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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bush walking in Chile Parque Nacional Puyehue

Our last day in Chile we went bush walking up a mountain to see a look out in the Parque Nacional Puyehue where we were staying at Termas Agua calientes.
In the morning we got up early and packed up, we also made some lunch with whatever we had left over. So we walked over the the road to track to the look out. We brought lunch with us and it was great just being out in nature.We all did a lot of climbing and it was good to see my dad walk so much and walk up a large mountain.
There is so much native bamboo, old large trees coihues and i even saw rodent droppings and a chucao bird.
The main trees in the park are coigües and the as well as tepa, mañío.

After lunch we went for one last dip in the pool than got in our car and drove to Bariloche.
After leaving Chile and entering Argentina we stopped in Villa to get things for breakfast and arrived at 6pm to Bariloche. We stayed in a cabin in Dina Huapi as we made friends with the owners while we were in Chile as they stayed in the cabin next to us. Seba made friends with them and he drove in the car back with them to Bariloche.
The kids loved the cabin and got to watch cartoon connection and we all went for a swim the next morning early before Seba left to catch a plane back to Cordoba.

We then drove back to Esquel across the estepa and arrived very tired but it was  great few days to get away.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini break to chile part 2

Saturday 14th March 2014
We also hit the local little park at the thermal bath resort.
It seems (I was told by my parents) that these exercise parks are everywhere in Chile to encourage people to do exercise and be out and about.
The kids had fun and we all did.
Thankfully we had just had breakfast, bread, jam, yoghurt, juice and coffee and the weather was warming up.

After the park we all went back to the Domo to pack up and get our toggs (cossies, bath suits, swimmers on) to hit the thermal baths.
We moved into a cabin and we had our own private spa bath on the deck with thermal hot water.
The cabin included everything, a fully equipped kitchen for cooking, beds, blankets, thermal water in the showers and bath and the outside tub or with a tinea.

Zalia and I in Tinea on our cabin deck

Outside the park in Chile

We stayed in our cabin Saturday night and had a bbq. We all went for a pre-dinner dip in our hot tub and it was sensational. Seba kept in the thermal tub for a while even when we all had gone to bed.
Next morning we had breakfast and decided to go for a walk before leaving.
We went for a walk to a look out and walked up the hill. It was a long walk and we were all getting tired and hungry. We had packed lunches thankfully and sat down by the walk pathway up on the hill to eat our sandwiches and chocolate.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mini break to Chile part 1

We are back from our mini break to Chile and it was wonderful to get away.
I had Tuesday to Friday at home with the kids by myself. That was very hard trying to do everything, breakfast, school, work, swimming, homework, dinner, bath and bed. I slept with my daughter in her bed as she still needs me like that. My son sleeps all night in his bed, he is 7 and growing too fast.

We left Friday 13th MARCH, in the morning on a bus at 7.15am. But in the taxi on the way to the bus depot, I had to tell the driver of the taxi to drive back home when we were close to the bus station as I thought I left the heater on. I hadn't but we still made it on time to catch the bus.

I caught the bus with the Kids to Bariloche they were a bit naughty while we waited for the next bus to Villa Langustura. We had lunch, some tostados at the little shop at the bus depot. It is really hard to travel with kids by yourself. 
Finally the bus came after about an hour waiting at Bariloche. Most people on the bus lived in Villa La Angustura it seems. People from Villa La Angustura call it Villa. So chick I think. The bus took an hour and 15 min to get to Villa and the scenery is wonderful just travelling around the large fresh water lake, Lago Nahuel Huapi
We finally got to Villa at about 2.30 and met my parents who had driven that morning from Chile to cross the border and meet us.
We went to have lunch in a little coffee shop and the kids had hot chocolate (leche chocolatada) and I had a freshly squeezed orange juice. My parents shared a goulash, there was only one plate left but they enjoyed it.
Then we went to Anonima supermarket at Villa and bought some food to take to chile, only food we could take in. 
Sebastian was still in Chile waiting for us.
We crossed the border and just after the Argentinian border is no mans land. This place is beautiful but everything is dead covered in ash from the volcanic eruption from the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcan in 2011. This eruption occurred in Chile on 4 June 2011. Misleadingly called by media the Puyehue eruption – the eruption is actually from the Cordón Caulle fissure. At least 3,500 people were evacuated from nearby areas, while the ash cloud was blown across cities all around the Southern hemisphere, including BarilocheBuenos AiresMontevideoStanleyPorto AlegreCape TownHobartPerthAdelaideSydneyMelbourneWellington and Auckland, forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of international and domestic flights and causing travel chaos.

Most plants, trees are dead. There is thick ash on the ground.
The cane Caña or local bamboo is still green and not dead.

Then we arrived to Termas Agua Caliente. It is a thermal bath hotel situated in the Parque Nacional Puyehue. There are cabins and tent like domos to rent as well as a large outdoor thermal swimming pool and an indoor swimming pool full of thermal waters.

On the first night we stayed in a Domo. The domos are round tepee type structures and are situated on wooden decks, near the river. They have a large bed and 2 single beds. We all (me, my mum. my kids) in the large king sized bed and my brother and dad in the single bed.
We were able to hit the thermal indoor pool when we arrived and had half an hour to go to the outside thermal bath.

That night we went to dinner at the nearby town 
Entrelagos", We also went to the local supermarket to buy supplies for the next day. I spotted some Milo and bought a packet for the kids. You can't get milo in Argentina.
For dinner we had yummy salmon and chips.

The next morning Saturday we got up early to see the put put golf course and have breakfast and then get ready to hit the thermal baths. It was cold in the morning.