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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raing very hard in Sydney.
photos of the two weeks pregnant before Zalia came and then photos of Zalia, Joaquin, Jason and I at home!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In bed waiting for a sleep, for a feed by zali

Zalia is 5 weeks. We are all in bed I can't sleep. Using jas' s new iPad so neat. Love my little precious beautiful baby girl. She is so placid, sweet, lovely, delicious. Makes sweet noices while she sleeps next to my bed in her baby Moses with her wrap and soft pink blanket and wool baby blanket knitted by my mum for my son three years ago. He is turning three next week, time flies, I love him so. Much.Jason sneaked him in bed with us, he lies in the middle in his Thomas pajamas and moves so much, he hates going under the blankets. Waiting for. Zalia to wake. Up for a feed, nearly 12. She feeds well, I had problems feeding, had mastitis when she wa nearly 2 weeks, so painful, now so much better. Her birth was easy only 46 min (stage 1 & 2 together) I need to write the birth story before I forget it. After birth was hard and body went through a lot. Mothers are such strong women, men would never have wars if they went through childbirth and had to breastfeed, life is so precious. I am rambling I am tired, I want to be a better mum to both my children and a better daughter, sister and partner. Hope to be that this year,

New mum of 5 blog

This diy bag- tote would make a cute nappy bag

Love to make this lemon cake

Should sleep while baby sleeps but body waiting for her to feed!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

new baby girl

I had a baby! Finally on the 21st April 2010, being 40 weeks and 12 days over due!
Her name is Zalia Ines, she is beautiful, she is 17 days old! She is gorgeous very placid and great milk feeder! I have been stressed lately though, the birth was super quick less than an hour with stage 1 & stage 2 but stage 3 the placenta was stubborn and got stuck! very traumatic in the end.
photos to come!