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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yesterday we went skiing at La Hoya, Esquel

We went skiing, Jason, Seba and I. Seba is visiting from Cordoba. Joaquin went to ski school and we met him at La Hoya. Most runs were closed it was bloody freezing. I thought my fingers would freeze off on the double chair "la double". There was so much wind and I heard it gotta -27 degrees c at 11am at La Hoya. Hopefully Joaquin was warm enough. We were going to go today but too cold, too tired. joaquin was sick last night and he did not go to ski school this morning ( Sunday) instead we slept I till 8.30am. I gave the puppies a little run around outside in the snow, cleaned up after them, fed them, made Coffee. Jas made eggs and toast for breakfast and I made some spinach.
There is still so much snow outside still, it has been very cold.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It has snowed like crazy here and have not posted in ages

So it snowed big time last Wednesday. We woke up in the morning to over 20 cm of fresh snow in our own back yard. Esquel was white and beautiful. It was so quite, everyone tucked in bed except for the two new black puppies we got a few days before.
The neighbours dogs were outside frolicking in the snow, Bondi the dog was also happy walking in the snow getting her paws covered in white cold powder.
The kids got up, we did not take them to school. I also felt under the weather. We had breakfast then it was play time in the snow.
A snowman was built, jas also took the kids on a ride on his snowboard! 
It really was a winter wonderland.