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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cabinets and furniture sanding

It rained a lot yesterday. So much so we had to get some of the furniture we are painting and sanding back inside.
Anyway now there is fresh snow on the mountains.
I would love to go skiing or at least take the kids to the snow.
My brother is here so perhaps tomorrow or sunday we can go and skiing, since we are all feeling much better. Right now I am having breakfast, we have dropped Joaquin off at preschool. He gets a bit teary eyed as he just wants to stay with us and his uncle (who is like a big cousin to him I think) and I also think the novelty of him being the little boy who is from Australia and speaks english has worn off.

Anyway as I sit here sipping my luke warm coffee I contemplate all I would like to achieve today. Here it is:
My list goes:

1) finish breakfast and have shower

2) Make beds (even perhaps change sheets)

3) wash clothes and put clothes away

4) buy vinegar so we can clean the new tiled floors

5) ring up to see if I there is any space in the swimming classes left.

6) Finish painting the furniture we sanded

7) buy some new handles for the furniture (these will become kitchen cabinets and there are three cabinets in total). We have only sanded one, we still have to paint it with some laquer and then sand and paint the two others. In total we will put two in the kitchen to house kitchen items such as plates, cups, pots etc and one in the dinning/playroom which will hold other things.
I am liking these square/rounded handles and hardware. They look like the handles that are found on old cabinets drawers such as library cabinets and having been busy pinning some ideas of what I want the cupboards to look like:

Source: via Yamila on Pinterest

Similar to the direction that Jenny wants for her new kitchen in her Brownstone in New York.
Also here is another kitchen cabinet redo from A sort of Fairytale.
Even Martha Stewart has these handles in her new Studio Kitchen redo.

I found this handle from Martha Stewart at Home Depot
We don't have Home Depot here in this smallish patagonian town but there are hardware stores and I already have my eye on the handle I want. I think it is somewhere between $25 to $31 pesos per handle depending on the finish which is approximately $5 to $6 per handle, expensive considering the price in the USA but these are probably made here in Argentina and not in China.


Carla said...

I love the kitchen. It is the perfect combination of vintage and modern! I really think that the kitchen is the most important room of the house. You can cook there, eat, chat, wash your hands, read, everything! Last year I had to get a Buenos Aires rent since I was going to Argentina and I told the rental company to show me only the pictures of the kitchens that the apartments she wanted to offer me had. I picked the one with the biggest kitchen!

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

Hi Carla, yes I know what you mean. I can't wait to move into our new house and start cooking space is so important. What was your place like in Buenos Aires. I would love to see photos of the apartment and kitchen you picked!