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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skiiing La Hoya Patagonia

We have had a great time skiing last week.
We went skiing for three days (the last three days of the season 6th-8th of October, it was a long weekend) and Joaquin took to it like a DUCK to WATER.  By the end of the third day his ski school teacher Natalia had taken him up on the chairlift and he had skied down the Plateau (a blue run) a few times and gone to the ski park. He went to ski school every day from 10.30 to 1.00 then 2.30 to 5.00. Lunch was not included in his ski school, but afternoon tea, hot chocolate and biscuits were included.
It cost $230 pesos a day  (about $AU50 a day) and so much more economical than in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. He had a teacher and two students, on the last day it was just him and his teacher. His lift pass was $5 pesos. Our lift pass was $62 pesos each as we get %20 off for being from the town. Ski hire was also %20 off. On the last day of the season ski classes, ski hire was a whooping %50 off. I even had a ski lesson on the second day. Seba had two days of ski lessons for two hours each. He is a really good skier already. Jas snowboards and really has had no lessons. He has taught himself. The first two days were gorgeous, sunny and the snow great and still in large amounts on the mountains.
We saw guanacos when we were driving up in the mini van. It costs $60 pesos a person to be transported up and back to the mountains (its only 12km away from our home). We also brought our own lunch and hot chocolate and drinks. The first day we had chicken milaneza (schnitzel) sandwiches my mum had made for us, fruit, hot chocolate and chocolate. The snow was great, not icy and very much like icing sugar, it had snowed the day before. On the second day we had sandwiches, yoghurt, oranges, drink, hot chocolate, biscuits and chocolate. The third day was colder, overcast, my mum made us some vegetable frittatas/tortillas, corn on the cob, yoghurt, fruit, hot chocolate and chocolate. The sun finally came out in the afternoon and the icy snow from the morning had melted into slush. The snow in the afternoon was more like a sandy texture. Joaquin wanted to keep skiing and ski the other runs. He is 5 so if he learns to ski now that would be great. I hope he is so excited to go skiing next year and hopefully Zalia can start to learn to ski next year too.

Me up the top

My brother Sebastian, he loves to ski.

the view from the top, Esquel is down the bottom in the valley, the Andes, Cordillera are the snow capped mountains in the background and Chile is over the mountains.

Joaquin and me

Joaquin skiing like a little ski bunny (no poles)

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At 5pm, time to go home

After lunch, we would eat our lunch on the deck of the ski school

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