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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool blog links

Really wonderful cool and fresh blog
Dos family

You can really see how artistic families live in the nordic countries. Their houses/flats/apartments are usally white and a lot of colour splashed in.
I love the vintage toys, and vintage clothes and patterns. Of course everyone has a cool kitchen.

Meet me at Mikes

Here are some photos I love from the Dos Family house's
Marianne's Kitchen from Dos Family

Johanna, Andreas and Lillo Cool kid's room by Dos Family

Love Carolina and Henrick's pantry by Dos Family

I also adore Happy Silly's simple and colourful bathroom (the tins add a special touch)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

What we did for christmas

Well we went to the country, we arrived at 11pm and saw beautiful over the top lights on houses in country towns (Aberdeen, Musellbrook). I do not have any photos though unfortunately.
I made rocky road chocolate bars from the Nigella recipe which was simple but had to make it twice as the chocolate curdled the first go when adding the golden syrup. So then had to rush to the shops on christmas eve, in the hot hot sun and bought lindt chocolate to replace the curdled chocolate.
It was really yummy and looks good.

Overall had a yummy relaxing christmas. We ate ham, and turkey and salads and there was a lot of seafood (prawns, oysters, bbq scallops with prawn skewers). It was very hot on christmas day and then cooled on boxing day and rained the last few days. There was 100mm of rain in Scone in the last two days. It is beautiful to spend the day looking at the rain and mountains and not doing much. Unfortunately I did not get any photos.
Joaquin also rode on the motorbike with his dad and loved it and wanted more. He got lego, and thomas trucks and dinosaurs and a dinosaur book from christmas. Plus more toys and a little scooter from his nanny and poppy and cousins.

Now back in sydney, the weather is beautiful and sunny but not too hot. The water must be beautiful at the beach.

Monday, December 7, 2009

some pregnant photos

Have not been motivated at all to Blog about inspirations. My life has been so busy with uni and paper writing, looking after Joaquin during the week and trying to do something everyday with him, and the pregnancy.
Jas has been so busy with work he gets up at 6am, leaves for work at 7am and is back between 6 and 7. So it is really hard. But this will not be for ever hopefully.

17 weeks pregnant with baby number 2

A better shot at 18 weeks pregnant with baby 2

This is what I looked like at 17 weeks pregnant with Joaquin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At home in Sydney

The weather has been hot here today, finally.
Have not been doing much, just walking and going to parks with Joaquin my son. He had his haircut on Saturday and this is his third haircut in his 2 and nearly 1/2 years of life. Once he had his hair trimmed at 1 and 1/2 in a children's hairdresser sitting in a toy airplane and blowing bubbles, then he had his hair cut by his Nanny at 2 and now at 2 and 1/2 at a proper hairdresser in Bondi Junction.

I went to a wedding on Sunday it was part Greek, part Lebanese and part Indian. It was lovely. The service was at a Greek Orthodox Church in Rose Bay, the sun was shinning and the reception in Leichart with dancing and yummy food, especially the Lebanese bread and hummus as starters. I met another Argentinian girl who is also "just" pregnant. Well i am a bit more than just, I am now 15 weeks and a half and have been feeling better, my appetite is back but I am still tired in the afternoon. I have tried to walk everyday and the good thing about living here in Coogee is that there are a lot of hills to walk up and stay fit.

Before Haircut with lovely blond little curls

After haircut now looks like a little boy

Lovely Coogee Beach (water is too cold to go swimming yet but it was 30 degrees today out)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cool spring Sunday

Even though Spring is in full swing here, it is a bit chilly. We are up in the Hunter visiting Jas's family (4 hours north of Sydney). Tomorrow is a public holiday and today day light savings has started so we are an hour ahead. That is good for the afternoon as there is more light in the day to spend it at the beach for an afternoon swim.

I have been wondering if I ever live at my parent's new cabin in Patagonia what i would want to decorate.

1) Big wooden table in the Kitchen


2) Kitchen shelves


3) A big kitchen with wooden exposed beams, and tiled floors (very french country style)


I can image a table like this one on the side, storing food and other items and as a food preparation bench.

(photo from Mercado Libre @ 1650 pesos Argentinos approx $490 australian dollars)

Goals until the end of the year

October is here, the weather is started to get warmer. I feel better and am 13 weeks now.
I had my hair done on Friday and a pedi, the beautician is also pregnant ( a month ahead) and it is her first one and did not get sick at all.
It did feel so good though being pampered.
After that went next door to the hairdressers and bought some greek treats, backlava and some greek biscuits for my son. I went into uni for a while and then Jas picked me up and we left to go to the Hunter to visit Jas's family.

Time is going fast and slow at the same time. There are so many things I want to achieve.
1) Finish Application and send it (very important)
2)Order all in one non-disposable nappies
3) Get out the sewing machine

4) Make some baby leg warmers and try to make other things

5) Buy some water colour paints and start making little drawings

6) Finish two papers and send them of to the journals before the end of year (very important)
7) Write more about how my pregnancy is going so I do not forget
8) Get out everyday with Joaquin in the morning (very important)
9) Make healthy foods and eat healthy (very important)

At the same time I feel bad for having so much, wanting so much when there are so many out there who have nothing, who have lost all. My sympathies to the people of Sumatra and Somoa for the latest natural disasters that have touched all our hearts.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday morning stroll

I have been very tired and eating badly and feeling very sick lately and of course it is because because I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I had my 12 week scan on Friday and everything is good and going great. I am starting to feel better and this morning I got up at 7.00 am and decided to walk to Bondi Junction to get Jas some custard tarts he has been craving since Father's day and could not eat as he was very sick with the flu.

