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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Juanito Laguna

I am tired, I just had some chocolate cake that B brought me yesterday, and I feel really slack. I went for a run this morning and told myself I should watch what I eat as running is hard and losing weight is hard.
I took Joaquin to music class this morning with other babies at coogee beach. He liked the singing and the drums, the sticks and tambourine. I would like to buy him some wooden sticks and a tambourine. After the class we went to the park and Joaquin played with other little boys.

I am really tired I think I will go and sleep while Joaquin sleeps and Jas talks to someone in India.

I am inspired by this framed poster at home, my mother gave it to my brother who gave it to me. I love it. It has no name Sin título, 1973 and is acrillic and collage on wood by Berni and is of the series of Juanito Laguna. There are more of Juanito Laguna here
Antonio Berni was born on the 14th May 1905 in Rosario, Argentina. I love his work. Here is his bibliography in Spanish. Here it is in English.

I have this as a postcard, I think it is a woodcut by Berni called
Juanito bañándose, 1961.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Traditional Argentinian weaving

I just found this amazing site about hand made Argentinian objects.
These are Aguayos Tapacari. Antique hand woven textile used by most Andean people for multiple purposes.
These mats and blankets are made by traditional weaving methods from the North of Argentina. They are made from alpaca, sheep or vicuña wool (called “vellón”). After shearing this is hand spun into a thin, continuous, thread. Then, a second thread is added and it is spun again to make a strong yet flexible yarn.
Then there is a washing process to remove organic elements and animal grease and sun-dried. Then the wool is dyed using both natural pigments (from plants, fruits, flowers, minerals and other natural elements) and dyes. After this the wool is weaved on the loom.

All these objects can be bought in Buenos Aires at elementos Argentinos
Store: Godoy Cruz 1720 - Palermo Viejo - Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Tel: (54-11) 4832-6299
Business Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 2 to 8 PM. Saturdays 11 AM to 6 PM.

I am really going to buy something when I go next to Buenos Aires, but I would just love to go to the North of Argentina and buy direct from the artist there.
As well as the traditional weaving from the north of Argentina there is tradition weaving in the south, in Patagonia introduced by the Mapuche. The Mapuche are Indigenous inhabitants of Central and Southern Chile and Southern Argentina
This is the Mapuche weaving loom or telar mapuche

Image from Crafts Patagonia

My mother is learning to weave using the traditional mapuche telar and has made some lovely things using a mapuche loom that my dad made for her. She has made cushions, handbags, scarves. I would love to learn, next time i go to visit I will ask my mother to teach me.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend with J & J

I have had a very good weekend with my little family.

Joaquin has been a bit sick with a cough and it has worried me a great deal, he has been vomiting some food but i think it may be the phlegm in his throat.
However he is still sleeping well at night and does not make much noise just coughs and goes back to sleep, i sometimes worry so I wake him up and feed him and his coughs seem to go away for the rest of the night.

It was ANZAC long weekend and we cleaned the flat on Friday. Jason cleaned the windows and they look great.
I made pumpkin soup with the slow cooker and the pumpkins come from Jason's parents friend who grows them and we bought 10 of them for $20. We left them on the balcony and one of them had been gnawed either by a mouse or by a possum. I hope the latter, it sounds more romantic.

We also went for a run around Centennial park on Saturday, that was great and I bumped into a fit mother from mothers group who is much fitter than me as she is training for the half marathon that in on in a few weeks time. Our friend R was babysitting Joaquin while we went for a run and it was the first time I had left him with anyone other than family.
After the run I lost Jas and R ( a paleontologist from UNSW) who we went for a run with. So I ran/walked back to R & R's house and Joaquin was there and Jas had been back but now had gone out to look for me. Jas later confessed he was worried I was lost and would have to spend the night at home with out me. He is silly. At R & R we had some cake that R made chocolate marble cake and all the running would have been for nothing I think. We had some crackers and I gave one to Joaquin thinking he was ok and he vomited over Jas.
Jas is an expert now so he took Joaquin outside before he managed to spew his milk out. R told me Joaquin was a good boy, I told him when he starts biting to give him a bottle and she did. She said they played with toy cars and he liked the music, but when a specific song from the soundtrack of Perfume came on he went still and was immersed in the music, when the song ended he went on his merry way crawling on the ground. I think that is gorgeous.

Yesterday I took him to the park at South Coogee and he loves to watch the other children and I put him on the small slippery dip, he loved that as well as the red boat. We gave him fish and chips for lunch and some chewed up calamari rings all from the shop Chis and Fips at Coogee Beach. Jas stayed home fixing myth tv and I brought him home some fish and chips, we had them on the balcony as it was such a lovely warm day yesterday.

