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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st day of the month- MARCH

Morning was like this: dippy eggs for breakfast

In March I have started to
-teach again twice a week
-got a nanny for Zalia she is from Chile so we will see how that goes.
In March I will try to
- will try to play more with my kids
- will try to fact less
-will try to run more
-be happier
-enjoy the moment
-not care too much about a clean house, or clean floors
-be more easy going
-write down what my son says and does
-write down what my daughter does
-be more creative
-cook more
-get rid of unwanted clothes
-dress my age
-have fun wearing clothes
-be healthier
-be more patient
-not be as cranky
not worry that my birthday is just around the corner

Now both kids are asleep, I need to rest my head it is a bit sore and tonight I am teaching.

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