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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my birthday

It was my birthday today.
I am half way through my life. Closer to 40 than 30.
We went out to dinner to Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant.
We had to wait for an hour and half but a man with a striped shirt and an air of "I mean business" came up to me as I was walking away trying to decide if we would wait an hour and half to eat there or find somewhere else to eat for my birthday. He came up to me and said "Look you have kids, I will try to bump you up the line so you have only a 15 minute wait. As I have children I know what it is like".

Well I be dammed, that was so nice of him.
Jas was still parking the car next door and when I saw him and told him he was pleased.
We waited. Jas took the kids for a walk down pitt street, we waited and about 40 min later we saw the man again the man with the stripe shirt. He came out told us "Your table is nearly ready, the people are just paying".
In the end we got a table, upstairs. The kids were super hungry by now.

The food was yummy.
Jas had a glass of house wine, I had an aperterif ROSSINI --Vino frizzante with red berry purée
We had two starters (entrees)
-truffle risotto rice so creamy and just right
-prawn linguini with tomato sauce
-bread with olive oil and herbs
-I had a rocket and radichetto with parmesan salad
Jas had the lamb for the main
I had the yummy scrumptious chocolate brownie for desert
Jas had the fruit tart.
There was a good kids menu and the kids shared a spaghetti bolagnase and

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