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Friday, April 16, 2010

41 weeks and 1 day

ARRRRRGGG still waiting. Baby is really comfortable I think and just does not want to bulge.

I am still waiting and now 41 weeks and 1 day. errrrrr!!!!!
I had my S & S at the midwives on thursday after some hesitation and the midwife was lovely and told me i was "already" 3 cm dialated and baby's head very low and she said I do not even have long fingers and your baby's head is only halfway up my finger deep.

MMMMM but i have not felt much pain just braxton hicks over the last week and uncomfortable feelings in the pelvis. It is very strange waiting around, I don't know if I am still pregnant or what, very surreal. Anyway last night I thought I would go into labour (as the midwife i was seeing from my team and who helped with my son's birth in 2007 was away for a week and came back last night to the hospital so I thought maybe the baby and I are just waiting for her to come back to go into labour) But no no such luck.

I wanted to go to get a baby massage today (Saturday) but it is all full, i rang them during the week and they said there was an appointment for Saturday, but i said did not take it, as sure if I will still be here pregnant on Saturday, and sure enough Saturday is here, bub is still inside playing up. Anyway I will just go get a wax and some pampering at the same place, they specialise in baby massages and baby related things.

Last night I really really did think things were going to start, baby was so active, very strong braxton hicks and movement but alas nothing.
However my son Joaquin who is 2 and 10 months had croup for the last couple days and we have been sleeping very badly however he is better today and I think I can relax. I just need to buy some non-disposable nappies for the new bub, and have decided to use disposable ones for the first month and then take it from there.
Anyway, my mum is making lentils today so maybe that will get things going for me. Not too sure to take Castor oil yet. Maybe in a weeks time I will be desperate.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

40 weeks and 3 days

Still waiting here at home.
Just found out last week I had a paper accepted to be published! yeah.
Also sent out another paper ( i had to finish the draft to send to the other authors and did so last friday). SO very relieved.

Joaquin is at day care, Jas at work, my dad has gone to the city to buy some books, and just hanging out at home with my mum who is wonderful and cleaning the home and changing the sheets and making me yummy sandwiches.

Yesterday we went to the fish market in Pyrmont, the fish was great, it was such a nice day out. Jas had fresh sushimi and the yummiest oysters he said. I just ate the fried fish and chips and some grilled barramundi (which was very yummy). Joaquin loves fish and wanted to buy a lot of fish to take home. Cute!

Friday, April 9, 2010

40 weeks 1 day, last summer days in Coogee and Clovelly

Baby is still not here.
We went for breakfast with Jas friend down at Cooogee "Barzurra", it was nice. I had eggs on yummy sourdough toast and freshly squeezed apple juice. Then we went to Coogee beach park for a small play. Joaquin shares his Thomas trains with the other little boys, he is very friendly. It was really hot and we stayed only a little while as I was getting so hot. We walked back to Coogee and had a banana smoothie.
In the afternoon after a sleep we went for a swim to Clovelly. The water was gorgeous. Jas said this is definitely the last swim for this summer/autumn. But who knows. We had a great few hours, before sunset and also played in the Clovelly beach park.

I feel so big and do not know when Baby will come. I get small cramps (braxton hicks contractions) and I feel the baby pushing down deep in my pelvis, but I still fine walking around and moving. On the way home I felt a bit worried thinking about how the birth will go. I need to be positive and thing good things. I will be able to do it. I have done it before.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

39 weeks and 1 day

I am 39 weeks and 1 day and still waiting. I felt a bit different today and felt that maybe the baby was going to come today. But it is now nearly 7pm and Jas is cooking a yummy roast free range chicken and roast veges and I do not think I have had any contractions yet.
We went for an easter egg hunt today, it rained but then was ok and all the kiddies went out to hunt eggs at a friends place.

I made some yummy banana and bran muffins to take and for breakfast I made pancakes with dulce de leche (the boil the hell out of the condensed milk type- not the real Argentinian dulce de leche.

Have been reading these blogs lately:
Cupcakes and cashmere (wish I had so much style and such nice hair)
Rummey Bears (A sydney couple living in the northen beaches just had their first baby girl)
Gregarious peach Family of four from Brisbane with lovely daily photos
Birth Stories at Marvelous Kiddo
New Zealand Birth Stories wondering what sort of birth the baby will have.
Had a lovely day and even though it is grey and cold now outside had a lovely dinner with my parents and Joaquin and Jas!
Good night

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday is a public holiday

Today we went to Queens park and Jas and Joaquin played with the kite and his toy little plane. There was some wind so the kite really did go high. At 11am Jas and I decided to drive home and pick up some things for an impromptu bbq lunch at the park.
It went well, steak sandwiches with beer fried onions, eggs, cheese and tomato. Yum! Some fresh buns and hot cross buns and some apples.