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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh Esquel what will i do with you???

Its Wednesday today and the week has gone quite fast. This time last week we were on the bus to Bariloche to get Jas's a residency visa. He got it in the end and is able to stay here till April next year while it is being processed. If not he only had a three month visa and would have to leave the country after this. Now we don't have to go to Chile to leave the country.
Chile is only an hour away though but tedious to go there.

Joaquin is at preschool, he is getting better at getting up early in the morning. Sometimes there is wingeing, and a fight at breakfast as he is eating his cornflakes so slowly and so messily. Then he wants to get into the car before Zalia. He is a good boy but sensitive and probably is not sleeping as many hours as he can. It is also very tiring getting up early, going to preschool every day and having to learn a new language-Spanish. I am proud of him though.
On Friday there is a school concert and as the school is bilingual the concert is in english and spanish. His class has to sing a song about the sea and he will be dressed in a blue suit and a star fish on his head- he will be a little blue star fish.
There were rehearsals at the sports stadium on Monday from 2 to 4 and today from 2 to 4. He has also joined the Club Andino and is learning to climb on walls. He is a little bit scared and runs around a lot (so do the other kids) but we are trying to teach him not to be so "dispersed" and to listen more to the teacher. He is getting more confident and on the weekend he climbed the tree.

On other news we still have not moved into the big house. We did have the electrician come yesteday so hopefully he is going to tell us how much it will cost him and how many items we need to buy - light switches, cords, cables etc..
We also need the taps on the sink put in and then buy some furniture like a lounge, a table etc.

SO far the only things I have bought are kitchen knick knacks.
I bought these from the ebay equivalent Mercado Libre.
The problem is we are so far away so everything has to be sent here.

I also have wanted these aluminium jars for a while. I saw one on Nigella Lawson, she used it for sugar in her gorgeous pantry. But I still can not find something similar. I am thinking of getting these two mammas below. They are aluminium and made in Argentina and are about 50 years old. They are $100 pesos and $70 pesos for delivery so about $35 dollars in total. I bit expensive considering we have no income yet here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

a little bit of this, that, gardening, pizza, park and snow

Today was a lovely day, a little cool and the fresh snow on the mountains around Esquel made it particularly cold in the morning. Today was also the  anniversary of the death of our beloved ex-president Nestor Kirchner. There were anniversary celebrations all over the country to remember this great man who left behind a grieving nation and wife and kids. His wife is now president, and Cristina is doing well and is so strong to keep going and is still doing so much for the country.

fresh snow from yesterday on the mountains Nahuel Pan

Zalia on the swing (the playground is being renovated. Playground do not have cement or that soft spongy ground like in Sydney, it is real dirt baby!

Joaquin loving coming down the slide at the park

Rose bush

Rose bush is now held up

Auracaria tree, these trees were around 65 million years or more ago, during the Cretaceous (time of the dinosaurs)

Yummy pizza made by my dad
How did we spend the day you may ask. Well we spent the day cleaning, washing clothes, sheets, making beds, fixing and doing last minute details on the new home, my parents fixed a rose bush, we had left over chicken curry for lunch, we went to the park after Zalia's sleep and then for dinner Jas made a pumpkin risotto. A bowl of this was eaten followed with yummy pizza made by dad and beer. A lot of food. I think I may have gotten a bit sunburnt from being in the garden. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

around the home

The last few days were nice. We made some sushi. Joaquin was craving salmon so much. We bought some smoked salmon that is from Bariloche, it cost $49 pesos for 100 grams. A bit exxy. But worth it. 
I made some omelette, we cut up some cucumber, avocado, made some tuna and mayonnaise and had sushi rice and nori sheets. 
The nori sheets are also 6 sheets for $25 pesos. I need to eat more seaweed and nori as I am a bit Iodine deficient. Anyway it turned our really nice. Nothing like the sashimi from the Fish market in Sydney town but nice none the less. Joaquin ate about 8 sashimi pieces and even some fish with nori. Zalia had some too. 

An old desk that is currently residing in the garden and hopefully I can fix up and paint.

Zalia and her curls in the garden.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

gardening in Patagonia

Last weekend we did a lot of gardening. Jason got out the gloves and the petrol chainsaw to cut down a fallen tree. I weeded and cut some grass. I racked and we got rid of a lot of organic matter.
 There are flowers everywhere.
 The pine trees are green and the poplars have there leaves.

 The grass is also green and homogenous and the weeping willow is in full bloom.

 The fruit trees, apple and peach and cherries have their leaves and flowers.

 We planted some basil in some old tin pots. Hopefully these plants will thrive and are having fun in the son. If it is cold we are putting the plants in my mum's greenhouse.

This is the cabin we are staying in and the car we drive. Zalia calls it my car. The orange bench belonged to a friends of my dads and I want to re-paint it yellow.

