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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joaquin broke/fractured his elbow

This is Joaquin on Saturday morning before his operation. His accident happened Friday 30th March at 6.30pm at coogee park and we went straight to hospital at 7pm. They were meant to operate that night then at midnight then the morning and finally on firmed for 12.30pm Saturday.

His operation was scheduled at 12.30 and lo and behold he was in at 12.30. He had a general anaesthetics, he did not spew and before going under one of the registrars or doctors got out his iPhone and Joaquin lying on the cold metallic hospital bed played a Thomas the tank game and then a Car game. At the same time another nurse held up a syringe with a white liquid and asked the anaesthetist "How much should I put in", the anaesthetist said "All of it".

Joaquin also had a mask on his face to give him oxygen but he did not like it, the nurse asked one more time to the anthesis "How much should i put in" and the anthesis repeated himself. SO many things were running through my head, watching my son drift quickly into sleep and thinking "I do hope they know what they are doing". I gave Joaquin one last kiss, told him I loved him so much and walked out saying "Please look after him".

We then went to wait in the waiting room, and I rand my mum on Skype and spoke to her. Zalia played around, had a breastfeed, Jas got on his iPhone, there was another couple waiting. Their son had a burst appendix and was already out of the operation in the recovery. He had just had his tonsils, and adenoids out and grommets put in a week ago, and never seemed to get better and then they realised after taking him to hospital he was really sick with a burst appendix. It may have been the antibiotics, the mum told me. Finally the phone rang in the waiting room and they were told they could see him now.

Then another father came into the waiting room, waiting for his son to get operated, something minor, but something that won't allow him to do the Regional Soccer try outs on Monday. Then the Dr came in, he was dressed in his jeans and shirt, he looked the same 20 min ago, when I talked to him before the operation. Very relaxed, he said the operation was done, all went fine, the bones were put into place and no need for wires or pin. Jas and I sighed a big humoungous sigh of relief. His operation took 15 min and then we waited for a phone call and were told to get Joaquin out of recovery.

He was lying in bed, groggy and very grumpy. He wanted water, no icy poles and very grumpy. He was so grumpy. We stayed there with him for 10 min, they called the porter and we all went back up to his ward with him.
There he stayed in bed, sleeping, being angry. He said, don't look at me mummy, don't talk to me, just stand there. So i did. He finally dozed in and out of sleep and became less grumpy with time. Jas went and bought some lunch for us, we had lunch, Joaquin slept, Jas went home and slept with Zalia. I stayed with Joaquin, read magazines, talked to him, and was able to lay next to him. He began to feel better. He had 2 pieces of toast and then apple juice and then another two pieces of toast. He did begin to have fever up to 37.9 degrees then 38.2.
The registrar came to see him, he was sweating and said it was hot outside. He said he was doing fine and Joaquin had to do a series of tests to see if the operation went well and he could go home. Joaquin passed with flying colours and we were told we could go home.

There were a few other kids in his ward, a 10 year old boy who stepped on glass at a rock pool at Bondi Beach, who ended up having some nerve damage to his foot after the doctors operated and saw how deep the glass went. Another boy who was 6 who had a hernia, a little 2 week old girl with heart problems who was improving and taking more milk and was being breastfed by a worried mother ( of 4 other kids and from somewhere in Indonesia) and a little girl who I was told was 6 weeks old, who was always alone and who I never saw any family members come to visit. She was bottle fed and looked after by the nurses and it broke my heart when I heard her cry. I wonder where her family was.

Jas came to pick us up with the pram. Joaquin was given panadol to lower his fevers. He was feeling better, not in pain. His hand in half plaster and a sling. I told the nurse on duty he always gets high fever, she responded "Have you had that investigated?" I said no and wondered if i should.
Anyway we were allowed to go home. It was 7.30pm when we walked out of the hospital and walked the few blocks home. We live so close to the hospital, the night was beautiful. I made pasta for them for dinner and we had boiled rice and a fried egg each. It was good to be home, all of us together.

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