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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve in Patagonia, 2012

This was Christmas eve.
Shops in the morning. It was very busy for a small town. Everyone doing last minute christmas shopping. We bought slice ham. I have to ask for jamon "natural" as that is the closest thing there is here for ham off the bone. If not the ham is usually soccer ball ham. We wanted "jamon natural" as Jas wanted ham on toast for Christmas breakfast. This is a common tradition for him, his mum makes a leg of ham and we eat it through Christmas, especially for breakfast on toast!

This is me before going to the shops with Zalia. I never get dressed up, I never put on make up to go out. Today I did, I put on my Hunter green boots. Jas said I must be the only one in Esquel with Hunter boots. Wrong! At the Anonima supermercado I saw a lady with the same green hunter boots. Mind you, she was more sophisticated then me, gorgeous brown hair and a lovely trench coat.

For lunch we were spoilt and had a really yummy curry/chinese meat dish  by my Mum at 1pm.
Getting things ready for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch during the afternoon.
Later we (my brother, Joaquin and I)  took Bondi for a walk along La trochita line. He picked some mushrooms that my mum said later were ok to eat, Champinions.
Jas lit the fire as it was a bit chilly.

Having a picada before Christmas Eve dinner. Some chips, cheese, ham, freshly made hummus, delicious olives, beers. gancia with lemonade and freshly made bread. I really had a good time, even though at times I feel very stressed organising everything, trying to keep the house clean and stay happy with everyone.

I went outside to get some pine nuts and pine needles to set on the table, I also cut out the letters from everyone's name to put on the table. It was very minimal but sweet.

More lights
We had a very lovely roast lamb and some roast potatoes for dinner. 
It was very nice but we had finished dinner at 11.30pm and then we quickly put the kids down and they were still awake at 12 pm and the firecrakcers started outside.

We had a trifle and pavlova for desert with home made custard. Jas made the custard and pavlova. I made the trifle. It was really good if I say so myself. I used a mixture of recipes but followed this traditional Australian recipe. The pavlova was exceptional with home made meringue.

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