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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

adventures in the south

Here I am in 1977 with my younger brother (mind you younger by only 14 months, my mama and papa did have a hand full with us).
I am protecting him, we are both looking somewhere. Where? My brother says to the future.
Little did we know that soon after we would board a jet plane, leaving the insecurities and uncertainties of a military dictatorship in Argentina. Leaving behind grandparents, and cousins and a strong culture.
We would catch a plane first to Canada and then to Australia, with our parents who were only 28 and 29 years of age and with just two suitcases and US$500 we would land in Sydney, in Botany Bay.
Botany Bay, a place where 190 years earlier The Sirus part of the First Fleet had arrived, a big sail boat full of weary men, women, children and northen hemisphere animals to an unknown land.
An unknown land. A great southern land. That is what Australia is to me.

Now so many years later, my partner and I are venturing back. I am venturing back to my homeland, to uncertainties but a more peaceful Argentina. Where now the president is a woman and one who was so attacked and persecuted way back during the military dictatorship. Life is a cycle.

The cycle is now part of my life and my children's life.
We are leaving on the 6th of September on a jet plane, How scary and nerve wracking for me.
I am taking my family on an adventure, to Patagonia, to a place that is isolated and at the end of the world. So I can study marsupials, and fossils and try to live with the wind and the snow during a good chunk of the year. I hope I am doing the right thing! I know my children will leave in a relative peaceful place, where there is a lot of natural beauty, with a culture that is part of me, learn spanish and spend time with their abuelos (grandparents).

My children this morning waiting for breakfast by the tv and first morning in a while that the fire is not on. Spring is here!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winter August in the Hunter

These are photos from our last week here in the Upper Hunter.
It has been nice, we have been outdoors, but this weekend it has been chilly. I made chicken soup last week it was really good. The kids still love collecting wood in the wheelbarrowand feeding the animals.
Thankfully we have a fire, and J's parents are home after their big 6 week four wheel drive holiday and we are having yummy dinners every night.


Friday, August 3, 2012

A recap of the month of July

August is here and so much has happened in July.
We have moved out of our house in Randwick.
Sold most of our possessions or gave them away.
We are now living in Scone in the Upper Hunter at J's parent's place. My inlaws are away on a 6 week camping-fourwheeldriving-fishing trip up to Cape york so we have had the house to ourselves. This includes packing up what is left of our possessions (approximately 12 boxes, a wooden table, a brown cupboard that was originally ours in Bondi, then we gave to my grandmother who used it to keep her painting supplies. I miss you Abuela.

I miss my Abuelo Ruben too, he passed away on Friday the 13th of July. He was at the nursing home in Pittwater, he was 91 years of age. I miss you too. 
I am so sorry I did not get to see him more often. He did meet both my children. My mother loved him dearly. He was a good father, and did so much for social issues. He was loved by so many people. The funeral was ok, the speeches were good, I gave a speech on behalf of my mother. I was not as close to him as I would have liked to be, but he was a good grandfather and intelligent man who studied chemistry in Buenos Aires, was deeply in love with my grandmother Sara and who was politically driven and belonged to the Communist Party in Argentina. He was so hardworking and was loyal to his children and to his wife.

Now we are living the country life. We get up late, eat well, have fresh eggs every day. YES EVERY DAY FRESH EGGS with yellow yolks. There are 6 chickens here and they lay between 4 to 5 eggs a day. We feed them and collect the eggs, they eat the kitchen scraps too. There are two dogs, Jed who is 2 years old and a big big dog, and Sally who is 14. She stays fit with Jed but is the matriach. There is a cat too, Milly who is patient with Z who bothers Milly so much. Sometimes we watch over the puppy that belongs to J's sister and her family and there are 2 gold fish.
J also chops wood and gets the wood ready for the night. Joaquin loves feeding the dogs, and has mentioned he loves the smell of the dry dog food. Z is a bit scared of the dogs but helps with collecting the eggs (sometimes dropping and breaking one on the way) in the basket, feeding the chooks, and bringing small pieces of wood over to the house. We also go to the paddock to collect mushrooms, these are field mushrooms, white with pink to brown gills. They are not toads, we have seen toads though in the paddock. Jas eats the mushrooms and I have not been brave enough to eat them yet.