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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cool blog links

Really wonderful cool and fresh blog
Dos family

You can really see how artistic families live in the nordic countries. Their houses/flats/apartments are usally white and a lot of colour splashed in.
I love the vintage toys, and vintage clothes and patterns. Of course everyone has a cool kitchen.

Meet me at Mikes

Here are some photos I love from the Dos Family house's
Marianne's Kitchen from Dos Family

Johanna, Andreas and Lillo Cool kid's room by Dos Family

Love Carolina and Henrick's pantry by Dos Family

I also adore Happy Silly's simple and colourful bathroom (the tins add a special touch)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

What we did for christmas

Well we went to the country, we arrived at 11pm and saw beautiful over the top lights on houses in country towns (Aberdeen, Musellbrook). I do not have any photos though unfortunately.
I made rocky road chocolate bars from the Nigella recipe which was simple but had to make it twice as the chocolate curdled the first go when adding the golden syrup. So then had to rush to the shops on christmas eve, in the hot hot sun and bought lindt chocolate to replace the curdled chocolate.
It was really yummy and looks good.

Overall had a yummy relaxing christmas. We ate ham, and turkey and salads and there was a lot of seafood (prawns, oysters, bbq scallops with prawn skewers). It was very hot on christmas day and then cooled on boxing day and rained the last few days. There was 100mm of rain in Scone in the last two days. It is beautiful to spend the day looking at the rain and mountains and not doing much. Unfortunately I did not get any photos.
Joaquin also rode on the motorbike with his dad and loved it and wanted more. He got lego, and thomas trucks and dinosaurs and a dinosaur book from christmas. Plus more toys and a little scooter from his nanny and poppy and cousins.

Now back in sydney, the weather is beautiful and sunny but not too hot. The water must be beautiful at the beach.

Monday, December 7, 2009

some pregnant photos

Have not been motivated at all to Blog about inspirations. My life has been so busy with uni and paper writing, looking after Joaquin during the week and trying to do something everyday with him, and the pregnancy.
Jas has been so busy with work he gets up at 6am, leaves for work at 7am and is back between 6 and 7. So it is really hard. But this will not be for ever hopefully.

17 weeks pregnant with baby number 2

A better shot at 18 weeks pregnant with baby 2

This is what I looked like at 17 weeks pregnant with Joaquin