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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is really raining in Sydney now, but luckily I was able to get out before the rain and walk to beach and have some coffee with friends.
I also got my new laptop, YEAHHHH and had the carpets professionaly cleaned (look so much better) and also had my first hot shower at home since last Friday. Hopefully tonight we will make chicken schnitzel (milaneza de pollo) and tortilla or mash as comfort food while it is cold and wet outside.
Waffle white bed spreads:
by Ish and Chi

by Inredningsbloggen

by Design*sponge sneak peak of the home of Madeley

So beautiful and I managed to source a vintage one on Ebay! Yeah hope I win!

Another inspiration is:
Helena Christensen looks great at 40 and has such beautiful style.
I saw her photo at It followed me home and wanted to find out more about her new shop in New York City selling vintage nick nacks and clothes.The model-turned-photographer calls her store "Butik" - an old-fashioned Danish word for specialty store. Seling there clothes and footwear, accessories and jewelry, candles, soaps, perfumes and chocolate she has personally collected from all over world with her supermodel passport.
Her shop is called Butik

Here is a link to a photo shoot that has Helena in a beautiful home (could be hers?) thanks to Moodboard

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

old books on the internet

I love love love that these old books are available to download.
Old images from a children's book called Kachi-Kachi Mountain ([written between between 1892 and 1896?) found at

Also I love the old children's book called Abroad, so many wonderful drawings of life in the 1800s.
Another beauty is What to draw and how to draw it, written in 1913.

inspired by rooms

Have not poster for a while, or have been that inspired, without a computer. Hopefully my new one is arriving tomorrow. Also have not been able to have showers as our tiles in the bathroom had to be replaced as they were leaking water to the people below, mind you they were 80 years old as Mark the tiler said.
Anyway I love these rooms:
Big wooden table in the dining room from Emma's blog

Lovely boys room, love the wooden pigeon box toy box to house all the trucks, cars and trains.
Photo from Amy Zurcher's home found at Design*sponge

Love also all the flickr finds at Desire to inspire of sewing/office/artspace corners

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day in the country

While in Scone, my little one loves to collect eggs with his cousins and dad.
We also watched the horses frollick around. There is nothing like having fresh eggs straight from the chicken!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

chocolate bilbies

We are visiting family in Scone, in the Hunter Valley.
Soon will be having some easter chocolate, I got some chocolate Bilbys instead of rabbits for the kids. Bilbys are bandicoots and that is what I study. There are only 600 bilbies left in Australia in the wild!

Why would anyone buy an Easter bunny when they could buy an Aussie Easter bilby?
Get your chocolate bilbies from here and the Bilby Appreciation Society

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is how the new "antique card catalogue" looks. It is neat I think. I love how the woven woolen telar blanket looks on it.

This was the beach last week during a stormy day. We are so lucky to live so close.

We went to the beach this afternoon to play in the park, to watch the moon called Moona now by Joaquin even though he knows it is Moon in english and luna in spanish.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Darwin, Dinosaurs, Day dreaming

It is a strange Tuesday morning.
Day light saving started Sunday
We all got an extra hour to sleep and it now gets darker earlier but lighter in the morning.
Have been running a lot.
Feel somewhat tired.
Autumn is here and it is getting colder.
Have been going to the uni, have a new project to finish and an old one to finish.
Spending the day with my son.
Thinking of having a haircut.
Would love to go to Paris like Lena and so many good ideas about What to do in Paris and Tommy's guide to Paris
Would also love to have met Charles Darwin, but the next best thing would be visting England and the Darwin Big Idea Exhibition (that finishes on the 19th of April) at the Natural History Museum in London. Just a thing that a Paleontology girl would love to do. I would also love to visit Darwin's Downe home in Kent

Photos from here and you can virtually explore his study here.

It seens Darwin had a horse hair chair with wheels in which he sat in while writing The Origin of the Species, and he had a cabinet with drawers to put his specimens in. Darwin's original Beetles cabinet stands in his old Collage room, in Christ's College, Cambridge, eastern England. Image of cabinet from here
Charles Darwin's study at Downe House, 1882 (engraving) (b/w photo) from here
Image from here. A poster of Darwin's big ideas can be downloaded for free here

Might just have to visit the Australian Museum in Sydney to show Joaquin the dinosaurs now he is nearly 2 and loves the Saurs.
We got the new card catalogue cabinet and It looks really nice. Just do not know what to put in the drawers yet. It was made circa 1910, I wonder if any scientists in the past used it to house their book cards or information?