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Saturday, October 27, 2012

a little bit of this, that, gardening, pizza, park and snow

Today was a lovely day, a little cool and the fresh snow on the mountains around Esquel made it particularly cold in the morning. Today was also the  anniversary of the death of our beloved ex-president Nestor Kirchner. There were anniversary celebrations all over the country to remember this great man who left behind a grieving nation and wife and kids. His wife is now president, and Cristina is doing well and is so strong to keep going and is still doing so much for the country.

fresh snow from yesterday on the mountains Nahuel Pan

Zalia on the swing (the playground is being renovated. Playground do not have cement or that soft spongy ground like in Sydney, it is real dirt baby!

Joaquin loving coming down the slide at the park

Rose bush

Rose bush is now held up

Auracaria tree, these trees were around 65 million years or more ago, during the Cretaceous (time of the dinosaurs)

Yummy pizza made by my dad
How did we spend the day you may ask. Well we spent the day cleaning, washing clothes, sheets, making beds, fixing and doing last minute details on the new home, my parents fixed a rose bush, we had left over chicken curry for lunch, we went to the park after Zalia's sleep and then for dinner Jas made a pumpkin risotto. A bowl of this was eaten followed with yummy pizza made by dad and beer. A lot of food. I think I may have gotten a bit sunburnt from being in the garden. 

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