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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Over this most wretched virus sickness

So we are all finally feeling better. I would even say I am nearly 100% better. Our little family of four all got sick. We all had high fevers, horrible coughs, felt lethargic, did not eat well, slept little at night, had day sweats.
Z and I both ventured to the hospital and ended up getting xrays. The russian doctor who saw me said he wanted me to have an xray as he said he heard a bit of a crackling sound in my chest. In the end it was all good. Zalia's peadiactric doctor also wanted her to have an xray and be seen by another peadiactric doctor at the hospital as she had fever over 38 degrees for over 4 days. Joaquin also had that. He had high fevers for 4 days nearly 5. In the end he had to have a throat swab and they found streptococcal so he had to take antibiotics. He is so much better now and started preschool again on Monday. He has to take antibiotics for 10 consecutive days.
When I dropped him off the teacher told me she had been sick and absent for three days and I overheard how other kids had also been sick. Then I heard about 5 different kids with the same croupy horrible cough both Zalia and Joaquin had had and I realised we were all in the same boat. SOMETHING SINISTER was doing the rounds in Esquel. We got it, not just because our immune systems were low, not because we weren't immune to viruses and bacteria from this area, but because we were human and the virus made a b-line straight to us.
Oh well, been there done that, survived. It was horrible, it was rough and I felt so much pain in my body, when I coughed and when we were driving to the doctors and the car would drive over a bump- Ouch my lower back.
Anyway thankfully we had paracetamal to reduce pain and fever. We are so happy to be over that hurdle.
Now we have so many other hurdles to jump over.

Here is a photo from the other day. Here I am sick, probably with fever. Zalia is getting better but still had fever on this day.

Here is a photo with Joaquin, I felt like death warmed up, Joaquin was getting better.

During my sickness I decided it was a good idea to take up knitting. Here is the beginning of a beanie using Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern and taught to me by my patient mother.

The kids this afternoon. They are playing before dinner. We had pumpkin and carrot risotto for dinner. Jas made it and was very delish. They ate all their food. My brother came to visit from Cordoba so Joaquin loves it. They play some play station games and hang out a lot of the time. I am so happy we now are all on the mend.

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