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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A day at the museum

Joaquin is a very good little boy, he loves technology and has worked out he can turn the tv or change the tv with the remote control. He has a computer mouse he takes everywhere with him, across the lounge room floor.
I took him to the Australian Museum to see the Dinosaur exhibition. The museum was very busy as it is school holidays, there was a big queue out the front but because my friend and I both had babies in prams we went through the side entrance and did not have to wait long. Joaquin liked looking at the stuffed birds, and I showed him the bird eggs "Los huevitos".
I want to take him again to the Museum when he is older, we went to the kids space and he played with some rubber insects and animals. He liked that. I also bought him a wooden puzzle of the hand and fingers from the Museum Shop. They have many great toys for children. I want to buy more wooden toys and puzzles so he can learn as he plays.
We also saw at the Museum Giganotosaurus carolinii from the Patagonia of Argentina (Neuquen) and Eoraptor lunensis from the Triassic of San Juan, another Argentinian dinosaur.

IMAGE CREDITS – All photographs are © Australian Museum. All illustrations are by Anne Musser © Australian Museum.

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