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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Saturday in December: pancakes with maple syrup

This morning, I woke up with two little ones in the bed.
I promised them pancakes. I really wanted them so Jas gracefully made them. I cleaned the kitchen and made coffee.

For the pancakes, when whisking  the egg whites ( i confess I just use a fork but Jas uses an electric whisker), they should be soft and whipped till they are peak like.

*Mixing the self-raising flour, melted butter and finally the egg whites.

Ta daaaaa.....

There was hot chocolate for the kids made by la Lela (abuela).

The rest of my Saturday will consists of: 

  • still being in pjs
  • cleaning the house
  • making beds
  • lazing around
  • watching Joaquin follow his Tio Seba everywhere (my brother Seba is visiting)
  • hanging out with Zalia, who is toilet training and always up to mischief
  • washing clothes
  • Waiting for lunch, today is the 29th, as a tradition we will be having potato noquis con salsa, made by my mother and my father.
  • Putting Zalia down for a siesta and prehaps having a small one myself
  • Taking the kids to the park that is close to home
*Pancake recipe from Stephanie Alexander's “The Cook’s Companion” there are some other versions here or here


·      1 Cup Self Raising Flour
·      1 Cup Milk
·      50g Butter
·      2 Eggs Separated
·      1tsp Salt


1.     Heat the milk and butter together until combined.
2.     Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks are formed
3.     Combine the heated milk and butter with the egg yolks and then    add to the flour and salt
4.     Mix until a smooth consistency is achieved
5.     Fold the whisked egg whites into the batter to achieve a light      and fluffy batter. 
   Serve with real maple syrup (even though it is non existent here in Patagonia and we brought ours over from Australia) or nutella (the nutella we use is made in Brazil).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

toys and stuff

Barbies in their new home

Baby and her pram

Hello Kitty sleep light

Remote control truck

Lego passenger train and station

Happy and Exhausted children

Christmas day in Patagonia

We had a lovely Christmas day and it is still christmas here. It is 11.38pm the kids are in bed, Z is still fighting to go to sleep. Joaquin was up at 5.30am wanting to open presents. He did not have a siesta all day and finally got to bed at 11pm.
All I can say is Christmas= opening presents, spoiling kids, eating food, family, some arguments, some making up, food, more food, playing with presents, cleaning up, riding new bikes, going out in the cold (whats up with the cold in Late December in Patagonia). We should have put the fire on today too.

We opened presents at 8am.
There were bikes - a pink one with doll carrier for Zalia, a grey one with suspension and gears for Joaquin, a doll house, a lego passenger train, lego train station, books, colouring books, pens and textas, a yo-yo, 2 bombillas (one for me one for my mum) to drink mate, some knives for Jas, clothes for my dad and Seba.
There was a lot of food. A small 3kg turkey, home made stuffing( with olives, walnuts, fresh parsley, bread crumbs, egg, chicken condiment, rosemary, thyme, celery, onion, garlic), a beetroot salad, a potato salad, roast potatos, avocado. For desert we had more pavlova, more trifle, more home made custard, jelly, and Jas's home made christmas pudding which was amazing. The bees knees.
After dinner, there was cleaning, and lego making, little Z had a sleep with me (I was exhausted). The some of the adults went back to their home for a siesta. Later in the afternoon Seb came over to play the guitar. Joaquin joined him playing the chord strummer that is a bit like a harmonica but meant to help get the tune the chords on the guitar. Joaquin has a lot of music abilities, he says he wants to learn the piano. We listened to Seb play Paul Kelly's and Kevin Carmody's "From Little things Big things grow". It was really good and of
course I had to google this song to see what it was about. The Gurindgi strike, that took place in the 1960s when Aboriginal stockmen went on strike at the NT Wave Hill station and this strike was led by Gurindji man Vincent Lingiari.

Overall it was a lovely Chrismtas celebration with my family in Patagonia with an Aussie slant thanks to Jason and his cooking and traditions. We celebrate more New Years Eve here in Argentina.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve in Patagonia, 2012

This was Christmas eve.
Shops in the morning. It was very busy for a small town. Everyone doing last minute christmas shopping. We bought slice ham. I have to ask for jamon "natural" as that is the closest thing there is here for ham off the bone. If not the ham is usually soccer ball ham. We wanted "jamon natural" as Jas wanted ham on toast for Christmas breakfast. This is a common tradition for him, his mum makes a leg of ham and we eat it through Christmas, especially for breakfast on toast!

This is me before going to the shops with Zalia. I never get dressed up, I never put on make up to go out. Today I did, I put on my Hunter green boots. Jas said I must be the only one in Esquel with Hunter boots. Wrong! At the Anonima supermercado I saw a lady with the same green hunter boots. Mind you, she was more sophisticated then me, gorgeous brown hair and a lovely trench coat.

For lunch we were spoilt and had a really yummy curry/chinese meat dish  by my Mum at 1pm.
Getting things ready for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch during the afternoon.
Later we (my brother, Joaquin and I)  took Bondi for a walk along La trochita line. He picked some mushrooms that my mum said later were ok to eat, Champinions.
Jas lit the fire as it was a bit chilly.

Having a picada before Christmas Eve dinner. Some chips, cheese, ham, freshly made hummus, delicious olives, beers. gancia with lemonade and freshly made bread. I really had a good time, even though at times I feel very stressed organising everything, trying to keep the house clean and stay happy with everyone.

I went outside to get some pine nuts and pine needles to set on the table, I also cut out the letters from everyone's name to put on the table. It was very minimal but sweet.

More lights
We had a very lovely roast lamb and some roast potatoes for dinner. 
It was very nice but we had finished dinner at 11.30pm and then we quickly put the kids down and they were still awake at 12 pm and the firecrakcers started outside.

We had a trifle and pavlova for desert with home made custard. Jas made the custard and pavlova. I made the trifle. It was really good if I say so myself. I used a mixture of recipes but followed this traditional Australian recipe. The pavlova was exceptional with home made meringue.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photos from tonight

Photos of
Me and My daughter who is two and full of mischief
Me and My son who is five, has a brilliant memory, is scared of monsters in the bathroom and loves his sister so much

Some cookies I made following the organised housewife

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow in December in the Southern Hemisphere

This was the snow on the mountain yesterday.
It was quite cold, for a December day being close to summer and all. Summer officially starts on the 21st of December in these parts.

So we just hanged around at home.

We had the fire on and it was deliciously warm.
Jas made some sourdough bread from his own yeast (mother yeast) that he is growing himself. I tell you it is really really scrumptious and similar to sourdough I can buy from a good bread shop in Sydney. Unfortunately I never got around to visit the "famous bread shop in Bronte", Iggy's. Maybe next time we are in Sydney. 

Christmas shot, the fire, the tree, home made decorations with glitter on the tree and the fairy lights. (Note PlaySchool on the tv). Even though we are 1000s of kilometres from Australia Play School is a favourite repertoire for the little ones. However Argentina has it's own tv channel for kids PAKA PAKA and it really is great. Joaquin loves it. PAKA PAKA is a free-to-air tv channel for kids ages 2-12. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December in Esquel

Joaquin has now finished preschool officially. Next year he starts big school, and it is a little bit heartbreaking seeing him grow up so fast but exciting so see him learn so much at the same time.
It rained all day yesterday and all through the night. We woke up this morning, a chill in the air and there is snow on the mountains surrounding Esquel, Quite a  lot of snow.

Last night I took some photos.
We ate a roast dinner with some pasta.

We had home made bread made by Daddy
We had some chocolate brought from Bariloche by los abuelos

We played.

We played lego.

Then finally we said good night to "Hello Kitty" and went to bed.