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Sunday, April 11, 2010

40 weeks and 3 days

Still waiting here at home.
Just found out last week I had a paper accepted to be published! yeah.
Also sent out another paper ( i had to finish the draft to send to the other authors and did so last friday). SO very relieved.

Joaquin is at day care, Jas at work, my dad has gone to the city to buy some books, and just hanging out at home with my mum who is wonderful and cleaning the home and changing the sheets and making me yummy sandwiches.

Yesterday we went to the fish market in Pyrmont, the fish was great, it was such a nice day out. Jas had fresh sushimi and the yummiest oysters he said. I just ate the fried fish and chips and some grilled barramundi (which was very yummy). Joaquin loves fish and wanted to buy a lot of fish to take home. Cute!

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