is very unfair. This country is so close to USA yet so so poor. I wonder why.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My little 2 and half year old loves trains. He loves Thomas and loves playing games on my iphone. In fact he thinks every phone is called an iphone!.

I love this bed spread. by Per Magnus Persson

So far have not done much this 2010. Just staying at home, trying to catch up on some projects, spending time with Joaquin, not enjoying being big and pregnant in the heat, at least the beach is only 10 min away.