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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Art Gallery of NSW with Kids- Picasso

We have wanted to go to see Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW for a while now but because some weekends were sunny and we were down at the beach, and others we were busy we just did never get around to go. But Today Saturday the 3rd March 2012 we FINALLY went. It was not so bad and it was a lovely day out with the family.
We actually drove in and parked at the Domain car park for $10. The fun thing about this is walking through the moving walkway which leads you under the domain and all the way out to the other side of the city near Hyde Park.
We walked towards the new Westfield and had lunch at the food court. Yummy laksa soup for Jason and I, fish and chips for the kids. Joaquin loves fish, if he could he would eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We also walked past all the new very expensive luxury brand shops- Mui Mui, Prada etc. They were filled with luxury handbags, clothes, jewellery, bulky but short security guys and attendants fluffing around the merchandise but there were no customers.  We walked through Zara and Zara was full of customers and people buying last minute outfits for the Mardi Gras.

I did not take any photos at the Art Gallery. But the exhibition was great and it was amazing seeing P. Picasso's paintings and learning a bit more about this talented man. The colours, the style, the way he used his paint, the emotion it was all there and I could feel it and live it. There were 22 sculptures in the exhibition, and different rooms representing different periods of his life.
However the art gallery is the art gallery it has not changed, the way we view art has not changed. The exhibition cost $25 per person, children did not pay and we received a black booklet with information on some of his paintings and the periods of his life. The children's booklet had more information than the adult one and more clever interactive things to do with your children and questions to ask about the paintings to your children. I had fun doing this with Joaquin, Zalia unfortunately fell asleep in Jas's arms and then was placed in the pram throughout the whole time we were with Picasso. Each art work had a little label, with the name of the art work and some info on the materials used and date he did it but that is all. Is art meant to be so subjective or can we have some more info on each work. I mean there should be an iPad or a screen in the room you can access more information on each painting. It is all very old fashioned, there is no interactivity. Even at the wiggles exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum (we went there a few weekends ago) there was so much interactivity and iPads placed on the walls with movies and clips about each wiggle and aspect of the wiggles.

We also went to see the Art Express exhibition, with works of art selected from students who did their HSC in 2011. There was some unbelievable works. Very talented. I loved the work by Georgia McGlennon
Ascham School called Stigmata, Cassidy Holland Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Selective Campus and Lisa Koesterke, Mullumbimby High School and Hannah Clements Sydney Girls High School (My old school, I also did art for my HSC.

At the art gallery cafe we stopped by and had afternoon tea, carrot cakes, coffee and banana bread and hot chocolate for the children. It was $23 all up and the cake was very yummy and made in house in the Art Gallery restaurant. The coffees were really really good but took a while to come.

We left the Gallery at about 4pm and had to find an alternate route to get home as Oxford street was closing down from 5-midnight for the Mardi Gras Celebrations. We also had more fun on the moving walkway on the way back to the domain car park. I remember walking along there when I was younger in awe of it all, the paintings, murals, the big city!

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Luna said...

I'm so glad a parent has written about going to see the Picasso exhibit. I really hope that we get to see it too this weekend.

We were in Hyde Park too and I forgot to photograph the ice-cream truck.