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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday at home after the operation

This is Joaquin, sunday morning. He slept ok. His hand is a bit swollen, he has a bit of temperature and is having panadol every 6 hours.
I think he is in good spirits and SUnday morning we decided we should go out, even though we have a little four year old who has just had an operation and has a broken arm. So we decided to head to Centennial Park for an easter egg hunt with his preschool.

The easter egg hunt went well, he had fun. At first he did not want to go and show his friends his arm.
As soon as he got there he told his friends what he had done and showed them his arm.
This is me with Zalia, she was very grumpy all day. 

Joaquin wore his t-shirt and his arm inside under the shirt with sling.

The day was gorgeous.
A lot of chocolate eggs were collected.
Joaquin's mood got better and better, being in the sun, finding chocolate eggs and hanging out with his friends.
Later we went home for lunch, I made a meat sauce (estofado) with some steak and tomato sauce and had fresh store bought ravioli, fresh bread and a green leafy salad.
When we finished lunch, we quickly cleaned up and all hopped into bed. Joaquin and Z played and Jas and I slept.
In the afternoon, Joaquin's friends came to visit, bringing chocolate hot cross buns, and a present for Joaquin a book called "Frog and Toad". Joaquin was so happy to see his friends, It made his day.

Joaquin broke/fractured his elbow

This is Joaquin on Saturday morning before his operation. His accident happened Friday 30th March at 6.30pm at coogee park and we went straight to hospital at 7pm. They were meant to operate that night then at midnight then the morning and finally on firmed for 12.30pm Saturday.

His operation was scheduled at 12.30 and lo and behold he was in at 12.30. He had a general anaesthetics, he did not spew and before going under one of the registrars or doctors got out his iPhone and Joaquin lying on the cold metallic hospital bed played a Thomas the tank game and then a Car game. At the same time another nurse held up a syringe with a white liquid and asked the anaesthetist "How much should I put in", the anaesthetist said "All of it".

Joaquin also had a mask on his face to give him oxygen but he did not like it, the nurse asked one more time to the anthesis "How much should i put in" and the anthesis repeated himself. SO many things were running through my head, watching my son drift quickly into sleep and thinking "I do hope they know what they are doing". I gave Joaquin one last kiss, told him I loved him so much and walked out saying "Please look after him".

We then went to wait in the waiting room, and I rand my mum on Skype and spoke to her. Zalia played around, had a breastfeed, Jas got on his iPhone, there was another couple waiting. Their son had a burst appendix and was already out of the operation in the recovery. He had just had his tonsils, and adenoids out and grommets put in a week ago, and never seemed to get better and then they realised after taking him to hospital he was really sick with a burst appendix. It may have been the antibiotics, the mum told me. Finally the phone rang in the waiting room and they were told they could see him now.

Then another father came into the waiting room, waiting for his son to get operated, something minor, but something that won't allow him to do the Regional Soccer try outs on Monday. Then the Dr came in, he was dressed in his jeans and shirt, he looked the same 20 min ago, when I talked to him before the operation. Very relaxed, he said the operation was done, all went fine, the bones were put into place and no need for wires or pin. Jas and I sighed a big humoungous sigh of relief. His operation took 15 min and then we waited for a phone call and were told to get Joaquin out of recovery.

He was lying in bed, groggy and very grumpy. He wanted water, no icy poles and very grumpy. He was so grumpy. We stayed there with him for 10 min, they called the porter and we all went back up to his ward with him.
There he stayed in bed, sleeping, being angry. He said, don't look at me mummy, don't talk to me, just stand there. So i did. He finally dozed in and out of sleep and became less grumpy with time. Jas went and bought some lunch for us, we had lunch, Joaquin slept, Jas went home and slept with Zalia. I stayed with Joaquin, read magazines, talked to him, and was able to lay next to him. He began to feel better. He had 2 pieces of toast and then apple juice and then another two pieces of toast. He did begin to have fever up to 37.9 degrees then 38.2.
The registrar came to see him, he was sweating and said it was hot outside. He said he was doing fine and Joaquin had to do a series of tests to see if the operation went well and he could go home. Joaquin passed with flying colours and we were told we could go home.