Last night I went to the cinema with a friend and we watched Deception, it was ok. We had thai food and Jas looked after Joaquin. It was nice to get out and have an adult evening, even though I was worried about Joaquin having a cough.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soviet children's book covers

There is also this beautiful cover called Slonenok (The elephant's child) by
R. Kipling ; Ill.: V. Lebedev Made in Leningrad: Gosizdat, 1921

This one is called Kavaleriia (Cavalry) by V. Kurdov, made in Leningrad: Molodaia Gvardiia, 1931
Full collection can be found here

Originally uploaded by pantufla

I found this on Flickr by Pantufla a set on soviet children's book covers.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A day at the museum

Joaquin is a very good little boy, he loves technology and has worked out he can turn the tv or change the tv with the remote control. He has a computer mouse he takes everywhere with him, across the lounge room floor.
I took him to the Australian Museum to see the Dinosaur exhibition. The museum was very busy as it is school holidays, there was a big queue out the front but because my friend and I both had babies in prams we went through the side entrance and did not have to wait long. Joaquin liked looking at the stuffed birds, and I showed him the bird eggs "Los huevitos".
I want to take him again to the Museum when he is older, we went to the kids space and he played with some rubber insects and animals. He liked that. I also bought him a wooden puzzle of the hand and fingers from the Museum Shop. They have many great toys for children. I want to buy more wooden toys and puzzles so he can learn as he plays.
We also saw at the Museum Giganotosaurus carolinii from the Patagonia of Argentina (Neuquen) and Eoraptor lunensis from the Triassic of San Juan, another Argentinian dinosaur.

IMAGE CREDITS – All photographs are © Australian Museum. All illustrations are by Anne Musser © Australian Museum.

Image from here

Monday, April 21, 2008

elephants from my past

I am early, Joaquin is still asleep and he slept most of the night. It is cool outside and the sky is white with clouds and there is rain.
I hope we can go for a run this afternoon to the beach.

I remember when I was a little girl I loved a book with the picture of an elephant and a child. The child was sick in bed and the elephant was in the room.
I can not find that book but I found some other pictures of elephants. They are made of lines and old fashioned. My mum just told me the book was in spanish and was based on Russian short stories by Alexander Pushkin about a sick little child with fever who wanted to see the elephant from the circus. In the end the elephant was brought to the child's room and the child got better.

This picture is from Jules Vernes and is from here

More Jules Vernes Elephants
These are The Sultan's Elephants and you can download the pdfs which tell the story

There is also another Elephant, Queenie and her story is available at Black Dog Books and is about the Elephant Queenie who was captured in India and taken to the Melbourne Zoo. She would gives rides to people at the Zoo (up to 500 people a day) and eventually killed her keeper and was then destroyed.
The book is written by Corinne Fenton and illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe

Humo cubre Buenos Aires/Smoke over Buenos Aires

I have been a bit worried of late about the news that baby bottles may leach Bisphenol-A.
Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids.
I have to get rid of the baby bottles I have and buy glass ones.
Here is an important site called Bisphenol-A free.
Here is another site called Z Recommends with report on BPA in baby products.
Also I was told by a fellow mother that the Environmental working group is a good place to start to find information.

Anyway I have been feeling good and have gone jogging to the beach on the weekend both sat and sun and both by myself.
Today I went to Centennial park and did an exercise class with Joaquin in the pram.
El se porta muy bien.

I miss Argentina and Buenos Aires has had a lot of smoke, with major roads closed due to smoke from the burning of fields in the delta region. These fields were burnt by cattle farmers and soya farmers in farm-land burn offs.
Photo from

Humo cubre Buenos Aires/Smoke over Buenos Aires
Originally uploaded by Charly D

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I have realised there are a lot of illustrators from Spain
see here Xavier Salomo

There are a lot of links of illustrators here
Tanco (From Italy)
Teresa Gimenez (From Spain)
Taller Ilustracion (From Chile)
Pablo Bernasconi (From Argentina)
Dibupoly (From Argentina)
This calender is from Dibupoly and you can download it for free here:

Mamut-Comics (From Spain)

En las tinieblas del subsuelo de la ciudad, justo bajo tus pies, pervive un misterio insondable, casi olvidado... una historia que debe ser contada, repleta de aventuras y travesuras hasta hoy nunca desveladas.
Seguid sin miedo a * Puck, nuestro pequeño guía, que aunque su estatura no es la de un gigante, su fiero corazón es uno de los más valientes.