So i put on my runners and walked up the road to Bondi Junction, to Pastelaria Caravela on Bronte Road, it took me in total 1 hour but good exercise, since I have not been running for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy as I have been feeling so exhausted. The tarts cost $2.50 each but if you buy 6 they go down to $2.20 each, I bought 5 and a croissant and ate one while I was there as I was feeling so hungry without breakfast.

Photo from Jessica and check out her Blog with recipe on how to make the yummy Portuguese tarts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

renovating home in Patagonia

This is the house my parents are building and renovating in Patagonia.
They are going to put a roof on it.

Below are some photos of theinside of the house, the floors are tiles as wood is not a good material when there is a lot of snow and ice and water around.
Also the kitchen is cement and the kitchen furniture will be hand made in local wood Lenga.

Sydney in the red

I woke up this morning with a red light coming through the window, then I walked to the kitchen and saw through the balcony doors how red everything was. There is red dust all over Sydney and I have never seen Sydney like this before. It is here as there has been strong winds over Northern Territory and South Australia and has brought all the red dust south. All the things on the balcony are covered with a fine layer of red dust and all our things look like they did when we came back from our trip up north covered in red dust.
Here is a photo from SMH of Coogee Beach this morning (just 5 min down the road from our flat)
Now it is 2.34 in the afternoon, I am at home Joaquin is hopefully asleep and I might have a shower and attempt to do some washing to hang on the line hopefully the dust has gone. It is sunny and blue now outside and no more red dust clouds!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

21st of Sept Spring is here

The days are becoming warmer, and Spring is here, though I think officially Spring arrives on the 21st September (tomorrow). In Argentina there is a Spring day and all the students go out and have picnics on the 21st of Sept. Last weekend we even went down to the beach for a swim, the water was cold but Joaquin went in a lot, and i just laid on the sand and slept. I have been tired lately but starting to snap out of it.
Yesterday we threw out 5 bags of clothes and shoes, well not threw out we donated to St Vincent de Pauls.
Today we have to clean out the office. I feel good throwing things away and starting a fresh.
I am motivated to do some drawings and was very impressed by Gennine's Blog and the essentials needed to do water colour. She has an etsy shop and has beautiful water colour prints.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spring has sprung in the South

What inspires me?????

Spring, spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere and it was quite hot out, yes singlet and denim shorts weather. We went to the park just like that packed a picnic, fed the swans and cygnets (5 grey furry baby swans), had chocolate ice cream and Joaquin rolled down a grassy hill in the Park.

Inspired by flowers in everyone's garden and the smell of spring.

Inspired by clog like shoes such as these red clogs

And from Swedish Hasbeens

Inspired by people who can sew and knit like Mette
Maybe I should get this book Weekend Sewing. I wonder where I can find a good easy book to start sewing?
What about this book (it is in french)clothing for future mothers and this one LOVELY MATERNITY DRESSES - Japanese Craft Book (In Japanese)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday very tired...

I have been busy all week looking at fossil mammal skulls. I am also very very tired lately and just come home, have dinner that Jas makes for us and then lie on the couch and want to go to sleep straight away.
This weekend we are in the Hunter Valley visiting Jas's family and the weather is very strange, hot winds and cloudy. I am actually hot as I write this but I have thin jumper on.
Spent the day outside playing with Joaquin on the swings, playing with Jed the puppy and lying around and eating home made quiches.
I do not even have the energy to put up more photos from my trip or organise my photos.
Cooktown lookout on Cooktown Mountain

Cooktown Museum, Cooktown

Joaquin at Elliot Falls
The town of 1770 Campsite

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time Out in Sunny Sydney

Like to get back to good old Sunny Buenos Aires...
Check out the Buenos Aires guide at Design*Sponge.

Also check out the 4th Sydney South American Film Festival in Sydney. Some Argentinian, Chilean, Mexican, Uruguayan and Brazilian movies.
Beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney, but i am just hanging at home, might be heading to the park later with my two boys!
besos xx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

children and baby furniture and rooms

Images by Emma's blog, wooden furntiure by Hungarian artisan Famunka and Apartment Therapy

Some inspiration

Still have so much to catch up with. Day has been gorgeous in Sydney, water was aqua blue in Coogee and nice to have fish and chips at the beach with my two beloved boys J and J.
Not inspired by much, feeling a bit not 100% lately.

How to store Sunglasses (Wish I had different sunglasses for my different moods of the day and week):
Wish I had such a fine collection such as George Ksubi from Sydney Via The Selby

More cool shades via Skona hem

By the way here is a good site to buy cheap sunnies
Bedspread and beautiful light filled room via :

This is cool
, How to make paper cut out homes and houses, helps me make some paper cut outs for J and his train set!