There were a few other kids in his ward, a 10 year old boy who stepped on glass at a rock pool at Bondi Beach, who ended up having some nerve damage to his foot after the doctors operated and saw how deep the glass went. Another boy who was 6 who had a hernia, a little 2 week old girl with heart problems who was improving and taking more milk and was being breastfed by a worried mother ( of 4 other kids and from somewhere in Indonesia) and a little girl who I was told was 6 weeks old, who was always alone and who I never saw any family members come to visit. She was bottle fed and looked after by the nurses and it broke my heart when I heard her cry. I wonder where her family was.

Jas came to pick us up with the pram. Joaquin was given panadol to lower his fevers. He was feeling better, not in pain. His hand in half plaster and a sling. I told the nurse on duty he always gets high fever, she responded "Have you had that investigated?" I said no and wondered if i should.
Anyway we were allowed to go home. It was 7.30pm when we walked out of the hospital and walked the few blocks home. We live so close to the hospital, the night was beautiful. I made pasta for them for dinner and we had boiled rice and a fried egg each. It was good to be home, all of us together.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair lice, infestation in Coogee and Randwick

I have not updated this blog in a while and March is nearly over and April oh my lordy April is nearly here.
I do love this time of year, when Autumn is here and the days are sunny but cool in the morning. Autumn is like Spring without all the wind. Which is so much better, I think.
Today Thursday I am home with both kids. Zalia is sleeping right now and Joaquin watching Mr Moon on the iPad. He told me that Space was a quiet place and then asked "How is noise made in space?", "Maybe by rockets or asteroids?". Very cute. He is so cute I love him so much.

But for the last few days I have been quite irritable and restless and slightly upset.
I think it is a mixture of that time of the month and ...... having little critters that are quite disgusting called Lice and their offspring in form of eggs (nits) living and crawling and doing their business in MY HAIR and my family's hair.
So I have been treating the suckers.. literally... and I needed to use two different treatments.

On Tuesday night we used:
Moov Hair Lice solution by Ego It smelled nice and has as the main ingredients alcohol and eucalyptus oil. I used it on Joaquin who is 4 and myself.

On Wednesday during the day I put in  K24 in my hair  and kept it in all afternoon and night ( I looked like my hair was permenantly wet and gelled backed all day).
The k24 smelled nice and when I washed it out and added heaps of conditioner and combed through my hair with the lice combs i found a few eggs and lice and even a live one trying to crawl on the wet hair and foam stuck on the comb. NICEEEEEE

Anyway i feel better, but I found three living lice in Zalia's head this morning so we will treat her tonight and I have not found any more in Joaquin's hair.
On monday I removed about 40 eggs from his hair.
Jas finally treated his hair on Wednesday night with the Moov hair lice solution as on Tuesday night I had found three eggs in his hair. I am sure there are more, but he had his hair cut recently so I do not know if they got cut off as I found them close to the end of the hair and not near the scalp.

I think there was an infestation in my hair and I really do not know how I got them. About a month ago one of Joaquin's best friends had lice too and the chemist at Coogee told me there is an lice epidemic in Coogee Schools.

Interesting myths about Head lice such as:
Myth: Lice can be caught by jumping from head to head
Fact: They are unable to hop, jump, or fly at all – they are transmitted by close personal contact with an infested person’s head or by sharing articles of clothing, head gear like caps and hats, brushes and combs or even headsets.

I really am seeing so many bugs and creepy crawlies everywhere. We have small little ants in our home, we have many daddy long leg spiders, we have a few Wolf spiders, we have flies, we had a large bush cockroach but I think he left, we have these large flies ( i do not know their name) and in the compost there are about 3000 maggots of these flies eating their way out.

Friday, March 23, 2012

friday my day in words

Friday is nearly gone.
Currently we (myself and my better half) are slouched on the couch in front of our tv. I have my new iPad 3, my old iPhone an amy newish MacBook Air. Jas has his old iPad 1 and iPhone 4s. We are such a apple family.

