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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Mother's day in Patagonia

Happy Mother's day.
It is mother's day here in Argentina.
I have had a beautiful day at home today.
Joaquin and Zalia made me home made presents and cards.
Joaquin has drawn a lot lately.
He loves drawing and creating, Zalia is also very artistic.

Joaquin made me some breakfast. He is such a beautiful, sweet smart little boy. I love him so much. I am so proud of him and his super smart scientific brain. He loves art, animals, science. He knows how to read and write (basically) in spanish and english and can add up and take away. He is six and the youngest in his class but doing very very well.

Jas made some pancakes for everyone!
Jas has been cooking up a storm,
He made home made pizza yesterday ( I made one with spinach and onion), he made sourdough bread with his own sour dough starter and baked it this morning.

He is trying to make home made ginger beer as there is no ginger beer
He is also making home made yoghurt and then with this we will try to make home made fetta cheese (without the mesophyl starter)
My mum made some yummy home made beef curry.

I on the other hand, have cleaned, washed, made beds, put clothes away, organised my papers.
I have so much work to do.
This week we have to
Do tramites (renew driver's licence and get Jas an Argentinan driver's licence) he will have to get a blood test for his blood type (even though he knows his blood type after giving blood in Australia to the Australian red cross) and then do a physical test where they will test his vision, health and emotional well being) and a question and answer test.
It will probably take a week to run around town getting everything done.

My children have an english concert on Friday for their school, so we have to make costumes and get them to rehearsals. The concert is The Wizard of Ox, and Joaquin's class will sing "Some where over the rainbow".
On Tuesday I have a teachers interview where the teachers (english and spanish) give out the report cards for each child for the last term, talk about their behaviour and then we have to give back the report card and will be given it at the end of the year to keep. 

It is all stations go, and there is so much work to do to this week and until the end of the year.
I have to organise another few days to go back to Bariloche to get me some marsupials.

We got a new dishwasher and it has a little dent on it, so they have ordered a new one and we have to wait for that and then get it installed. It has come all the way from Bariloche and the new one that may replace it is also coming from Bariloche.

I really look up to my mother, while my father has been away she has done a lot of gardening, put tools away and ordered and organised the garage/shed, got the fence put up so the dogs would not run away, help me get a dishwasher, help me with a carpenter so I can get some new furniture made. She is great help and will also sew my children's costumes for their concert! I love you mama, te quiero mucho mama. feliz dia de la madre!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Puppies three months old

The puppies are over 3 months of age. 
The one with the red collar is now Zalia's and she  calls her Escapita.
The one with the yellow collar is now Joaquin's and he calls her Jackie Blackie.
They try to escape over the back fence so we had to put some chicken wire to stop them escaping through the fence posts.

News for October Possum hunting

So much has been happening that I have no time to really sit, think and write about my life. So this first Saturday in three months when we are not getting up at in the wee hours to ski. Joaquin off to ski school. Ski school has finished, ski season is over, Joaquin has learnt to ski, I think he can ski practically all the mountain here at La Hoya but he was getting a bit tired at the end. He was bullied a bit as we'll and had no real friends in his group. He is 6 so I just did not push it so much, if he wants to ski he will ski or snowboard. I wished I skied a bit more, but the weather was crap a few weekends, we skied on the coldest windiest day though -21 degrees and it was scary going up the chair lift.
We'll thankfully spring is now here.
School will be finished in December and there is so much to do.

I went monito catching but only caught males, a total of 12 males, so cute so beautiful. The we let them go!
Today I will do some spring cleaning.
Pack ski things away.
Pack winter things away.
Organise my week may have to go back to Bariloche for more possum hunting next week. It is so beautiful,  Bariloche and the Llao Llao peninsula! 

Hope I can go with Jas and the kids one day. My parents came with me to help, driving to Bariloche, helping me catch them, feeding me, obliging my needs. My crazy demands, and needs. Going out of their way to help their daughter catch tiny marsupials! I love them, what a support team! 

Thats me with a little marsupial in a cage. He was male so I let him go.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making aussie meat pies in Patagonia

We made meat pies on Saturday for lunch, and they turned out so good we made  tuna, shallots and olive pies the next day. I bought Jas a pie maker at the electronics shop yesterday like his mum's so he won't miss his Aussie pies. We still have not made steak and kidney though, I need the recipe from Jas' s mum Gemma!
The pie maker comes with its own cutter, and we bought already small circular pastry sheets that are used here for making empanadas. But they were the right size for pies. The difference is that with empanadas you only use one sheet for the pies you use two, one on the bottom and one on the top and the mixture in between.

I used the meat pie recipe from an old pie book from the 1970s my mum has.
There was onion, minced meat, tomato sauce but we used tomato passata, some sugar and some corn flour. They really turned out nice.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Watching play school

Watching old play school reruns with all the old school presenters like Rhys, Karen, Deborah and Jay
And in this episode there were even the old favourites Naomi Hazlehurst and Andrew Mcfarlane . They sang nursery rhymes and played Games! 
My three year old loves to watch the TV shows in her matching undies and singlet La La Loopsy!
We have so many play school episodes that my kids get to watch even though they are in Patagonia 1000s of Kms away from Sydney, Australia!