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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bye bye preschool (last day)

Monday was Joaquin's last day at preschool. He is 5, but turns 6 in June. I can not believe he is no longer my cute little baby boy. His sweet voice is still the same though, and his sensitivity, inquisition and loving nature. I love him so much.
Next year he will start big school "Primer grade". On Monday there was an excursion to the Laguna near La Hoya.
I had to pack a small snack and a drink bottle. It was a bit windy when we dropped him off. The whole school was there with their teachers. It was the last day of class. What a nice way to finish the year, out in Nature. When we picked him up at 12.00 miday he was waiting eagerly at the gate, his face all dirty with dirt but he looked like he had a good time. I think he was exhausted walking a fair while with the other kids, and playing "mancha" catch with the other kids his age in his class. 

Zalia and her cheeky smile

Zalia is always colouring and scribbling. She is very precise though on what colour she wants and what she draws. When she finishes what she has drawn she wants "More paper Mummy"

Joaquin playing with lego. It was raining outside.

Joaquin and Zalia's playmobile toys

Zalia still adores playing with her baby and the pram. Here she is placing an old dish cloth on the baby to cover her from the cold.

The toy mess. I always get a bit cranky that there are toys everywhere. But that is my life at the moment and I have to accept it, along with the kaos and craziness.

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