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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is really raining in Sydney now, but luckily I was able to get out before the rain and walk to beach and have some coffee with friends.
I also got my new laptop, YEAHHHH and had the carpets professionaly cleaned (look so much better) and also had my first hot shower at home since last Friday. Hopefully tonight we will make chicken schnitzel (milaneza de pollo) and tortilla or mash as comfort food while it is cold and wet outside.
Waffle white bed spreads:
by Ish and Chi

by Inredningsbloggen

by Design*sponge sneak peak of the home of Madeley

So beautiful and I managed to source a vintage one on Ebay! Yeah hope I win!

Another inspiration is:
Helena Christensen looks great at 40 and has such beautiful style.
I saw her photo at It followed me home and wanted to find out more about her new shop in New York City selling vintage nick nacks and clothes.The model-turned-photographer calls her store "Butik" - an old-fashioned Danish word for specialty store. Seling there clothes and footwear, accessories and jewelry, candles, soaps, perfumes and chocolate she has personally collected from all over world with her supermodel passport.
Her shop is called Butik

Here is a link to a photo shoot that has Helena in a beautiful home (could be hers?) thanks to Moodboard

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