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Friday, April 16, 2010

41 weeks and 1 day

ARRRRRGGG still waiting. Baby is really comfortable I think and just does not want to bulge.

I am still waiting and now 41 weeks and 1 day. errrrrr!!!!!
I had my S & S at the midwives on thursday after some hesitation and the midwife was lovely and told me i was "already" 3 cm dialated and baby's head very low and she said I do not even have long fingers and your baby's head is only halfway up my finger deep.

MMMMM but i have not felt much pain just braxton hicks over the last week and uncomfortable feelings in the pelvis. It is very strange waiting around, I don't know if I am still pregnant or what, very surreal. Anyway last night I thought I would go into labour (as the midwife i was seeing from my team and who helped with my son's birth in 2007 was away for a week and came back last night to the hospital so I thought maybe the baby and I are just waiting for her to come back to go into labour) But no no such luck.

I wanted to go to get a baby massage today (Saturday) but it is all full, i rang them during the week and they said there was an appointment for Saturday, but i said did not take it, as sure if I will still be here pregnant on Saturday, and sure enough Saturday is here, bub is still inside playing up. Anyway I will just go get a wax and some pampering at the same place, they specialise in baby massages and baby related things.

Last night I really really did think things were going to start, baby was so active, very strong braxton hicks and movement but alas nothing.
However my son Joaquin who is 2 and 10 months had croup for the last couple days and we have been sleeping very badly however he is better today and I think I can relax. I just need to buy some non-disposable nappies for the new bub, and have decided to use disposable ones for the first month and then take it from there.
Anyway, my mum is making lentils today so maybe that will get things going for me. Not too sure to take Castor oil yet. Maybe in a weeks time I will be desperate.

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