 More flowers

Even the pine trees are flowering and getting ready for the warmer months

Sunday, October 14, 2012

12th of October 2012

The 12th of October is celebrated as "Columbus day" or "Day of the Americas". At Joaquin's preschool and here in Argentina they celebrate this day as the day of the respect for diverse cultures "Dia del respeto de la diversidad cultural". His teachers made him a dream catcher and he made a little drawing with a heart and his name to stick on it.
The dreamcatecher has been used in indiginous tribes in America. They are used as protection and trap the good dreams and liberate the bad dreams They represent the cycle of life and the universe and sometimes are considered sa a symbol between the union of the diverse cultures.
I think it was a lovely idea to give these to the kids in Joaquin's class.
Joaquin went to lie down at 5pm to test to see if the dream catcher worked.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skiiing La Hoya Patagonia

We have had a great time skiing last week.
We went skiing for three days (the last three days of the season 6th-8th of October, it was a long weekend) and Joaquin took to it like a DUCK to WATER.  By the end of the third day his ski school teacher Natalia had taken him up on the chairlift and he had skied down the Plateau (a blue run) a few times and gone to the ski park. He went to ski school every day from 10.30 to 1.00 then 2.30 to 5.00. Lunch was not included in his ski school, but afternoon tea, hot chocolate and biscuits were included.
It cost $230 pesos a day  (about $AU50 a day) and so much more economical than in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. He had a teacher and two students, on the last day it was just him and his teacher. His lift pass was $5 pesos. Our lift pass was $62 pesos each as we get %20 off for being from the town. Ski hire was also %20 off. On the last day of the season ski classes, ski hire was a whooping %50 off. I even had a ski lesson on the second day. Seba had two days of ski lessons for two hours each. He is a really good skier already. Jas snowboards and really has had no lessons. He has taught himself. The first two days were gorgeous, sunny and the snow great and still in large amounts on the mountains.
We saw guanacos when we were driving up in the mini van. It costs $60 pesos a person to be transported up and back to the mountains (its only 12km away from our home). We also brought our own lunch and hot chocolate and drinks. The first day we had chicken milaneza (schnitzel) sandwiches my mum had made for us, fruit, hot chocolate and chocolate. The snow was great, not icy and very much like icing sugar, it had snowed the day before. On the second day we had sandwiches, yoghurt, oranges, drink, hot chocolate, biscuits and chocolate. The third day was colder, overcast, my mum made us some vegetable frittatas/tortillas, corn on the cob, yoghurt, fruit, hot chocolate and chocolate. The sun finally came out in the afternoon and the icy snow from the morning had melted into slush. The snow in the afternoon was more like a sandy texture. Joaquin wanted to keep skiing and ski the other runs. He is 5 so if he learns to ski now that would be great. I hope he is so excited to go skiing next year and hopefully Zalia can start to learn to ski next year too.

Me up the top

My brother Sebastian, he loves to ski.

the view from the top, Esquel is down the bottom in the valley, the Andes, Cordillera are the snow capped mountains in the background and Chile is over the mountains.

Joaquin and me

Joaquin skiing like a little ski bunny (no poles)

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At 5pm, time to go home

After lunch, we would eat our lunch on the deck of the ski school

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cabinets and furniture sanding

It rained a lot yesterday. So much so we had to get some of the furniture we are painting and sanding back inside.
Anyway now there is fresh snow on the mountains.
I would love to go skiing or at least take the kids to the snow.
My brother is here so perhaps tomorrow or sunday we can go and skiing, since we are all feeling much better. Right now I am having breakfast, we have dropped Joaquin off at preschool. He gets a bit teary eyed as he just wants to stay with us and his uncle (who is like a big cousin to him I think) and I also think the novelty of him being the little boy who is from Australia and speaks english has worn off.

Anyway as I sit here sipping my luke warm coffee I contemplate all I would like to achieve today. Here it is:
My list goes:

1) finish breakfast and have shower

2) Make beds (even perhaps change sheets)

3) wash clothes and put clothes away

4) buy vinegar so we can clean the new tiled floors

5) ring up to see if I there is any space in the swimming classes left.

6) Finish painting the furniture we sanded

7) buy some new handles for the furniture (these will become kitchen cabinets and there are three cabinets in total). We have only sanded one, we still have to paint it with some laquer and then sand and paint the two others. In total we will put two in the kitchen to house kitchen items such as plates, cups, pots etc and one in the dinning/playroom which will hold other things.
I am liking these square/rounded handles and hardware. They look like the handles that are found on old cabinets drawers such as library cabinets and having been busy pinning some ideas of what I want the cupboards to look like:

Source: via Yamila on Pinterest

Similar to the direction that Jenny wants for her new kitchen in her Brownstone in New York.
Also here is another kitchen cabinet redo from A sort of Fairytale.
Even Martha Stewart has these handles in her new Studio Kitchen redo.

I found this handle from Martha Stewart at Home Depot
We don't have Home Depot here in this smallish patagonian town but there are hardware stores and I already have my eye on the handle I want. I think it is somewhere between $25 to $31 pesos per handle depending on the finish which is approximately $5 to $6 per handle, expensive considering the price in the USA but these are probably made here in Argentina and not in China.