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Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's day 2012 and my day so far

Still in my pjs at 2pm
I have not had a shower or brushed my hair, or have changed from my pjs.
Zalia is currently bf and about to go to sleep*. Joaquin is playing quietly and just before this he was counting to 100, trying to reach infinity. He asked me "Is there more numbers than letters?" I said "yes, we do not know how many numbers there really are".

So far today I have:
-woken up at 6.25am, and got out of bed at 6.30am just after Jas gave me a kiss goodbye and left for work
-Went to toilet and spoke to mum on the phone
-calmed down an upset 4 year old that could not find me when he woke up and thought that due to the rain there was a big storm and the glass windows would break
-breastfed my 22 month old after she woke up
-tried to calm my 22 month old down who still wanted to bf more but I insisted on putting on the Wiggles on the iPhone to distract her
-ventured into kitchen without a 22 month old hanging from my right breast (yippee)
-Made pancakes for breakfast
-gave 3 pancakes with honey to starving 4 year old

-ate 2 pancakes with organic maple sauce and even managed to drink a cup of coffee made fresh yesterday
-cleaned a little (picked up toys, clothes...)
-made fruit salad for 22 month old who only ate grapes and did not want pancakes
-chatted on Skype with my parents
-cut a whole in a blue plastic box with a sharp knife and a flame so my son could tie this bucket to his train and take it for a ride with Z's dolly in it as a passenger
-had to calm a 22 month old who did not like this idea
-change a few nappies
-painted toe nails (mine) with OPI "Your such a Kabuki queen" and tried out a sparkling colour on J's nails
-played dress up with kids dinosaur costumes and fairy princess

-made tomato sauce for lunch and pasta shells
-made chicken curry for dinner using this recipe and adding cubed carrot
-fed kids lunch
-fed kids numerous amounts of fresh slices of bread with butter
-watched kids dip bread into sauce and ask for more pasta
-cook more pasta
-fed the kids slices and chunks of parmesan cheese while they were hungrily awaiting more pasta to be cooked

-emptied dishwasher
-loaded dishwasher
-did a load of laundry
-washed sheets
-tried to put a 22 month old on a potty
-soaked and cleaned a dirty all in one cloth nappy
-had ONE lindt lindor chocolate ball that i got from my birthday from a friend and note be told all the chocolate balls are squashed and have already been chewed on by my 22 month old

I still have to
-make a tea and have another chocolate
-convince my 4 year old son not to wake his sleeping sister
-clean floors
-clean bench tops, cook top
-make bed
-hang clothes
-hang sheets on line while sun is out
-fold and put a load of clothes away
-have shower

-get ready to teach at 6pm
-teach at 6pm

Happy International Women's day for all those women who juggle and have so much to do every day!

*Zalia is now asleep lets see how long she sleeps, in her cot. I will probably still be in pjs when she wakes!

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