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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making aussie meat pies in Patagonia

We made meat pies on Saturday for lunch, and they turned out so good we made  tuna, shallots and olive pies the next day. I bought Jas a pie maker at the electronics shop yesterday like his mum's so he won't miss his Aussie pies. We still have not made steak and kidney though, I need the recipe from Jas' s mum Gemma!
The pie maker comes with its own cutter, and we bought already small circular pastry sheets that are used here for making empanadas. But they were the right size for pies. The difference is that with empanadas you only use one sheet for the pies you use two, one on the bottom and one on the top and the mixture in between.

I used the meat pie recipe from an old pie book from the 1970s my mum has.
There was onion, minced meat, tomato sauce but we used tomato passata, some sugar and some corn flour. They really turned out nice.

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