Today I
: slept in untill 8am even though I got up at 6am and had breakfast with the kids and Jas
: left the home at 9.20am
: walked to preschool
: saw a friend/mum on the way
: dropped of my son at 9.45am
: stopped by the randwick shops
: met a mum from Z's mums group and had a coffee
: walked to Z's music class
: got to music class at 10.35am
: Music class with Z, watched her really have fun and dance and sing
: Had lunch with another mum from Z's mum group and her little girl
: Z had some scrambled eggs for $3
: left at 12.30pm and walked home. Z fell asleep in the pram
: Arrive home had a yoghurt tried to move Z to the bed from pram and she woke up
: stayed in bed and tried to get Z back to sleep
: did not succeed
: got a txt from another mum from Z's mums group who I had met earlier telling me she made fresh scones and was coming over for a playmate
: Cleaned the house a bit
: Had friend over, Z played with her friend, played with water and prams
: Z makes her little friends cry
: had coffee and scones with cream and jam (thanks to my neighbour)
: At 4pm left home to pick up J at preschool
: organised with a friend to pick him up while i walked towards them
: we all walked to the park
: played at the park with my kids and their friends
: played outside the park in the small forest
: Met Jas at the park he picked us up and we went home
: Made dinner, steak, sausages, carrot salad with chile, boiled corn, potatoes, and peas
: After dinner before 9pm got them to bed
: Jas cleaned
: the end of the night

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's day 2012 and my day so far

Still in my pjs at 2pm
I have not had a shower or brushed my hair, or have changed from my pjs.
Zalia is currently bf and about to go to sleep*. Joaquin is playing quietly and just before this he was counting to 100, trying to reach infinity. He asked me "Is there more numbers than letters?" I said "yes, we do not know how many numbers there really are".

So far today I have:
-woken up at 6.25am, and got out of bed at 6.30am just after Jas gave me a kiss goodbye and left for work
-Went to toilet and spoke to mum on the phone
-calmed down an upset 4 year old that could not find me when he woke up and thought that due to the rain there was a big storm and the glass windows would break
-breastfed my 22 month old after she woke up
-tried to calm my 22 month old down who still wanted to bf more but I insisted on putting on the Wiggles on the iPhone to distract her
-ventured into kitchen without a 22 month old hanging from my right breast (yippee)
-Made pancakes for breakfast
-gave 3 pancakes with honey to starving 4 year old

-ate 2 pancakes with organic maple sauce and even managed to drink a cup of coffee made fresh yesterday
-cleaned a little (picked up toys, clothes...)
-made fruit salad for 22 month old who only ate grapes and did not want pancakes
-chatted on Skype with my parents
-cut a whole in a blue plastic box with a sharp knife and a flame so my son could tie this bucket to his train and take it for a ride with Z's dolly in it as a passenger
-had to calm a 22 month old who did not like this idea
-change a few nappies
-painted toe nails (mine) with OPI "Your such a Kabuki queen" and tried out a sparkling colour on J's nails
-played dress up with kids dinosaur costumes and fairy princess

-made tomato sauce for lunch and pasta shells
-made chicken curry for dinner using this recipe and adding cubed carrot
-fed kids lunch
-fed kids numerous amounts of fresh slices of bread with butter
-watched kids dip bread into sauce and ask for more pasta
-cook more pasta
-fed the kids slices and chunks of parmesan cheese while they were hungrily awaiting more pasta to be cooked

-emptied dishwasher
-loaded dishwasher
-did a load of laundry
-washed sheets
-tried to put a 22 month old on a potty
-soaked and cleaned a dirty all in one cloth nappy
-had ONE lindt lindor chocolate ball that i got from my birthday from a friend and note be told all the chocolate balls are squashed and have already been chewed on by my 22 month old

I still have to
-make a tea and have another chocolate
-convince my 4 year old son not to wake his sleeping sister
-clean floors
-clean bench tops, cook top
-make bed
-hang clothes
-hang sheets on line while sun is out
-fold and put a load of clothes away
-have shower

-get ready to teach at 6pm
-teach at 6pm

Happy International Women's day for all those women who juggle and have so much to do every day!

*Zalia is now asleep lets see how long she sleeps, in her cot. I will probably still be in pjs when she wakes!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my birthday

It was my birthday today.
I am half way through my life. Closer to 40 than 30.
We went out to dinner to Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant.
We had to wait for an hour and half but a man with a striped shirt and an air of "I mean business" came up to me as I was walking away trying to decide if we would wait an hour and half to eat there or find somewhere else to eat for my birthday. He came up to me and said "Look you have kids, I will try to bump you up the line so you have only a 15 minute wait. As I have children I know what it is like".

Well I be dammed, that was so nice of him.
Jas was still parking the car next door and when I saw him and told him he was pleased.
We waited. Jas took the kids for a walk down pitt street, we waited and about 40 min later we saw the man again the man with the stripe shirt. He came out told us "Your table is nearly ready, the people are just paying".
In the end we got a table, upstairs. The kids were super hungry by now.

