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Monday, November 29, 2010

the weekend

We had a nice weekend, relaxed at home on Saturday doing washing, cleaning and cooking. Then going for a run on the coast. It felt so good to run against the sea and the breeze was quite strong. While Jas runs I take the kids to the park, Zalia was asleep in the pram but Joaquin in his batman top began to play with another kid in his batman outfit and they were both just running around like little bats.
Then it was my turn to go for a run and I felt good, a bit fitter than last time, but I need to run at least twice a week to get my fitness level up.
On Sunday went to my friends house to see her newborn baby. So small, so sweet so precious and my friend is doing well and really enjoying motherhood.
Zalia was naughty and has been out of sorts.
After visiting my friend we drove to the north of sydney to visit Jas's boss. He is from the USA and his family invited us to have a thanksgiving lunch. It was scrumptious. I brought some cakes from the greek cake shop in randwick but I feel lousy that they were a bit squashed and not up to standard. Joaquin liked playing with all the retro toys such as playmobil that there was at the house. The house was 1940s and really lovely with a lush garden. I would love to live in a house like that, simple and good bones.

Here are some more clothes I bought for Zalia from the consignment shop. They were all in the $5 bin. I bought some warmer items as we are going to Argentina in Febuary and it will start being cold at my parents place in Patagonia.

Zimmerman top

Stripey dress for Autumn

Burnt pink cotton knitted top

Friday, November 26, 2010

Around the home

Some booties my mother just knitted for a friend who had a baby girl. Born at home and both mama and baby doing fine. The little hat is for the baby too, i think my mum thought my friend was having a boy.
The other photos are around my home, including chocoate golden "Australian" coins we bought Joaquin as treats

Thursday, November 25, 2010

more baby clothes

Baby clothes, some bought at a consignment store here in Sydney or given to me by my friends who have a daughter who is now Joaquin's age. The yellow terry towling top is from my mother in law from a community market on the North coast. The mamushka singlet I bought from a little market store in the Hunter Valley, I love the embrodied singlets with little flowers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Joaquin and Zalia toys

Joaquin is into dinosaurs big time. He loves Parasaurolophus and all the "duck-billed hadrosaur" dinosaurs. He still loves trains big time.
Here is a vintage toy butterfly that a friend gave me for Joaquin and now 3 years later Zalia is biting on it.

Zalia baby clothes part 2