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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

around the home

The last few days were nice. We made some sushi. Joaquin was craving salmon so much. We bought some smoked salmon that is from Bariloche, it cost $49 pesos for 100 grams. A bit exxy. But worth it. 
I made some omelette, we cut up some cucumber, avocado, made some tuna and mayonnaise and had sushi rice and nori sheets. 
The nori sheets are also 6 sheets for $25 pesos. I need to eat more seaweed and nori as I am a bit Iodine deficient. Anyway it turned our really nice. Nothing like the sashimi from the Fish market in Sydney town but nice none the less. Joaquin ate about 8 sashimi pieces and even some fish with nori. Zalia had some too. 

An old desk that is currently residing in the garden and hopefully I can fix up and paint.

Zalia and her curls in the garden.

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