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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Juanito Laguna

I am tired, I just had some chocolate cake that B brought me yesterday, and I feel really slack. I went for a run this morning and told myself I should watch what I eat as running is hard and losing weight is hard.
I took Joaquin to music class this morning with other babies at coogee beach. He liked the singing and the drums, the sticks and tambourine. I would like to buy him some wooden sticks and a tambourine. After the class we went to the park and Joaquin played with other little boys.

I am really tired I think I will go and sleep while Joaquin sleeps and Jas talks to someone in India.

I am inspired by this framed poster at home, my mother gave it to my brother who gave it to me. I love it. It has no name Sin título, 1973 and is acrillic and collage on wood by Berni and is of the series of Juanito Laguna. There are more of Juanito Laguna here
Antonio Berni was born on the 14th May 1905 in Rosario, Argentina. I love his work. Here is his bibliography in Spanish. Here it is in English.

I have this as a postcard, I think it is a woodcut by Berni called
Juanito bañándose, 1961.

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