* Puck: dibujado por Dani Cruz con guión de Stygryt a partir de una idea original de Dani Cruz.

And there is an illustration workshop in Santiago, Chile. Wish I could go!

Rio Futaleufú

Rio Futaleufú
Originally uploaded by Yamila

I miss the Rio Futaleufú in Chubut Patagonia near my parents home town of Esquel.
The blue blue water and so much of it and the dark green forests.

Australia in 2020

Australia is changing, the new government has a new initiative, the 2020 summit "to harness the best ideas for building a modern Australia that is ready for the challenges of the 21 st century" to do this the "Summit will bring together some of the best and brightest brains from across the country to tackle the long term challenges confronting Australia’s future –challenges which require long-term responses from the nation beyond the usual three year electoral cycle."
To do this the Australian Government will: bring together 1000 leading Australians to the national Parliament to debate and develop long-term options for the nation across 10 critical areas:
  1. The Productivity Agenda – education, skills, training, science and innovation
  2. The Future of the Australian Economy
  3. Population, sustainability, climate change and water
  4. Future directions for rural industries and rural communities
  5. A long-term national health strategy – including the challenges of preventative health, workforce planning and the ageing population
  6. Strengthening communities, supporting families and social inclusion
  7. Options for the future of indigenous Australia
  8. Towards a creative Australia: the future of the arts, film and design
  9. The future of Australian governance: renewed democracy, a more open government (including the role of the media), the structure of the Federation and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  10. Australia’s future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world.
I write about this as it is inspiration.
Australia needs to build in science research, medicine, indigenous health and education, health and art

Monday, April 14, 2008

Presco Type Cabinet

Type cabinets
I have always wanted one as a girl, and my dad used to tease me telling me he knew where to buy them. He worked in a graphic design company in the late 80s and early 90s in North Sydney in the days of the long lunches darling and I think the type cabinets and drawers were relatively easy to find and buy.
I guess if I wanted one now I could buy one on ebay here
it is on sale for $AU 475 (pictured below) and on sale in Adelaide. A city that is to the south and west of Sydney.

Here is what Poppalina does with her her type cabinet, use it to store bits and bobs, what a great idea, so creative so colorful! I wonder what I would keep in mine, if i had one, maybe bits of fossil, vintage buttons, pencils, shells.....

Presco Type Cabinet
Originally uploaded by poppalina

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This morning the sky is pale but there are openings of blue.
We slept well until 9am but Joaquin woke up a few times in the night crying but got himself back to sleep. I ended up feeding him at 6am and 9am.
Now we will have lunch, yummy vietnamese chicken rolls from HongHa Hot Bread. They are scrumptious with fresh chille and shredded chicken, pickled carrots, cucumbers, corianders, tomatoes and some mysterious seasoning and mayo. When we bring them home we add our own cheese to them. We also buy some meat from A & S Select Meats from Mascot.
Things to do
-I decided I need to read a whole lot more so I am going to make a list of books I want to read each mont
-Finish writing a paper
-Making a plan for this week when to go into University
-Keeping up the running schedule (Sat, Tuesday, Thursday, Big walk Monday)
-Organizing what to cook this week

Things to do to inspire me
-Write everyday
-Visit Opp shops
-Get rid of excess clothes and unwanted items from home
-Buy flowers weekly

Things that I like:
Marmiko Green Keskikokoinen kukkaro Cosmetic bag

Where to buy Chicken Rolls
HongHa Hot Bread

1151 Botany Road
Mascot NSW 2020
tel. +61 2 9667 2069
fax. +61 2 9667 0557

Where to buy Marmiko
Funkis at Bondi Beach

23a Curlewis Street
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
ph. +612 93650573
fax +612 91306244

Friday, April 11, 2008

Joaquin con dientes

Green eggs and Ham, bought it for Joaquin from markets at South West Rocks.

first entry

Started this today to get my thoughts in order.
Went for a run to the beach, it is very warm but we are in April. The school holidays has started so the upstairs elephants will be wild for the next two weeks.
Jason's parents are visiting and they are still on the balcony and I hear Joaquin making sounds.
He is ten months, and Jas said he has been saying mama mama mama.
I saw his 5th tooth come through yesterday, that explains why he was so not himself the last few weeks. He was getting up at night, crying and I was feeding him.
Last night he also cried but I did not feed him, I patted his tummy and he went back to bed. However he did wake up at 5.30am and I did feed him.

I am ready for a shower and feel so great and inspired after my run.

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