The food was yummy.
Jas had a glass of house wine, I had an aperterif ROSSINI --Vino frizzante with red berry purée
We had two starters (entrees)
-truffle risotto rice so creamy and just right
-prawn linguini with tomato sauce
-bread with olive oil and herbs
-I had a rocket and radichetto with parmesan salad
Jas had the lamb for the main
I had the yummy scrumptious chocolate brownie for desert
Jas had the fruit tart.
There was a good kids menu and the kids shared a spaghetti bolagnase and

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Art Gallery of NSW with Kids- Picasso

We have wanted to go to see Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW for a while now but because some weekends were sunny and we were down at the beach, and others we were busy we just did never get around to go. But Today Saturday the 3rd March 2012 we FINALLY went. It was not so bad and it was a lovely day out with the family.
We actually drove in and parked at the Domain car park for $10. The fun thing about this is walking through the moving walkway which leads you under the domain and all the way out to the other side of the city near Hyde Park.
We walked towards the new Westfield and had lunch at the food court. Yummy laksa soup for Jason and I, fish and chips for the kids. Joaquin loves fish, if he could he would eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We also walked past all the new very expensive luxury brand shops- Mui Mui, Prada etc. They were filled with luxury handbags, clothes, jewellery, bulky but short security guys and attendants fluffing around the merchandise but there were no customers.  We walked through Zara and Zara was full of customers and people buying last minute outfits for the Mardi Gras.

I did not take any photos at the Art Gallery. But the exhibition was great and it was amazing seeing P. Picasso's paintings and learning a bit more about this talented man. The colours, the style, the way he used his paint, the emotion it was all there and I could feel it and live it. There were 22 sculptures in the exhibition, and different rooms representing different periods of his life.
However the art gallery is the art gallery it has not changed, the way we view art has not changed. The exhibition cost $25 per person, children did not pay and we received a black booklet with information on some of his paintings and the periods of his life. The children's booklet had more information than the adult one and more clever interactive things to do with your children and questions to ask about the paintings to your children. I had fun doing this with Joaquin, Zalia unfortunately fell asleep in Jas's arms and then was placed in the pram throughout the whole time we were with Picasso. Each art work had a little label, with the name of the art work and some info on the materials used and date he did it but that is all. Is art meant to be so subjective or can we have some more info on each work. I mean there should be an iPad or a screen in the room you can access more information on each painting. It is all very old fashioned, there is no interactivity. Even at the wiggles exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum (we went there a few weekends ago) there was so much interactivity and iPads placed on the walls with movies and clips about each wiggle and aspect of the wiggles.

We also went to see the Art Express exhibition, with works of art selected from students who did their HSC in 2011. There was some unbelievable works. Very talented. I loved the work by Georgia McGlennon
Ascham School called Stigmata, Cassidy Holland Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Selective Campus and Lisa Koesterke, Mullumbimby High School and Hannah Clements Sydney Girls High School (My old school, I also did art for my HSC.

At the art gallery cafe we stopped by and had afternoon tea, carrot cakes, coffee and banana bread and hot chocolate for the children. It was $23 all up and the cake was very yummy and made in house in the Art Gallery restaurant. The coffees were really really good but took a while to come.

We left the Gallery at about 4pm and had to find an alternate route to get home as Oxford street was closing down from 5-midnight for the Mardi Gras Celebrations. We also had more fun on the moving walkway on the way back to the domain car park. I remember walking along there when I was younger in awe of it all, the paintings, murals, the big city!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st day of the month- MARCH

Morning was like this: dippy eggs for breakfast

In March I have started to
-teach again twice a week
-got a nanny for Zalia she is from Chile so we will see how that goes.
In March I will try to
- will try to play more with my kids
- will try to fact less
-will try to run more
-be happier
-enjoy the moment
-not care too much about a clean house, or clean floors
-be more easy going
-write down what my son says and does
-write down what my daughter does
-be more creative
-cook more
-get rid of unwanted clothes
-dress my age
-have fun wearing clothes
-be healthier
-be more patient
-not be as cranky
not worry that my birthday is just around the corner

Now both kids are asleep, I need to rest my head it is a bit sore and tonight I am teaching.